Friday, November 30, 2007

Travel Friday for the Minutemen

As our Minutemen make their way to Carbondale IL, we get to do some pre-game reading.

If you have been following the articles I've been publishing links to so far this year, it will not surprise you that David Coulson is picking Southern Illinois.

Bruce Dowd does not like our style of play, but he grudgingly gives us the nod.

The Boston Herald, which does an excellent job covering UMass football, has a game article here .

Jeff Thomas of the Springfield Republican has an article here .

The JG-TC has an article about Saluki redshirt freshman Connor James.

Satuday is going to be a busy day in Saluki land.

The pressure is on SIU .

The Providence Journal has an article about favorite son Liam Coen and Rhody's search for a new coach.

UPDATE: Matty Vautour says that Brad Listorti may be available for the SIU game .


Delaware is raising ticket prices in the expectation of another home playoff game.

And New Hampshire is looking for a defense .

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Coach Brown's show tonight at 7:00

OK, it seems as if Coach Brown's show will be on tonight at 7:00 pm.

Listen here .

I thought there might not be one because of travel.

Recruiting 2008 -- QB Mike Pierce

UMass is interested in Mike Pierce a 6-0 203 pd QB from Andover, MA. Story here . Pierce went 146-260 for 2,179 YDS 20 TDs.

The Boston Globe has a page on him here .

More UMass-Saluki stuff

The Boston Herald has an article about the friendship between Liam Coen and Rasheed Rancher.

The UMass Daily Collegian has an article about the challenges SIU presents . The collegian has another game article here .

An SIU paper has an interview with Saluki running back John Randle (96-489 5.09 YDS/Carry 4 TDs)

Meanwhile, Saluki WR Justin Allen is confident he can handle our defensive backs.

This article looks at UMass from the SIU side.

And Sporting News columnist Kent Schmdt picks SIU over the Minutemen .

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

More Playoff Articles

The Salem News has an article about UMass players (and roommates) Chris Zardas and Kyle Harrington. Zardas was injured in the last series in the Fordham game and the article infers that he's OK, which is good news.

Jeff Thomas of the Springfield Republican has an article that interviews SIU head coach Jerry Kill.

The Saluki's have their UMass game notes up here (a pdf download)

We're part of the biggest day in SIU's sports history .

David Coulson reviews last Saturday's playoff games.

The Flordia Sun-Sentinel has an article about UMass LB Charles Walker. Some nice publicity for UMass football in talent-rich south Flordia.

UPDATE: Matty Vautour has a game article here, which includes the UMass injury status. Chris Zardas did injure ligaments in his knee (but he may play anyway).


UNI gets Delaware in the next round .

And UNI found New Hampshire a different level of competition than they were used to.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

UMass-Fordham Web Album

I've added a UMass Fordham Web Album on Picassa. The link is here. There are about 40 images of the game.

Also added a link in the sidebar under the "2007 UMass images section"

UMass-SIU to be televised on MASN

That's the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network . Their program listing does not yet show Saturday's schedule.

The game will also available on ESPN+ .

This page shows the game on MASN.

MASN is found on Dish TV Channel 438 and Direct TV's Channel 626.

Some people are saying that the game may be blacked out in certain areas...

Great UMass minds think alike, I got an e-mail, a comment from blog reader Drew Comeau (and former UMass player) and I found it myself all about the same time. Thanks to all who made sure I had the information.

More info when I have it.

UPDATE: The game will be shown on NESN as per this UMass Athletic Dept post. Yeah! NESN easily has the widest distribution of any channel we've talked about so far.

That's channel 434 on Dish Network.

More playoff stuff

The Boston Herald has a UMass article here .

Keeper has UMass as #4 in FCS, however he has UMass as a three point underdog to SIU (in fact, he has all the CAA teams as underdogs).

Meanwhile, back in Carbondale, the Salukis have a suffocating defense .

Eastern Illinois TE Jordan Campanella had a big day against SIU. Wish we had Brad Listorti available. Sigh.

UPDATE: UMass has its game notes up. Nothing yet from SIU.


Mark Whipple is not going to Rhode Island.

The Delaware Hens are, on the other hand, going to UNI.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday Morning Reading

The Boston Herald has a UMass article here .

Jeff Thomas of the Springfield Republican has an article here .

Three articles about the Salukis: They're thinking about UMass, their quarterback Rick Hill is unstoppable, and SIU is so good they're boring .

They have a message board "Saluki Talk"

Southern Illinios' press guide is only a six meg download here .

By the way, SME network is picking SIU over UMass in the next round (see the playoff chart)

UPDATE: Matty Vautour of the Hamp Gazette has a game notes article here .


Delaware is the next CAA team to have a shot at #1 Northern Iowa.

UNH is looking towards next year.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Uh-Oh! TV coverage of UMass-Southern Illinois may be a problem

Just received the following e-mail from Jason Yellin, the UMass Sports Information Director:

The UMass at Southern Illinois NCAA Quarterfinal FCS Football game will take
place at 3:30 p.m. ET in Carbondale, Illinois. It will be shown on ESPN
Gameplan. It will also be available on other various channels across the
nation. Those channels will be released later this week.

Here is the complete Quarterfinal schedule.

December 1 at Boone, North Carolina (ESPN Gameplan at Noon ET)

Eastern Wash. (9-3) at Appalachian St. (10-2)

December 1 at Cedar Falls, Iowa (ESPN Gameplan at 2 p.m. ET)

Delaware (9-3) at No. 1 UNI (12-0)

December 1 at Carbondale, Illinois (ESPN Gameplan at 3:30 p.m. ET)

Massachusetts (10-2) at No. 4 Southern Ill. (11-1)

December 1 at Spartanburg, South Carolina (ESPN Gameplan at 7 p.m. ET)

Richmond (10-2) at Wofford (9-3)

Let's hope NESN or somebody picks up the game. Otherwise it's $21.95 a week. Link here.

Fordham game articles

Image above is a UMass Athletic Dept image.

On the day after one of the most impressive offensive showings in UMass history, we have a lot of game articles.

The Hartford Courant has an article featuring the running of Matt Lawrence.

The Boston Herald has an article featuring the pass-and-catch combo of Coen and Rancher .

The Herald has another game article here .

The NY Daily News has an article about Fordham's last game of the season here .

Jeff Thomas has two game articles here and here .

The Boston Globe has a game article here .

And the Worcester Telegram has another here .

Matty Vautour has a game article in the Hampshire Gazette here.


The CAA has game recaps for all the CAA teams in the playoffs including box scores here .

New Hampshire came within 7 seconds of upsetting #1 UNI.

JMU fumbled away a win at Appalachian State (and brought a groan from the UMass crowd at McGuirk)

Richmond took care of business against Eastern Kentucky.

CSN recaps the entire playoffs here .

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Woah! Major Offense!

Well, on a day that the defense struggled (but notice the defense did its job at the end) the UMass offense was all over the Rams.

Liam Coen added another significant record to his total----best passing yards in a single game with 419 yards. UMass had over 600 total yards. He went 24-37 for 419 and 4 TDs.

Matt Lawrence had a huge game with 167 yards and 3 TDs.

And Charles Walker proved you can beat 'em with brains as UMass took the blitz off and the
fordham QB threw the ball right into his arms.

The UMass write-up (with quotes and stats and stuff) is here .

The Fordham write-up is here .

ESPN game recap is here .

And a NY Times reporter totally screws up up this game story. Can you guess who we were booing? It wasn't the Minutemen.

UPDATE: We'll be off to Southern Illinois next week.

Game Day Fordham

Well, it's 12 degrees here in Jaffrey, NH. We're going to have to bundle up for the game. Let's Go UMass!

The Boston Herald has an article about Masella's Fordham Rams visiting UMass. The Herald also has another game day article here .

Matty Vautour has a game article here .

Jeff Thomas of the Springfield Republican has a Fordham game article here .

The CAA has a game-day page for all CAA teams in the playoffs with links to their audio feeds and the like here .

Some game notes: UMass, following a tradition set by Coach Whipple will switch to all-maroon uniforms for home games and all-white for road playoff games. This will be the first time we've seen them in this color combination with the new uniforms.

Also, teams are only allowed to dress 60 players in the playoffs.


This Winston-Salem sports writer likes the FCS playoffs, but does not know much about the teams.

If we win this week, we meet the winner of the Southern Illinois-Eastern Illinois game. The Southern Illinoisian has a game article here . Another SIU-EI game article here .

Meanwhile, the Hens destroyed the Hornets in their first ever meeting.

And New Hampshire plays #1 ranked UNI later today.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Friday Morning reading

A couple of articles feature senior UMass players this morning. The Boston Globe has an article about the friendship between J.J. Moore and Charles Walker and is worth your time.

Matty Vautour has an article about senior UMass kicker Chris Koepplin that is also worth reading.

Three articles about tomorrow's UMass-Fordham game: the Journal-News has one here , the Daily News has the Rams ready for UMass and the UMass Daily Collegian has a game article here.


The Union Leader has a UNH-UNI article here.

If UMass wins Saturday, they meet the winner of the Southern Illinois-Eastern Illinois game. TG-TC online has an extensive article on those two teams here .

UPDATE: Bruce Dowd has his weekly "CAA Today" column here . Worth reading.

FCS Playoffs start today with Delaware-Delaware State

Remember to set your VCR for the first game of the 2007 FCS Playoffs today. Delaware meets the team they have been trying to avoid for fifty years, Delaware State at 1:30 pm on ESPNU.

That's channel 148 on Dish network and Channel 609 on Direct TV.

UPDATE: The Hens-Hornets game will also be shown on ESPN and ESPN HD. A big thank-you to the Lawrence family for the update information.

UPDATE II: OK, just to mess with our heads, ESPNU is showing Toledo-Central Michigan. That's not what was shown on the listed schedule on their website.

Looks like the only broadcast of the Hens-Hornets is ESPN as the Lawrence family indicated. Start times seems to be 1:30 pm.

KAEO Shannon James

Coach Brown said in the his Chanel 40 TV show that former UMass All-American Shannon James has been named the defensive MVP of Calgary Stampeders.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Turkey Day reading

Some reading while you recover from your Thanksgiving Day Feast. The image above is from the UMass Athletic Web site.

In case you missed it, seventeen Minutemen were chosen to the CAA All-Conference teams. The UMass web site has an article here . Matty Vautour has an article on the All-conference selection here . I'm a little pressed for time today, so I don't have links to the individual players. The UMass article does.

The UMass Football Blog is in agreement with the picks. However, the Blog feels that UMass DE Michael Hansen belongs in the All-CAA list somewhere.

The PA Times-Tribune has an article about Fordham WR Asa Lucas.


Charles Burton reviews the first round of the playoffs in his "CSN Way" column.

David Coulson in his "Around FCS" column rails against the inclusion of UNH in the playoffs .

In his weekly "FCS Preview" (a small pdf download), Eric Gemunder praises the selection of UNH in the playoffs.

In the meantime, UNH is damm glad to be there.

Out in Northern Iowa, they're looking forward to the game.

And Appalachian State is feeling confident.

Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

More playoff stuff

If you haven't read CSN's "All about the Division I Championship", you should.

Ditto with CSN's "Division I Championship Notes and Facts".

The Boston Herald consistently does some of the finest articles about UMass football and this one about the aftermath of the Boston College game certainly keeps the average up.

The Herald also covers Liam Coen's playing through his knee injury.

The UMass Daily Collegian does a Fordham article here .

On the Fordham website there is an article on how Coach Mesalla and 12 Ram players were named All-Patriot League.

UPDATE: Matty Vautour has an article about Jeromy Miles and an update about Brad Listorti.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

UMass-Hofstra Picassa Web Album

Right Click on the image and Blogger displays a larger view.

I've set up a 27 image Picassa Web album here .

The images are courtesy of the Koepplin family.

More Fordham and playoff news

UMass has its Fordham game notes up here . Fordham has an article, but no game notes yet.

Jeff Thomas of the Springfield Republican has a UMass-Fordham article here .


Three UNH articles here and here and here .

Rhode Island's Head Coach Tim Stowers was fired yesterday.

If we win, we meet the winner of the Eastern Illinois-Southern Illinois game.

UPDATE: We finished the regular-season Gridiron Power Index at #5.

R.I.P. Lasalle

Sorry to bring you down but FCS program LaSalle has dropped their program .

J.J. Moore Co-CAA Offensive Player-of-the-Week

UMass Capitan J.J. Moore was the CAA Co-Offensive Player-of-the-Week against Hofstra. UMass press release here .

Moore had 11 catches for 155 yards (half UMass' passing total) to win the award.

Going into the playoffs, he has 65 catches 891 YDS 13.7 yds/catch 5 TD 54 LONG 81 YDS/Game.

Monday, November 19, 2007

UMass Football Blog News

I would just like to let the UMass Football Blog on-line community know that we had the biggest day in UMass Football Blog history yesterday.

There was more traffic in one day than I had during a couple of months in 2005. Overall daily visits have about doubled since 2006.

I've also had two e-mail recently about placing ads on the blog and of course, Blogger has Adsense.

But I'll never have ads here...

Go UMass and thanks to all the UMass Football Blog community.

More Playoff articles

The Boston Herald has a UMass-Fordham article here .

The Boston Globe has another here .

Jeff Thomas of the Springfield Republican has a UMass article here .

Over at UNH, theWildcats are amazed and happy about going to UNI.

The Sporting News has a playoff article here.

Did you know that there is an East Coast Bowl ? It's Saturday at noon and a couple of players we know are in it.

UPDATE: Keeper's latest ranking has us at #4 and a 24 point favorite over Fordham .

UPDATE II: Matty Vautour has an article about the Hofstra game and another about the upcoming game with Fordham .

Sunday, November 18, 2007

It's Fordham!

UMass draws Fordham in the first round. The Rams finished 8-3 in regular season.

Fordham's Head Coach is Tom Masella , former a former UMass coach. Masella is a finalist for the Eddie Robinson Award . Also on the Fordham coaching staff is former UMass coach Frank Forcucci.

Fordham's 2007 stats are here .

The Ram's roster is here .

Fordham's football media guide is here (a 34 Meg pdf download).

Fordham has a football message board here .

ESPN has a re-cap of Fordham's last game loss to Bucknell here . The Sporting news has a article about the Ram's turn around under Masella here .

Patriot League press release about UMass-Fordham here .

UPDATE: ESPNU has the filled in bracket here.

UPDATE II: A better printable bracket here .

UPDATE III: The VA Daily Press on the record five CAA teams in the playoffs. The Sports Network has a bracket article here .

Selection Show on ESPNU at 3:30 pm

The NCAA FCS playoff selection and bracket announcement show will be at 3:30 pm today.

The show will be televised on ESPNU. Thats channel 148 on Dish Network and channel 609 on Direct TV.

In addition, two internet FCS radio shows will be airing extensive commentary. SME will be broadcasting here starting at 12:00 noon. College Sports Network will be on from 3:00 to 5:00 pm here .

UPDATE: Print yourself a blank playoff bracket here (a pdf download)

Selection Sunday!

Liam Coen had food poisoning before the Hofstra game. Coach Brown's wife Deborah (who is a RN) to rescue. She hangs a IV for Coen and he goes 22-34 for 309 yards and 4 TDs. Story here .

Newsday has a story from the Hofstra side here .

The Hofstra athletic dept write-up is here .

The Worcester Telegram is here .

Jeff Thomas of the Springfield Republican has a game article here .

The Boston Herald has a article here .

The Sports Network recaps the results from the top of FCS here .

UPDATE: SME has been posting projected playoff brackets for the last three weeks. The latest and last effort is here . In a couple of hours, we'll see how things play out.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

UMass wins CAA Auto-bid on a Coin Toss!

The CAA athletic directors met and concluded that UMass and Richmond were essentially tied in accomplishments.

The CAA director held a coin toss and UMass won the toss and thus the CAA Auto-bid.

Details here .

UPDATE: Woah! Things are going to be tough for the committee to pick the last CAA team in the playoffs.

UMass and Richmond as co-champs are in.

I would think that JMU at 8-3 and in clear third place in the CAA is in.

The question is---who, if anyone, gets a fourth bid from the CAA. Delaware lost. How do you parse the teams with three CAA losses? Final CAA standings here .

CAA Champions!

UMass wins the CAA Championship with a dominating Defensive performance against the Pride!

UMass is 22-2 against FCS competition the last two years.

Hofstra could not even score against the second team defense.

Links when they become available.

UPDATE: UMass' defense held Hofstra to eight first downs and 168 total yards. Five sacks and 8 TFL. UMass write-up and box score here .

UPDATE II: ESPN recaps the UMass-Hofstra game here .

Championship Saturday!

Well, UMass plays at Hofstra today at 12:00 Noon. Win and the Minutemen cannot do worse than a tie for the CAA Championship! Go UMass!

Jeff Thomas of the Springfield Republican has a game article here .

Matt Vautour of the Hampshire Gazette is here .

The UMass-Hofstra game will be televised on ESPNU. That's channel 148 on Dish network.

In other UMass news, Jason Hatchell is still a contender for the Buck Buchanan Award.

The CAA has game information for all of today's CAA games here .

The Delaware-Villanova game (Go Villanova!) will be on TV at 3:30 on SNY. That's channel 438 on Dish Network .

The Sports Network reviews today's FCS games in their weekly "Around FCS" Column.

The Sporting News does there weekly "Top 25 Who, When Where" article .

Charles Burton does his weekly FCS column here .

UPDATE: A kind reader reminded me in the comments section that the UHN-Maine game is also available on NESN at noon. NESN is carried by many cable/satellite networks.

UPDATE II: Another comment has been posted that ESPN has a UMass-Hofstra preview screen here . Nice catch by our reader.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Hofstra Game articles

The Boston Herald looks at the UMass-Hofstra game.

From the Hofstra side Newsday has an article here . The Hofstra Chronicle (student newspaper) has two articles here and here .

Hofstra finally has their game notes up here (pdf download).

The Sports Network has published its Eddie Robinson Award candidate (Award for top coach in FCS) list for 2007. It's here .

Two things wrong with the list:
  1. Coach Brown (21-2 against FCS competition the last two years) is not on it.
  2. The following quote from the article--"Dave Cohen, Hofstra-In just his second year as a head coach, Cohen overseen one of the biggest improvements in the country this season, as the Pride has gone from 2-9 last year to 7-3 in 2007. The Pride will likely earn an NCAA playoff berth with a win over Massachusetts on Saturday in their final regular season game. Cohen served as the defensive coordinator at Delaware before coming a head coach and helped the Hens win the 2003 national championship. His Delaware defense allowed only 23 points a game in four playoff games that year and shut out colgate in the title game.
Bruce Dowd has his weekly CAA column here . As usual, he can't resist talking a lot about Delaware and not so much about UMass.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Coach Brown's show tonight

Remember to listen to Coach Brown's show tonight via internet feed at 7:00 pm live on WRNX.

Hofsta game articles

UMass plays for a CAA Championship ring Saturday. If we win, we can't do worse than a tie for the League title.

UMass game notes here (nothing yet from Hofstra).

The UMass Daily Collegian has a Hofstra game article here .

There is a comprehensive Hofstra game article from Newsday here . Note that Hofstra's leading rusher Kareem Huggins and All-America kicker Rob Zarelli are hobbled with injuries. The Pride's roster is here , but Hofstra is unusual in not providing links to individual player's biographies.

We are seventh in the FCS Gridiron Power Index.

David Coulson looks at the playoff possibilities here .

And one final article from UNH about the Wildcat's attempt to recover.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Koepplin named Special Teams CAA Player-of-the-week

Chris Koepplin was named the CAA Special Teams Player-of-the-Week Monday.

Chris has done an outstanding job for the Minutemen with his kicking. He's 9 of 13 in field goals for a 69.2 AVE.

Koepplin is also leading the CAA in kickoffs with 55 for 3,606 YDS 65.6 AVE 17 TB and 45.6 Net AVE. He leads the CAA in average and net average.

The UMass kickoff coverage team is only allowing 13.7 yards per return.

Draft Daddy likes Lawrence and Listorti

Draft Daddy has two Minutemen in it's list of 150 small school players that will draw the attention of Pro scouts. Listed are Brad Listorti and Matt Lawrence.

If you have not been keeping up with Matt's statistics, he has gone 238 ATT 1,205 YDS 5.1 YRDS/CARRY 120.5 YDS/ Game. Note that Matt has a better yards/carry than highly touted Delaware RB Omar Cuff...

KAEO Demarcus Roberson

Former (and still one at heart) Minuteman DB Demarcus Roberson had a great year for Garden City CC in Kansas.

He made All-Conference, finished 2nd in the league with 285 yards in kickoff returns, 34 TKLS and 2 INT.

Roberson is drawing recruiting interest from Ole Miss and WVU.

He wishes UMass good luck in the playoffs and has kept close tabs on their run for the CAA championship this year.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

More UNH articles and tie breaker info

The UMass Daily Collegian has two articles one about UMass' defensive performance and a game article .

From the New Hampshire side, Seacoast Online has an article here and Foster's online has another here .

Jeff Thomas of the Springfield Republican has an article on the CAA tie-breaker angst here .

George Miller of the 'Hamp Gazette has a game article here .

UPDATE: Keeper has us ranked 7th in FCS/I-AA and rates the UMass-Hofstra game as even.

Update II: Matty Vautour has more CAA playoff parsing here .

2007 UMass Home Football Attendance

Someone asked about the 2007 attendance totals for UMass home football games. Sounds like an idea for a blog post.

2007 Home Attendance:
  1. Holy Cross-12,264
  2. Towson-8,218
  3. Villanova-16,174
  4. Northeastern-14,189
  5. UNH-14,190
Total Attendance 65,035 (five games). Average home attendance 13,007

2006 Home Attendance:
  1. Colgate-8191
  2. Stony Brook-9001
  3. William & Mary-15,822
  4. Rhode Island-15,522
  5. Maine-10,166
  6. Hofstra-9,211
Total Attendance 67,913 (six games). Average home attendance 11,318.

According to NCAA figures we are 20th out of 126 FCS/I-AA teams in average attendance. That puts us in the top 15% of FCS/I-AA.

However, most of the teams ahead of us are southern/good weather teams. Of bad weather teams we are 5th nationally behind Montana, Yale, Montana State and Illinois State (UNI has a dome).

Monday, November 12, 2007

UMass-UNH web album

I have a longer than normal Picassa Web album here .

I've also added a link in the sidebar. Also included in the sidebar is last week's images of the Rhode island game.

More UNH game articles

The Concord Monitor talks about the Minutemen's eight sacks and 13 TFL against New Hampshire.

From our side, the Worcester Telegram has a article about the game .

The Seacoast Online has a UMass-UNH article here .

The Boston Herald has New England game article and shows why the Northeastern Huskies are a team to be avoided in November.

The College Sporting News re-caps who won and who lost in the FCS division this week.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

CAA standings and tie-breaker

With one game to go we are tied with Richmond for the CAA auto-bid.

CAA standings are here .

From the CAA article on this week's games (Richmond section), "Next week's scenario becomes clear for Richmond. A win over William & Mary in the regular-season finale at UR Stadium would give the Spiders at least a share of the outright CAA Football title. UMass (8-2, 6-1), which plays at Hofstra next Saturday, would need to beat the Pride, forcing a conference tiebreaker to determine the league's automatic bid."

The CAA tie-breaker rules are here . It's on page #7 and it's a 2.5 Meg pdf download.

Sunday morning reading

Above is a scan of the UMass-UNh game program cover. Right click on the image and Blogger displays a larger view.

The Boston Herald has two game article here and here .

The Boston Globe has an article here .

The Union Leader has a game article here .

ESPN's game recap is here .

Jeff Thomas of the Springfield Republican has an article here .

Richmond beat Delaware, JMU beat Bill & Mary, Northeastern beat Hofstra, Villanova beat Towson and Maine beat Rhode Island-----CAA all-games recap here .

NOTE: I'll be back later with a web album from the UNH game. However, Mrs. Blog has a "Honeydo" project for me today (storm windows), so it may take some time. It takes a lot of time to review the images and then upload them five at a time to Picassa. Maybe later today...

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Defensive Dominance

Image above is from the UMass Athletic site.

Just back from the game. The UMass defense was awesome. We sacked Santos eight times . The stunting, blitzing defense looked like the defense of old. Great game. In the post game video, Coach Brown said all eleven positions on defense blitzed during the course of the game.

Nice job by Matt Lawrence winning the Bill Knight Trophy and Liam Coen becoming the all-time UMass passer.

UMass write-up here. New Hampshire writeup here .

I'll be back tomorrow with a web album and game articles.

Go UMass, CAA North Champions!

UNH and Senior Day

Above is an image I took at the UMass Media Day of the 2007 Seniors. Right Click on the image and Blogger displays a full-sized view. If anyone wants the full-rez version, e-mail me. My e-mail link is in the Profile section.

The Boston Globe has a game day article here .

The Union Leader has two game day articles here and here .

This article has an injury report on the Wildcats.

Jeff Thomas and the Springfield Republican have a game day article here .

The Sporting News does its weekly "FCS Top-25, Who, When and Where" article.

Hopefully, today's introduction of the Seniors won't be their last game at McGuirk. I'm hoping that we'll have a good day against the Wildcats.

Go UMass!

Friday, November 09, 2007

TV for UMass-UNH

Remember the UMass-UNH game will be carried live over the internet on CN8 .

I have Dish network and the game will also be carried on SNY. That's channel 438 on Dish Network.

Recruiting 2008-- OL Travis Poston

It looks like 6-6 317 pd OL Travis Poston will be attending the UMass-UNH game this weekend. Story here .

I blogged about UMass' interest in him back in May.

Welcome to UMass, Travis!

Article on Jeromy Miles

Nice article on UMass Free Safety Jeromy Miles in today's Globe.

Wildcat Weekend!

Here it is. A bona fide big game . UNH at UMass.

Four articles from the UNH side: the Concord Monitor here, the Union Leader here ,the New Hampshire student newspaper here and lastly the Nashua Telegraph here .

Bruce Dowd does his weekly "CAA Today" column here .

Charles Burton does his weekly "The CSN Way" column here .

UPDATE: Matty Vautour has a UMass-UNH game article here .

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Coach Brown's radio show tonight

Don't forget to listen to Coach Brown's internet radio show on WRNX tonight at 7:00 pm.

Rivalry game coming!

Working up to Saturday's game against UMass' rival New Hampshire.

Saturday's game is Senior Day for Matt Austin, Mike Ormar, David Burris, Matt Lawrence, Charles Walker, J.J. Moore, Jason Hatchell, Matt Stolte, Rasheed Rancher, Ceasar Rosario, Chris Koepplin, Nick Diana, Breyone Evans, Brad Listorti, E.J. Barthel and Chis Hopkins. Jeff Thomas of the Springfield Republican has a story here.

The UMass Daily Collegian has an article about Ricky Santos and the UNH Wildcats.

Speaking of Ricky Santos, he all but guaranteed a UNH victory in this article.

The Collegian has another UNH game article here .

David Coulson does his weekly FCS article here .

Eric Gemunder was covering FCS/I-AA football when nobody else was. His weekly FCS review/predictions article is here .

In other news, Rhody's win last week over UMass may not have been enough to save Coach Stowers job.

UPDATE: Matty Vautour has a look at the UMass-UNH rivalry here .

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

What a difference a day makes

What a difference a (loosing) day makes! The great Dinah Washington won a Grammy for her classic 50's song "What a difference a day makes". It was later re-done by the Temptations and Dean Martin.

Like song title, UMass' loss to Rhode Island on Saturday made a huge change in the Minutemen's chances of making a return trip to Chattanooga.

The CAA will receive three -----or at most four bids to the playoffs. One team will win CAA title and the league auto-bid. The rest of the league is in competition for the remaining two or three slots.

Right now there are six CAA teams in contention. Two or three of them will not make it.

  1. Delaware. (7-2, 5-1 CAA) The Hens have a leg up with a 2 point CAA tie-breaker in the race for the auto-bid because of their win over Navy. They do have two tough games with Richmond and Villanova remaining. I think they are a lock as long as they win one of the two. If they beat Richmond this week they are also in the catbird seat for the league auto bid.
  2. James Madison. (6-3, 4-2 CAA) The dukes should beat Bill & Mary and Towson. 8-3 and the large JMU fan base will ensure a bid for the Dukes.
  3. Richmond. (7-2, 4-2 CAA) The Spiders have to play Delaware and William & Mary. The Hens are on a roll and I think Richmond will end up 8-3 . Quality wins over UNH and JMU will give the Spiders a leg up over other 8-3 CAA teams.
  4. UMass. (7-2, 5-1 CAA). The Minutemen could end any craziness by winning their last two. At 9-2, UMass would win the CAA North and have a chance at the auto-bid if someone upsets Delaware. Loosing one of the two makes things considerably more murky. UMass could end up one of three or more CAA teams bunched at 8-3. A loss also would mean UMass would not win the CAA North and also loose the head-to-head tie-breaker to Hofstra or UNH. If we had to loose one, it would be better to loose to UNH and beat Hofstra. Two losses would put us out.
  5. Hofstra . (7-2, 4-2 CAA) The Pride has/have played a weak schedule. They finish with Northeastern and UMass. It's likely that they will end up as another 8-3 CAA team. If they win out, they're in the playoffs. If they beat UMass and loose to the Huskies, they are a bubble team with all the other possible 8-3 teams in the CAA. I think the Pride would be left out under that scenario. A UMass win would leave the Pride out even if both teams finish 8-3.
  6. New Hampshire. (6-3, 3-3 CAA). The Wildcats need to win both remaining games against UMass and Maine. Anything else puts them out.
Matty Vautour looks at the playoff possibilities here . The SME Network does it's weekly playoff bracket prognostication here .

The College Sporting New has this week's FCS Gridiron Power Index.

Keeper's college ratings has us #7 and a 9 point favorite over UNH.

UMass has its UNH game notes up.

The Boston Herald has a story about Mike McLaughlin, the son of UMass great Mike McLaughlin senior, who played for us in the 70's. Mike Sr. was All-Yankee Conference 1st team in 77 and 78 at center for the Minutemen.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

UMass-Hofstra on ESPNU

Great News! UMass' final game of the season with Hofstra will be televised on ESPNU. The game has been moved to noon.

UMass press release here .

Rainy Tuesday reading

It's a dark and rainy Tuesday morning here in New Hampshire. The rain is rattling against the windows. But on the bright side of it, it's not raining as bad as it was in Kingston.

UMass dropped in the polls to seventy or eight depending on which one you pick. The Daily Collegian has a poll article here . The Sporting News has the complete poll here .

Sea Coast online has a article about the UMass-UNH rivalry . Coach Brown's CAA coache's conference call transcription is here .

The Rhody student newspaper has an article here (with some photos) of the UMass loss to URI.

The UMass Daily Collegian has an article on the Rhody loss here .

UNH has its UMass game notes up here .

Monday, November 05, 2007

UMass-URI Picassa web album

I have a small number of UMass-URI game images in a Picassa web album here .

The sequence was shot with my point-and-shoot rather than my Canon 30D. There is no shots of the overtime because my camera lens fogged up. The last shot is through my windshield on the way home. I held the camera lens against the driver's side defroster. Water was running out of my digital camera :)

More Rhody recap and the beginnings of UNH coverage

The Providence Journal has a story about Liam Coen's return to Meade Stadium where he watched Rhody games as a kid. Article note: it the last paragraph of the story it says that a "Welcome Home Liam" sign lay on the field after the game. I was there and after the Rams won, several Rhody players ran over and ripped the sign down and took it out on the field and stomped on it...

The New Hampshire Union Leader points out that the coming UMass-UNH game is huge.

The Concord Monitor has a story on how Northeastern's Maurice Murry carried the ball 55 times against UNH last week.

The Boston Herald points out another trivia detail on the Rhody game. Not only did we tie our own all-division mark of three safeties, we became the only record holder to have scored all its points on safeties.

In other news, it took former UMass coach Tom Mesella only two years to turn Fordham into the Patriot League camp.

Back in the CAA, UMass' loss dropped us into a three way tie in the League. Richmond, Delaware and UMass all have one CAA loss. The Hens and the Spiders play each other this week and one has to loose.

If we end up tied with the Hens at the end of the regular season, I believe they own the tie breaker for the CAA auto-bid with their BCS win over Navy.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

URI Game stories

After a night's sleep ----- and I needed it, I remember that Coach Brown likes to play aggressive football on both sides of the ball. So there were a couple of calls in the Rhody game I would have done differently. I would have run the ball on first down on the sequence that Koepplin ended up missing the field goal. I would have taken the points to go ahead on the one yard line (abet that was no gimme) it was into the wind. But Playing aggressive is what UMass does. It makes for exciting and winning football. Let's forget about it and get back to playing.

The Boston Globe has a write-up here . Another Globe article here .

The Worcester Telegram has an article here .

Jeff Thomas and the Springfield Republican is here .

The Providence Journal ring in here .

Matty Vautour has a game day article here .

It was a day to run the ball and Northeastern ran all over UNH.

Delaware beat JMU, Northeastern beat UNH, Richmond beat Villanova, Hofstra beat Bill & Mary and Maine ran over Towson. CAA recap here .

Results from the rest of FCS/I-AA here .

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Just back from the game

Well, we finally had a game that we could not step on the gas and get out of a bad situation.

The weather was about 42 degrees with heavy rain and gusts to 50 mph. But the field held up real well and the conditions were the same for both teams.

We tied our own all-division record with three safeties. The defense played really well.

The UMass offense didn't. We fumbled the first play of the game and gave the Rams a chipshot field goal on a day that points were obviously going to be very hard to come by.

Nobody made a play on offense. It's hard to win with zero offensive points.

I'll have some images to post when my camera dries out.

However, if you can't take a loss, you should not love football. This should focus us for the next two games.

As I've said many times in the past ----"Go UMass"

UMass athletic dept write-up here . Rhode Island's take on the game here .

Worst. Fans. Ever.

If you were listening to the URI radio feed you may have heard that the UMass team left the field without shaking hands with the Rhody players.

The reason was that that there was a group of Rhody "fans", who appeared to be URI students behind the UMass bench. They were leaning over the rail/hedge and spitting on the UMass players.

That provoked several confrontations between UMass parents and the group. There was also a near fight after the game.

At least two times UMass fans asked a URI cop who was nearby to step in. He walked away laughing. It was ugly and classless.

If anyone from the URI administration wants an image of the group, I've got one. I do not have an image of the cop, but they should fire his ass.

Stormy Saturday

The Springfield Republican has a UMass-Rhode Island article here.

The College Sporting News has an FCS article here .

The CSN has its weekly "Top 25 who-what-where" article here.

CSN columnist Charles Burton has his weekly FCS article here . Burton mentions long time FCS loosing program Prairie View. They own the NCAA loosing streak record of 80 games. Well, in the feel good story of 2007 in football, the worm has turned at Prairie View .

Matty Vautour has a game day article here .

Friday, November 02, 2007


Looks like we are going to have a bad weather game in Kingston tomorrow. Actually, the forecast is improved from the previous day. The wind is now forecast to be "only" gusts to 35 mph.

Meade stadium (image above is from the RI athletic Dept) one of only three CAA stadiums still with grass surfaces...

I sure don't want to be on the short end of one of those 3-0 games we have occasionally in New England.

URI finally has their game notes up.

Bruce Dowd has his weekly state-of-the-CAA column up and it's a beauty .

Another article about Rhody loosing their feature back Joe Casey.

In other FCS divison news, UNI (who to me look like this year's Appalachian State), have dismissed their starting strong safety from the team. He's Chris Parsons and his UNI bio is here .

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Rhode Island info and some comments on the win over the Tribe

The Providence Journal talks about the return of favorite son Liam Coen to Rhode Island. The Providence Journal reports that Rhody's fullback Joe Casey will miss this week's game .It looks like the featured back in the Rams option offense this week will be Jimmy Hughes .

The Springfield Republican also has a Rhode Island article .

The UMass Daily Collegian has two articles here and here .

The transcript of Brown's remarks for the CAA weekly teleconference is here .

If you missed last night's Coach Brown's show, someone asked about Brad Listorti's chances of getting a waiver from the NCAA for a sixth year. Brown said it was "highly unlikely".

I would be remiss if I did not mention some of the great performances of several UMass players at the William & Mary game.
  • Spencer Riddenhour delivered a NFL caliber hit on special teams.
  • Rasheed Rancher had two TD catches and again demonstrated his speed when he gets behind the defense.
  • Matt Lawrence had his best day rushing as a Minuteman and needs only 17 yards to go over 1,000 yards for the season.
  • Liam Coen became the UMass all-time leader in TD throws and he needs only 99 yards to break the all-time yardage record.
The first Lambert Cup poll is out and UMass is leading (scroll to the end of the article). UMass has won the Lambert Cup twice in the past, but never two years in a row.

UPDATE: Matty Vautour has an article that covers injuries (both Rhody's and ours) here .