Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday--November 30, 2011

UMass players are staying together and waiting for their new coach.

Tyler Holmes, Julian Talley and Jesse Julmiste were named to the New England Football Writers All-Star team.


Michigan is considering a night game during the 2012 season, but it doesn't look as if it will be UMass.


The press is plugging next year's OOC opponent head coach James Franklin of Vanderbilt as SEC Coach-of-the-year. Vandy, BTW, may be in the Liberty Bowl this year.


Meanwhile, Indiana another 2012 UMass OOC, had a really rough year. The Hoosiers' only win came over FCS South Carolina State.


Jim Tressel is not interested in the University of Akron job.


Maine's Jack Cosgrove was named the New England Football Writers Coach-of-the-Year.

The Black Bears are on the road to Appalachian State this Saturday.



Anonymous said...

The recruiting info is prety much useless since the new coach will want his own recruits! We should focus on getting the best coach possible no matter how long it takes. The ODU coach(Wilder) is very interesting and we need a new young energetic coach who can sell this program!

DEM said...

One name not mentioned that I like is head coach Bobby Wilder. He's a charismatic New England guy that spent years as an O coordinator at Maine and built the ODU program from scratch to a playoff squad in just a few years. Pretty amazing and somewhat analogous to what UMass is trying to do as an FBS startup.

Anonymous said...

Towson must have a good staff. They were an automatic win a few years ago. This year they won the conference. That program was built from the ground with good coaching and recruiting similiar to what the umass program is right now.

Anonymous said...

You do know that Bobby Wilder is one of Kevin Morris best friends!!!! I don't think he would do that to Kevin. Business or not!!

Anonymous said...

There's actually commentary going on about whether Jack Bicknell is a viable candidate or not. I can't stand it any more. Jack freakin Bucknell is 73 years old you morons! So that would be the face of UMass's move to FBS? Not a late thirties to mid-forties, up-and-coming, youthful, energetic, aggressive, offensive coordinator type from an established FBS program? Jack Bicknell??!! Maybe we can move practice to a nursing home. I'm sorry but some the names thrown out there defy any degree of logic and I just can't take any more.

Anonymous said...

Wilder is an intruiging name. Good call.

Anonymous said...

Bobby wilder buyout would cost 450k. Plus a 300k min guarantee. Great coach but for 500k per year you can get a top up and comer/recruiter to fill the position

Anonymous said...

from up in the Top Roww

That anonymous guy really gets around and his reading skills are something else.

Jack Bicknell is 73 yrs old? Yup you got that right swifty.

Too bad the article is about his son Jack Bicknell JR (you know as in the son of). Played at Holliston HS (that is in MASSACHUSETTS) Started at Center for BC and was the HC at LA Tech and turned that team into a high scoring machine. He is now the an OL coach with the NY GIANTS - try not to confuse them with the NY GIANTS who just "recently" moved to SF CA to play baseball. I

did not check but I'd guess he is around 45 years old.

Of course you could use the internet search to find out some more about him but apparently when you are ANONYMOUS it is just far easier to spray out some ill-thought comments.

Looking forward to see how this will all work out.

Have a nice day !

Anonymous said...

From the Top Row,

Who do you think you are? Im not the one that wrote in about Jack B being 70 something years old but i have been reading this blog for over a month now and it seem to me as if you think you are the only one with an oponion that actually counts. You always have something really smart to say and follow that up with a comment about 'if you are ANONYMOUS then your oponion dont hold water etc. Man, one thing we all have in common is that we love UMass football...agree? Its a blog so allow people to have their own oponion with all your smart remarks. It seem to me as if you do have a great education and good insight on UMass football. It also seem to me as if you sit up there on that top row just to look down on you do in your everyday life. FYI "from the top row"is just as ANONYMOUS to the rest of the readers out here as with the exception of those who sit up there with you. Stop talking down to people man!Love ya tho.

Anonymous said...

from up in the Top Roww - er at least we used to be but for the next few seasons will have to wait n see where we will be sitting.

HHHHHmmmmm this site can be funny and frustrating all at the same time. Seems a few fans of the team come on and post and use an actual name or something to identify them. As an example TopUmassFan and those who use their first name and the year they graduated.

Then we have the whole other group - The Anonymous Poster aka TAP's. Sort of like third cousins twice removed from the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) group.

When responding to a TAP it is amazing how many other TAP's chime in with something like "I have been reading and I am anonymous but" or something like that.

So when trying to respond to a TAP it is pretty much a no win situation since any response goes to everyone and no one all at the same time. So if you have a view/ an opinion/ a thought would it really be too hard to sign off w/ some sort of name or identifier?

As for sitting up in the Top Roww so I could look down on others . . . . well not so . . . picked the seats because they were on the sunny side and was able to sit at midfield and watch the games from a good view. That's it and nothing more. Anything more than that is your or another TAP's own guesswork. As for any of my smart responses well I do not get called that too often witty or clever or as some relatives say cute - yes smart not so often.

Taking it for granted that "Everyone" who posts on here is a UMass supporter is incorrect as well. Lots of shall we call them "Blog Trolls" chime in ANONYMOUSLY from other schools/ teams just to stir things up. Yup someone could be disingenuous and portray themself otherwise but this is not too likely.

So for now. Pick a name - any name at all and Let the Coaching search continue and

Have a Nice Day ! ! !