Thursday, December 01, 2011

Thursday--December 1, 2011

Lots of exciting news this morning.


The UMass football consultative committee has been announced.

Jeff Thomas of on the committee.

Names include Don Markowski, John Kennedy, Jaime Seguin, Glenn Wong, Marcel Shipp, Brian McNally and Juan Jarrett.

Three former UMass players and two member of my old school, Isenberg Management.


image by Totally Texas Tech Blog
Matty V. reports that John McCutcheon met with Neal Brown of Texas Tech.  Brown's Red Raiders bio here.

Not that my opinion matters much, but I think Brown would be an excellent hire for UMass. He's a hot young coach and he actually is familiar with UMass' situation and likes the place.


Evan Pinkus/AP image
Matty and Football scoop report that Jack Bicknell, Jr is interested in the UMass job. Bicknell's Wikipedia bio here.

Bicknell's Giants bio here.



Anonymous said...

Jack bicknell jr should have got the job instead of kevin morris 3 years ago. Neal brown is a good candidate but does he leave texas tech for umass? He would take a paycut in doing so.

Anonymous said...

Probably not a paycut. Great opportunity for him; he'd have to think long and hard to turn it down. I agree, he'd be the youngest hc in all of college football??

Anonymous said...

I liked bicknell the last time around. He is a great offensive line coach and has experience at the fbs and nfl level.

Anonymous said...

Neil Brown has a bright future but may not have enough experience to be a head coach especially one moving up to FBS at this point. I would prefer someone who has a little more experience to take us through this transition. Being a head coach is more than just X's and O's and not sure if he has been in in long enough to handle everything that will be thrown at him as a head coach at FBS.

Anonymous said...

we need Frank to be on the coaching selection committee

Frank just saying but after the JMU game you did not look good. I couldn't handle saying anything to you to try and brighten your spirits.

Hope your thanksgiving was a good one. Try and look at the future and keep this past season as a distant memory.

Anonymous said...

from up in the Top Roww

Looked at the search committee and would offer that this is at least a pretty good group to pick the next head coach. 3 are former players from different times and coaching staffs. The others we know some better than others but would seem very worthwhile to include on this committee.

Coaching change was announced on or about 11/21 two days after seasons end. Committee announced 10 days later. Seems like the AD's office is handling this well.

Would offer one possible item to consider - Get Shipp on the next staff.

He has been down a lot of roads that we need to go to again. Played in NJ, played at a Prep School (like V Cruz and so many others a source of players that we seem to have gotten away from) he excelled while at UMass and brought a toughness to the offense when he was on the field, excelled in the weight room and played many NFL seasons. Seems like the kind of person we need to be a part of the new staff.

Just an opinion and I am very sure 5-6 of the TAP's will blather on about why he should not be considered.

To quote jerry seinfeld yada yada yada is my response to any TAP's who do not like the idea of Shipp being a part of this next staff.


Have a Nice Day !

Anonymous said...

it isnt about the x's and the o's it is about the billy's and the joes

get good players - or develop players into becoming good players and a lot of coaches look good

some of the players seemed to be too comfortable and need to be playing at a high level no matter who we are up against

from Just Sayin' hows that Top Row

Anonymous said...

Bicknell...his record as head coach looks very similar to Kevin Morris's...

Anonymous said...

Like the call on shipp, good guy and could be a heck of a recruiter

Anonymous said...

Ron 89 sez

At least we know where Top Row is coming from and he isnt shy about his views. Though some of those views are little wacky

hope the coach staff are picked soon.

all i want for christmas is a win over uconn in 2012

Anonymous said...

what does mcnally know about football? not a thing.

Anonymous said...

from the Top Roww to the TAP who commented about McNally not knowing a thing about football.

Would offer this is yet another example of a real swifty who reads little and then spits out silliness.

McNally was a starting QB at UMass in the '70's. Not exactly sure but pretty sure he was a QB for the playoff team who competed against Florida A&M for the National championship. Also his brother was a starting linemen and captain at UMass. Also he is involved with the 100 yard club that is very much involved with developments for the program (e.g.- like those big glowing lights you now see at McGuirk when the sun goes down.)

Well except for those kind of things you are exactly correct he does not know too much.

I am very sure your very ANONYMOUS qualifications are worthwhile - - - well not really.

To all the TAP's who will blow out about this kind of comment. Yada Yada Yada.


Have a Nice Day ! ! !

UMass74 said...

Yes, that was a good one. McNally was First Team All-Conference in 1975. He's a lomg time supporter of UMass and UMass football.

Anonymous said...

Do you realize you are also ANONYMOUS??