Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday--November 13, 2011

The Maine game was the first I listened to on the radio feed. Josh Maurer and Matt Goldstein do a fine job with the audio call. You can hear why they keep winning AP awards.

The UMass team appeared to play with fire and determination.  That's all I ask. The defense only gave up 18 points.

The loss was the same old story in 2011. I was mentally writing Ray Pendagast's Gold Helmet Award speech at halftime. However, his glass slipper cracked in the second half. He had two fumbles for touchdowns (we must lead the football universe in that category) and a INT.

In addition, we missed two makeable field goals to dig our last-in-the-CAA average deeper.


Matty V. said second half turnovers doomed UMass.

UMass athletic dept write-up here. University of Maine writeup here.

The Boston Herald said Maine recovered to upend UMass.

The Worcester Telegram said UMass could not hold the ball or the lead.


UNH lost to Towson to drop the Wildcats into second place in the CAA.

All the CAA results here .



UMass74 said...

Let's keep the coach bashing comments to a low level this week. Playing the top team in the league away with your 3rd string QB who hadn't taken a snap this year and making a game out of it was a good effort.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Can't lay this one at the feet of Kevin Morris. 3rd string QB and virtually no chance of hitting a field goal doomed us. Spent the afternoon stacking firewood with my son while listening to the game on the radio. When they were lining up for a field goal my son said, that's makable!...and I said don't count on it. How demoralizing is it knowing you can't count on a sure 3 points.

izy1 said...

I thought they gave it one hell of an effort.
So close, nuff said

Being 2 1/2 hours away, listened to many games on WRNX. Was glad you found the new audio feed Frank.
They do a great job on the play by play.

Anonymous said...

We should be happy with another loss because we were suppose to lose?? Good effort, your right, I am also pleased we will have ten all conference academics on our squad! I like the coach(s) great guys just want to compete and not sure they are the long term solution. Nothing nasty, just think it is time we all deserved better. Whipple and Brown are great coaches but lets look forward not back as we are closer than we think to having everything we wanted. How many times did we want the program to move up to D1?
We got our wish, now I just someone who we can get behind. Like Morris, but as long as record is 500, we will have the same conversation every game they don't win or half the season, every season.

Anonymous said...

i guess playing a "good" game vs Maine we should be proud of.

TopUMassFan said...

Hi Frank, No Coach bashing today. I'm actually glad Maine won as they should now be in the playoffs; good for Maine and the CAA.

As much as I would like to see UNH-Maine next week, I will be at McQuirk to see " my home away from home" off. I hope we close out our time there with a big win against JMU.

I do have concerns about the future of UMass football, however. This season was supposed to be a year to build interest in the program and the move to the MAC. I think strong showings against BC and UNH were needed and instead we were soundly beaten. Let's be honest, we struggled against HC and URI and didn't show up for Villanova. Our only quality wins came at Delaware and Richmond, both AWAY from our current and prospective fans. Chances are good we may go winless next year. That is ok, but will we even compete with the current make-up of this team? Can we recruit players to come to play in a more-than-half empty Gillette to be pounded by seasoned FBS teams? If winning breeds winning, what will losing like that two hours away from campus breed? Apathy? I think a golden opportunity has been lost this season. At one time, we were a perrenial power in the CAA. We have become an after-thought.

Your thoughts on how we turn this around are most welcome,. I have been a fan since 1980 and will remain one. I am, however, now a fan with deep concerns.

UMass74 said...

OK. Here's my thoughts.

First, I could never call for a coach to be fired unless for malfeasance. The coaches are human beings with family and a job. I could not live with myself if I had anything to do with someone being fired. I'm just not not that kind of fan/blogger. That's the AD's responsibility and I'm glad it's not mine.

That said, Matty V. mentioned that Coach Morris was hired as a FCS coach to win FCS games.

Coach Morris was handed a couple of bad situations. 2009 was the hight of the recession and he probably did not get a lot of money for scholarships and support in his first year.

He also did not have a QB and that was Coach Brown's fault. The designated replacement for Liam Coen ended up playing D3 ball.

Note that both coach Whipple and Coach Brown had poor years when they had not found their quarterback after a starter had graduated.

Coach Morris has certainly done more outreach to the UMass community than any previous coach

However, we are moving to FBS and next year is a big one for the future success of the program.

I would think that we would need a coach with a successful FBS record as a HC or coordinator to make it work.

This year probably did not mean much in the greater scheme of things. The AD will have to evaluate if it looks as if we are making the proper strides towards fielding a competitive FBS team a couple of years down the road.

As Matty pointed out, a complicating factor is whether or not we have the funds for a buyout.

I would expect things to happen quickly at the end of the season if we are to make a change.

Anonymous said...

Rutgers is a good model of what can happen going from Div IAA to Div I. Rutgers was a cellar dweller in the Big East for many years until it found Greg Schiano and paid him what it took to get and keep him. Schiano was and is energetic, familiar with the recruiting territory and highly motivated to achieve excellence from himself, his staff and his players.
A "good effort" against Maine is unacceptable when put in context with the rest of the season. Unfortunately, responsibility starts and ends at the top. Ultimately, we will have to find our Schiano.

Anonymous said...


Being at the game, it looked like Pendagast is the best QB. He looked very comfortable, didn't panic like Pagel, throws a very nice ball and made some great passes. The INT was his only real mistake. Fickle "fans" will blame him for the two fumbles, but the defense simply got to him from his blind side. It wasn't even a case of holding onto the ball too long. All the more impressive considering he's more like the 4th string QB (they won't waste Wegzyn's redshirt now), a punter and a walkon, and I really like what I saw. I was hoping for some Santos magic, but it came up short.

That Maine rush defense was too much for the UMass OL. They had no answer for it. Probably the toughest 91 yards Hernandez ever got. Williams did better though.

anonymous said...

I was at the Maine game and the performance was heroic.
Pendleton is the 4th string quarterback. #3 won't play because they don't want to use up his redshirt year.
The game was won at 21-10 and we had a touchdown called back.
In a few seconds there was a fumble returned for a touchdown and the feel good story turned into a nightmare.
Not the coaches fault.
However, there are certainly negatives to be worried about and the prospect of a winless season next year.
Playing at Gillette may be a recruiting plus but not playing Akron or Toledo in an empty stadium and getting pounded.

Anonymous said...

The QB was actually #4, not #3. And the kicking game? I'm sorry but you are on a full scholarship at a pretty kick-butt school and you can't make field goals 90% of the time? Inexcusable. And the QB's are throwing interceptions and fumbling the ball a good percent of the time as well...yet none of these kids are being fired from their "jobs." They still get thousands and thousands of dollars worth of room, board, tuition, etc paid for and in the end, a college degree from a great school.
Yet every other day you people are on here screaming for the coaches jobs. How about some perspective?
I wonder what it would be like for you accountants, executives, teachers or retail managers who ever lost a sale or made a mistake or had a bad week at the office(mainly because of the performance of underling) if you had the masses screaming for your head on the chopping block every single time things turned south. When,by the way, you were given limited resources and only specific talent to work with during your tenure.
Nevermind you retirees who are financially set for life and are traveling around in your RVs watching these football games, peeved that you can't wave your big foam finger for victory after every competition. Go have a beer and a brat and relax.
Yes, Morris might have a decent contract to get paid out on, but the rest of the coaching staff doesn't. These are people who have mortgages to pay and children to feed. Let's remember this is college football people. It's about more than the price of your season ticket...