Saturday, November 12, 2011

Game Day--Maine November 12, 2011

UPDATE: WRNX folded last week.  The UMass feed will now be on KIX Country.

UPDATE II: The UMass pre-game show is reporting that both UMass QB's Kellen Pagel and Brandon Hill are out of today's game. UMass emergency QB Ray Pendagast will start.


UMass adds Florida to its 2016 schedule. Lots of UMass alums in Florida. Playing the Gators in Gainsville will be an experience!

The Palm Beach Post has the original announcement.

The Swamp

Jeff Thomas reports on UMass' last road trip as an FCS team.

The Kennebec Journal says the Minutemen are making their last trip to Orono.

The Sun-Journal says the Black Bears are happy to have an opportunity to put the loss to Towson behind them.

Maine has put in a bid for their first ever home playoff game.


All the CAA league game details on the CAA's Game Day post.


All Right. Let's blow the stink off last week's performance and put a significant dent in the Black Bear's playoff hopes!

Go UMass!!!


izy1 said...

One can only hope they seriously kick some bear butt.

izy1 said...

Gator Country game, that's huge.
May have to consider a big road trip for that one......

UMass74 said...

Yeah, Mrs Blog and I were talking about it at breakfast. We have plans to go to Nashville for the Vanderbilt game next year.

Mrs Blog has never been to Florida, so a trip to the Swamp could be just the excuse to get us there.

Anonymous said...

I hope Pendagast rises to the occasion. It would be nice to have another viable option for starter.

Anonymous said...

As of now it is buzz kill time for the program. To have 6 points called back on a 2 yd run,then miss the fg HS range, then completely come unglued.Morris is a nice guy, so can we make him football operations person? Start the search next saturday night.

Anonymous said...

Coaches did a nice job today, players played well also. Too many mistakes. The young qb is impressive. Lets go get jmu next week.

Anonymous said...

Coaches did a good job???? What game were you watching pal.

Anonymous said...

Curious how missed field goals and qb fumbles constitute bad coaching "pal?"