Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday--November 20, 2011

Another year for my program collection
Well, it was a melancholy end to my 35 consecutive years of season tickets at McGuirk. Hopefully I'll walk back into a renovated stadium in 2014, with a new practice/weight facility and a new press box and watch a FBS/I-A football game.

JMU came into the game leading the CAA in rushing offense and rushing defense. They did just that against the Minutemen. UMass gave up 386 yards rushing and was held to 68 yards (2.7 yards/carry).

Kellen Pagel returned as starting QB and had a poor game. UMass had six first downs in the first half. Pagel threw into coverage all day. One INT was probably not his fault as the DB took a pass away from Gilson, but Pagel narrowly missed INT's on at least three other occasions. It never felt like UMass was going to score enough points to catch the Dukes.

Perry McIntyre, Darren Thellen and Tyler Holmes combined for 45 tackles, but the Dukes made big yardage all day on the outside. The one-play 76 yard TD run in the third quarter more or less finished the game.


Matty V. said UMass ended FCS play with a loss.

He also said no announcement on Coach Morris before Monday at the earliest.

The Boston Globe said UMass bid farewell to FCS. They also had UMass losing the final game in FCS.

The Boston Herald said UMass misfires.

The Washington Post reports Dae'Quan Scott set the Dukes single-game rushing record.

The Worcester Telegram said UMass left FCS and Amherst on a down note.

MassLive stated UMass was overrun by the Dukes.


Improbable as it sounds, Towson won the CAA Championship.

It was a bad day for the Maine Black Bears, as they lost the Bryce-Cowell musket, the CAA Championship and probably their first ever home playoff game.

Maine Campus article here.


UPDATE: The 2011 FCS Playoffs Selection Show airs at 10 a.m. ET Sunday on ESPNU.

UPDATE II: Fordham fires current HC (and former UMass assistant coach) Tom Messela.


2011 FCS playoff brackets


Anonymous said...

That program cover says that The Revolution Continues, but should read that "The Collapse Continues". These last three seasons have been disappointing underachieving efforts. Hate to see them lose three in a row before the move up. I know, I know....UConn sucked before moving to the BE, but they ALWAYS sucked. We had something nice going with our program and now we're at absolutely "ground zero" as we play much more talented teams next year.

izy1 said...

The team found the bottom of the barrel on that game didn't they?
And clearly no one will have high expectations from UMASS to perform next season.
The team has no where to go but up from here.

Anonymous said...

Coach morris will be fired tomorrow. Did anyone see his press conference yesterday? Please watch it and tell me you think he's going to be back.

Noel E. said...

Several months I came to the defense of the program when you suggested a winless 2112 season might be in store. I was unaware how far the program had regressed since 2008 and you sagely were. my apologies for what has been proven to have been an intemperate outburst.
Let's look forward to better news on Monday and Have a great Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

In response to izy1 who said we've got nowhere to go but up from here I'm pretty sure we haven't hit rock, bottom yet. There's a chance of going 1-11 next year...or worse.

Anonymous said...

JMU should send UMass a thank you for them "laying down" to
get into the playoffs. Just like last year we had a chance to beat URI and make it but another "no show". If anything, there is a need to change coaching for that reason alone!

Anonymous said...

3 years of losing football is enough. If I performed like Morris at my job I would have a pink slip in my mailbox by now.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting comment from coach morris yeserday when he was asked what the program needs. His response was "money" and talk to the administration.

Anonymous said...

The Kevin Morris quote is interesting because it means he's starting to feel the heat. Why else would he start making excuses and pointing fingers.

As for the money issue, that wasn't a problem for our previous coaches, and it doesn't seem to be a problem for a UNH program that invests less than UMass does. The X factor is the coach...

Anonymous said...

^ The money issue is just sour grapes and feelin the pressure on Morris's part. How come UNH and Maine made the playoffs? They have a lower budget by far than UMass?
Fact of matter he has gone 1-4, 2-3 and 1-4 in his last 5 games each year. If that doesn't sound like the team lost faith in the coach I don't know what does! He's laid more eggs in his 3 years than the hens at sunnybrook farms!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like morris is already planting the seed with excuses prior to his dismissal. The program now gets more funding then in 97 when we won the national title. Win games that's your job.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the offensive players coming back next year we could really struggle. The o line will be ok, branch is a good te. But we have no quarterback, nobody at wr coming back and no running backs that have showed any real flashes. That's not good. If umass decides to give morris another year your committed to giving him two years. By no means should we be in transition in 2013 when we become eligible for the mac title.

Anonymous said...

Money wasn't an issue for the previous staff because it wasn't. You guys have no idea. Every year the budget has been cut for the team. The coaches recruit with money out of their own pocket because they get so little.

That's a fact, not an opinion like the comment above.