Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday--November 27, 2011

Mark Blaudschun of the Boston Globe says Bill McGovern would be an excellent fit at UMass.


A blog reader suggested Texas A&M offensive line coach Jim Turner. He's from Braintree, MA and has extensive Northeast coaching experience.

Video feature on Coach Turner.


A lot of people expected BC's Frank Spaziani to be fired after a 4-8 season. Apparently not.


Both James Madison and ODU won their respective opening playoff games against EKU and Norfolk State.

James Madison story here. The FCS playoffs are great, but the economics of FCS football are tough. From the JMU-EKU box score: Date: Nov 26, 2011 • Site: Richmond, Ky.  • Stadium: Roy Kidd Stadium  •  Attendance: 2388 

ODU's Taylor Heinicke, who got his start against UMass, threw five TD's against Norfolk State.


The San Francisco Chronicle picks Victor Cruz as one of the top six NFL TD dancers.



Anonymous said...

I'm surprised umass alum Ben Albert's name hasnt come up. He has experience at every level including NFL and is currently working in the MAC it would be a great fit

Anonymous said...

What horrible names people are throwing around - McGovern, Albert, Reid...

Are they looking for a repeat of Morris?

Anonymous said...

Ben albert is not experienced enough yet to be a head coach. Mcgovern will get a look. The season is over for a lot of schools now. Lets get to interviewing now, interview 50 people I don't care lets find our guy.

Anonymous said...

McGovern was one of our coaches in the early 90's. He was a great young DB coach at the time. However he may have fallen into the D-Cordinator job at BC through tenure with all the change. Not saying he is not capable, but he has not really tried to pursue any bigger jobs and is I believe "content" with where his coaching career is at. IMO not the energy we need moving to BCS. Reid, great defensive mind, graduates players but has not been able to bring any offensive creativity to his game as a head coach. Would definitely like to see him come back as a D-Cordinator but I am afraid the scars are to deep for that to ever happen.

Anonymous said...

Hope all had a great Thanksgiving.

I agree. There are many, many possibilities out there (as in names at major programs) who would love the challenge of taking on a project, for lack of a better word, and who have national recruiting experience, far beyond just the northeast, which is what BC focuses on primarily. I think that the University will have to cough up at least 600K with incentives to attract some of the more desirable candidates, although I'm curious what the University has actually decided on. I also think that the prospect of UMass being on ESPN Thursday broadcasts in October and November is likely because of proximity to CT. That will help exposure for sure.

Anonymous said...

It is about time that the UMass fan base and blog readers start thinking like D1 fans. UMass has made a jump, and it sounds like the admin is making sincere efforts to make this a true D1 program. As such UMass needs a seasoned, winning and diverse Head Coach from the D1 football world. One with knowledge, leadership, dynamic personality and a passion for winning. Nobody needs wants their Head Coach to also be the Head Cheerleader. This man needs to be vocal, intelligent and how to work the press/media and the student body and overall fan base-this is an Executive position. Not a position where someone who has put several odd, meaningless years into the program and believes he is deserved this opporuntiy; that's not how Big Time college football works. Morris fractured this program's reputation and looked foolish half the time. IF UMass is going to do this, do whole-heartedly and do it professionally, if not, it's a waste of everyone's time and money.