Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wednesday--November 23, 2011

Matty V. has a story about Andrew Dees, who is the only football coach at UMass tight now.

I've linked to this story previously, but it has some background on Dees.


Jeff Thomas has an article on eleven UMass players named to the CAA All-Conference Team. He also mentions what a commenter here said about Jonathan Grimes being named the CAA Special Teams Player-of-the-Year.

Thomas also has an article about UMass searching for leadership in its head coach quest.

He mentions two more names as possible candidates for the UMass job:

George Barlow--current New Mexico DC and interim HC. Bonus material on Barlow.

Michael Haywood-- former Miami of Ohio coach. He's a former MAC Coach-of-the-Year. More material on Haywood.


Richmond is also searching for a HC.


I got to watch UMass dismantle Boston College on ESPN3. Matty notes former UMass star Shannon James was in the house.


Craig Haley looks at the FCS playoff numbers.



izy1 said...

Congrats to all the UMASS players that made the CAA All Conference Team.
Like we have all said before, the TEAM has talent...

Coach Haywood looks like a viable candidate with MAC experience, is he really being considered and willing to move?
Team with Barlow as a DC? Could make a powerful combination. Lets hope McCutcheon gives that a lot of consideration

Anonymous said...

i'm going to throw a name in the head coaching lines here it is bill mcgovern defensive coordinator boston college. btw keron williams and anton mckenzie will be playing in the grey cup championship for the bc lions vs. the winnepeg blue bombers this comming sunday. that'all i have to say happy thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

I would rather see umass drop football all together then hire mike haywood. I have zero interest in hiring a low life that batters women and thinks its ok. I'm all set with mike haywood and his domestic abuse, not who I want to represent umass.

Gregg Clements said...

Wow. Why don't you tell us what happened that New Year's Eve night. I mean, you must know. Only a horse's behind would say Haywood is OK with domestic abuse without actually knowing all the facts and knowing him personally.

What happened to the criminal case? It has been almost a year. Did the charges get dropped? Did he plea out? I would not think he plead out because that would sabotage his civil case against Pitt, right? Maybe he is awaiting trial?

Condemning a guy as a domestic abuser is serious business. I would think you would want more information before doing that. Maybe you don't. Maybe you're convinced because he got arrested and was on TV. Please do the public at large a favor and NEVER sit on a jury.

Gregg Clements
Class of 1992

Anonymous said...

He got arrested for domestic abuse. Pitt had enough evidence to fire him on the stop. The victim had marks all over her body according to the police report. He not for umass plenty of quality coaches and people in the business.

izy1 said...

to Anonymous and your comments about Coach Haywood-
read the facts before spreading allegations that he battered her.

Also included in the article is a link to the actual police report. Atypical he said/she said report that resulted in his arrest.
Based on the plea entered in court, charges are scheduled to be dismissed.He admitted in court to grabbing her. That is a far cry from "battering women".

I do not condone domestic violence, but it appears this was blown way out of proportion as a media feeding frenzy.

Spouting off false information or personal conjecture not based on facts does no one any good here.

Anonymous said...

Oj was innocent.

Anonymous said...

I actually feel sorry for the new staff already. You guys need to get a clue. Havent even got a coach yet and you are already bad-mouthing him.t wishou y Be careful wha for.

Anonymous said...

Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law...unless of course the public thinks you're guilty...then you are guilty regardless.