Sunday, September 30, 2007

Day after articles

Screen Cap-- UMass sacks Ryan. Right Click for a larger view.

A lot of after action reports today. The Boston papers typically focus on the UMass penalties. They don't mention how much pressure the UMass defense developed on Ryan. We were collapsing the pocket all game long. I would like to see how many knockdowns we had on him.

For what it's worth here is the media take:

The Hartford Courant is here .

The Boston Globe praises BC receiver Callander. They also think the game was a complete effort by BC. The Boston Globe focuses on UMass penalties.

Matt Ryan give some grudging praise for the way we played .

The Boston Herald has stories here and here .

Matty Vautour covers the game here (and he says Coen is OK), no mention of Nick Diana. Registration required for Hampshire Gazette articles, but worth it.

And lastly, the CAA covers the rest of the games in our league .

UPDATE: Jeff Thomas of the Springfield Republican has a game article here .

Saturday, September 29, 2007

No moral victories!

Coach Brown nearly took the head off Matt Goldstein in the post-game interviews. He said there were no moral victories at UMass. He was right. We had the horses to play with Boston College.

We did not make some plays we needed to make.

Never the less, I was happy with:

The defensive tenacity. We kept playing UMass defense and we knocked down Ryan multiple times. The defense was on the field the whole first half and did not fold. BC did not run against us and we had lots of hurries.

I liked the running of Matt Lawrence and Tony Nelson. Lawrence in particular had a good game in my option. In I-AA, you can juke and make someone wiff. In the pros, you have to hit the hole and run up field. I thought Lawrence and Nelson played very well against a top 15 defense.

Scott Woodard played well in relief of Liam Coen. He looked composed and mobile.

I don't usually complain about the officiating, but I don't know what the guy in the booth was thinking. The BC receiver started to loose control of that overturned fumble as soon as the UMass defender put his hat on the ball.

Jamie Silva needs to hit people from the front.

I would not trade injuries to Liam Coen and Nick Diana for a win over the Eagles. Hopefully, with a week off, they will be able to return for Villanova.

Go UMass!


Boston College write-up here .

UMass write-up here .

Associate Press story here .

ESPN360 Coverage map

The UMass-BC is available only on ESPN360. Scroll down thursday's blog entry for more details.

Besides Verizon, ESPN360 is offered a a bunch of small providers.

The ACC has a coverage map here. If you have an off-brand DSL, you might be on page two of the map.

Lots of reading before the game

The Boston Herald has four articles this one and this one concerns today's game. These two come at it from a BC angle here and here .

The Sporting News covers the game here .

Jeff Thomas of the Springfield Republican rings in here .

CSN covers the top 25 in FCS/I-AA games here .

The CSN also does a weekend games preview here .

Dave Coulson recounts his adventures last week when he went to three games in 24 hours.

The Sports Network also does a preview of this week's FCS/I-AA games.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Results poll closes at midnight

We've already set a season record for votes in the "results" poll to the right. We're up forty votes from the UMass-Maine poll, which was the previous record holder.

The poll closes at 11:59 tonight.

More BC game articles

The Boston Globe has an article about Coen's history with Boston College.

The Globe also covers BC's laudable practice of scheduling New England FCS/I-AA teams.

The internet allows everyone to be a sportswriter and this gentlemen expect Matt Lawrence to be "stopped in his tracks" by his Eagles.

A Seattle newspaper covers the game.

Matt Vautour has a game article here . He also has an article about BC transfer Reshaude Goodwin.

Boston Now has a game article here .

Matt Dowd of the College Sporting News has his weekly column covering the CAA here.

And it looks like there will be eighteen teams in the FCS/I-AA playoffs in 2008.

UPDATE: The UMass-Rhode Island game of 11/3/07 will now be shown on NESN.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Some bulletin board material for UMass Players

Somebody spent a lot of time on this .

If the mods pull it, e-mail me, I've got it on screen capture.

And a Boston College blogger goes off his meds. Be sure to read the "View my complete profile" section.

Watch the game live on ESPN360

Right click on the image for a larger view .

If you have Verizon DSL, you can watch the UMass-Boston College live over the internet. This CNN-Money story specifically mentions the UMass-BC game .

  • The ESPN360 feed works great with my setup. The video quality is much superior to the feed from CN8.
  • The ESPN360 website is here .
  • The feed only works with Internet Explorer :(
  • The feed requires the latest version of Flash
  • After viewing the game, download Firefox and set it as your default browser.
  • Do not use Internet Explorer as it allows "active X" applets with deep hooks into your operating system.
  • I did not follow the procedure listed in the CNN article. I went directly to the ESPN360 site and followed the prompts.

UMass-BC is creating a lot of buzz

The Daily Collegian looks at the long history of UMass-BC football.

The Collegian also looks at UMass QB Liam Coen's history with BC.

The Boston Herald covers BC Safety Jamie Silva's long friendship with Coen.

Another game article from the Collegian here .

Boston College's Matt Ryan is having a lot of people jump on his bandwagon as a Heisman Candidate.

Meanwhile, back in the FCS/I-A division, the Sports Network summarizes last week's results.

The Star-Telegram has a good college football column by Wendel Barnhouse. Key Quote:

"Boston college faces Division I-AA Massachusetts on Saturday. UMass is undefeated and ranked No. 2 in I-AA. The Eagles are 4-0 for the first time in going for their first 5-0 start since 1992. "They have 17 I-A players on their team," BC coach Jeff Jagodzinski said of UMass. "They were in the national championship game last season. A lot of those guys were recruited by BC or weren't recruited by BC. If I were their coach, you would play with a chip on your shoulder."

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Guest Blog-- Eagle in Altanta

Last year this Blog and and Navy Blog "Pitch Right" swapped guest blog posts.

This year I did a guest post on the excellent Boston College Blog "Eagle in Atlanta". Now that Blog answers some questions for us.

1. My first question concerns a matter in which I cheerfully admit
that I was wrong. I thought BC would struggle in the ACC. To what do you attribute Boston College's success?

-- I think there are a couple of factors. We've had a couple of our best teams at a time of great parity in the conference. FSU and Miami have both been down. Wake Forest has been up. NC State, Maryland and Virginia have been all over the place in our three years as ACC members. It has provided a great opportunity for BC. Unfortunately we've fallen short of the ultimate goal of winning it all, but I think we can get there.Even after the super powers revert to their old form there is no reason why BC cannot be a competitive bowl team every year in the ACC. We have the tradition, recruiting niche and facilities to do it.

2. UMass and BC recruit heavily in New England. UMass tried hard to
recruit Ron Brace, your outstanding DT from Worcester for example. Do
you think BC will have to do more national recruiting and less in this area?

We've always had a mix of New England kids and kids from Jersey and the midwest. I think with the ACC move, you'll see a mix of more southern kids, but BC will never abandon New England football. First because BC has a major advantage in our sales pitch over schools like UMass (no offense). BC is in a major conference and a great city.One reason to keep a foothold in New England is that the New England recruits tend to be underrated. Then there is the supposed Patriot effect. The theory is that participation in New England youth football has exploded over the past 10 years. If this is true, this whole area will become a much more fertile recruiting territory over the next few years. BC, UMass, and all other New England schools should see a benefit from that.

3. In 1998, UMass went into the playoffs ranked #11 nationally.
That's just about where BC is ranked this year. In the playoffs, UMass ended up meeting the #2 and #1 teams------and son-of-gun, those teams did not win. With Matt Ryan and your current team, if BCS/I-A had a playoff, how far would the 2007 Eagles go?

I wish we had a playoff. Not because of the talent this year...I just think it is the best format to determine a champion in football. I do think this BC team has enough talent to beat anyone on any night.Fortunately we have the ACC Championship game and BC can play our way into it. It is not a true playoff, but it enables BC to aim for something and win a championship on the field, not in the polls.But I am doing my best not to get ahead of myself...I've been a BC fan too long and know better. For now I just want to get by Umass avoid the embarrassment Michigan went through.

4. Who do you think will win Saturday and why?

I respect UMass and think you guys could beat plenty of DIA teams. I don't think you'll beat BC. Army did you guys no favors by scaring us last week. That got everyone's attention. Second, your style (running on offense, blitz on defense) plays to BC's strength. You're like a Georgia Tech with 20 less scholarships. I think BC controls and wins 42-20.

High quality fan blogs are rare. Remember to follow Boston College football news on "Eagle in Atlanta"

UPDATE: If you want to see the norm for BCS/I-A blogs consider next year's BCS/I-A fan blog from Texas Tech "Double-T Nation". In today's post he's stating that he's boycotting Saturday's game against FCS/I-AA team Northwestern State because they're I-AA. Guess I won't be swapping guest blogs next year...

Wednesday Morning Reading

UMass-Boston college preview from MSNBC no less.

The Springfield Republican muses on whether UMass can slow down BC quarterback Matt Ryan.

The Boston Globe has an article on UMass TB Matt Lawrence.

In the Hampshire Gazette, Matty (lots of Matts in this blog post) Vautour has an article on UMass rising to #2 in the polls (registration required).

I had blogged before about various FCS/I-AA teams upgrading their facilities. Albany has petitioned the NY legislature for a $60 Million Stadium . Old Dominion will be joining the CAA in a couple of years. They're in the process of a $24.8 million renovation of their sports complex to get ready for the move.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tuesday morning articles

The Boston Herald continues it's excellent coverage of UMass Football with an article on Liam Coen's Boston College connection.

In the aftermath of Saturday's game, Maine tries to recover here and here .

The buzz generated by Boston College's athletics is helping BC with its national image .

Meanwhile Keeper has UMass rated as #2 in the FCS Division.

And he has the Eagles by 22+ over UMass.

UPDATE: UMass has its Boston College game notes up. Nothing yet from BC.

Monday, September 24, 2007

UMass-Maine Web Album

On Sunday, we stopped at Perkin's Cove to walk the Marginal Way. The weather was much improved from the cold and overcast game in Orono.

The Picassa Web album has 44 images from the game. I actually captured Matt Lawrence's spectular TD run, Chris Zardas' TD catch and Breyone Evans TD.

As usual, UMass fans and players can take images from the album, but crediting the UMass Football Blog would be nice.

Matt Ryan for Heisman

The NY Times ran a long interview with BC quarterback Matt Ryan.

A BC fan has also started a Matt Ryan for Heisman Blog.

The best Boston College Sports Blog is "Eagle in Atlanta".

More Maine game stuff

The image above is a scan of the Maine 2007 yearbook. They were selling them as game programs in Orono. Lot's of Black Bear info. That will go in the Blog's archives!

The Springfield Republican has a Monday article here .

The UMass Collegian has two articles here and here .

The Maine campus newspaper is here .


My impressions from attending the game is that Maine is going to have a rough year. They do not seem to have much on offense (they're last in the league) and did not show anything Saturday. It was so bad that Maine kept their leading rusher Jhamal Fluellen out of the game in the second half to save him "bumps and bruises" (so said the Bangor newspaper).

The Black Bear kicking game is also poor. They are last in the CAA in field goals (1 for 4).

UMass linebacker and Captain Charles Walker was not happy about loosing the shutout. He chewed out the defense after the score. He was rapidly replaced by Coach Brown who also did some yelling.

Matty Vautour often comments on road dinning in his UMass Sports Blog. Mrs. Blog and I ate at Dysart's Truck Stop Restaurant . Had a great time.

No UMass cheerleaders made the trip to Orono.

Last year the Black Bears led the A10 in rushing defense giving up only 63.9 yards/game. Saturday, UMass had 289 rushing yards and averaged 6.9 yards a pop.

UPDATE: Matt Vautour has a Maine game article here (but he doesn't say where he ate), registration required.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Maine articles

Stayed in Bangor last night. Again, no operable Wi-Fi.

The Kennebec Journal is here .

The Globe amazingly has two articles one about the game and a shorter one here .

The Boston Herald is here , and the Worcester telegram is here .

Jeff Thomas is here .

The Black Bears Athletic Dept write-up is here . UMass' coverage is here .

The CAA recaps the league here .

The College Sporting News recaps the entire FCS here .

Friday, September 21, 2007

Road Trip part Deux!

In it's never ending quest to bring you up-to-date information about UMass football (and not coincidently see a lot of games in person), the UMass football blog will be on its way to Orono (motto: "Orono is not the end of the world, but you can see it from there), ME early tomorrow morning.

Go UMass!

UPDATE: Getting ready for the drive. Not much on the web so far this morning. One article about the Maine Defensive line here.

The Springfield Republican has a game day article here .

The Blog Poll closes at Midnight

The UMass-Maine results blog poll to the right closes at midnight on Friday. So far the record is 63 votes (Colgate game).

Right now, it looks like most fans are very respectful of the Black Bear defense, but think their offensive woes will lead to a moderate UMass win.

UPDATE: At 3:15 pm we are only three votes from the record!

UPDATE: We have a new record! Serenity has returned to the force.

UPDATE III: It's 7:47 pm and the countdown clock says there is seven hours to go??? Readers should know that Blogger is fairly weird sometimes. I just checked my settings and they had morphed into the Central time zone. I fixed that, but the clock has not changed. It's all on GMT, so DST will be one hour off. So one hour for CST and one hour for Daylight savings. We're four hours off. Where are the other two hours coming from?

Friday News

We have a couple of Maine-centric articles about the up-coming game between UMass and the Black Bears. Two articles from Maine Campus here and here .

In last week's game against Towson, UMass' stunting, blitzing defense knocked down Towson QB Sean Schaefer seventeen times. This article mentions the pounding he took.

David Coulson takes a look at back at the history of the FCS Division.

Charles Burton and Ralph Wallace take a look at this week's games here .

The College Sporting News also has a look at the games of the Division's Top 25 here.

The CAA previews the weekend's CAA games here .

UPDATE: Remenber when I did a post about our Syracuse transfers did the right thing. Well a Louisville newspaper is predicting Louisville 70-Syracuse 7.

UPDATE II: The Bangon Daily News has a story about Maine's OL Sean Demaray.

UPDATE III: Remember the game is viewable on live streaming video over the internet on CN8. It works great on my Verizon DSL.

UPDATE IV: Matty Vautour has an article about the Maine game here (registration required, but worth it)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Coach Brown's show tonight

Remember Coach Brown's show tonight at 7:00 pm. Live internet feed from WRNX here .

Thursday morning articles

There are a couple of Maine-centric articles concerning the upcomming game. The Maine Campus has one here.

The Kennebec Journal has one here .

The College Sporting News has Bruce Dowd's "CAA Today" column here .

The Sports Network has an article about the entire division here .

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wednesday morning reading

A couple of articles for Wednesday morning.

Matty Vautour has an article in the Hampshire Gazette (registration required).

Ron Chimelis has an article in the Springfield Republican with some interesting information about the UMass defensive line here .

UMass-Towson Web Album up

I've posted about 50 images of the UMass-Towson game in a Picassa web album. Some additional images courtesy of the Koepplin Family are included.

As usual, UMass fans and players are welcome to take any image for their own use, but crediting the UMass Football Blog would be polite.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

An early look at Maine

UMass' next opponent is the Maine Black Bears. They are 1-2 for the season.

Maine was one on the CAA teams that lost a four year starter at QB this year. After four years of Ron Witcomb at the helm, they are breaking in a new QB.

It's not going well so far. Maine is last in the CAA in scoring offense, last in passing offense and last in total offense. CAA stats here .

The Black Bears have 218 yards passing -----for the season. No, really. They are averaging 3.1 yards per catch. Probable starter at QB is Adam Farkes a RFr QB from Boston, MA.

The Black Bears only offensive weapon so far this year has been Jamal Fluellan 5-9 180 pd transfer TB from Syracuse. He's rushed 59-316 5.4 yards/rush and 3 TDs.

The Black Bears have their UMass game notes up here .

The Bangor Daily News has a story about their loss to Villanova here .

UPDATE: Farkes will start according to the Bangor Daily News. Two more game articles about Maine's loss to Villanova here and here .

UPDATE II: Keeper has UMass by 11+ points. Just about what the wisdon on the poll says.

UPDATE III: UMass now has its Maine Game notes up. Also Matty Vautour says that Coen's status for Maine is uncertain. (registration required)

Monday, September 17, 2007

Demarcus Roberson playing well at Garden City

Former UMass DB Demarcus Roberson has been tearing it up at Garden City Community College in Kansas.

In his last game against Dodge City, Roberson (#7 in the above image) had a blocked punt, a 70 yard Kickoff return, 3 tackles and 1 BrUp.

In his previous game against Butler he had an INT and 3 BrUps.

He wants all UMass players and fans to know he will always be a UMass Football fan and keeps a close eye on the team and is happy that we are 3-0!

Towson follow-up Articles.

Monday morning post game articles. Jeff Thomas of the Springfield Republican has one on the UMass Blitz.

Two Baltimore area newspapers have articles here and here .

The UMass Collegian is up and operating and has two articles here and here .

Sunday, September 16, 2007

UMass-Colgate web album 09/08/07

I've set up a web album on Picassa of the UMass-Colgate game. There is now a permenant link in the sidebar also.

Also included are some images taken by the family of UMass kicker Chris Koepplin. The cheerleader images are by request of a cheerleader parent.

The image above is a scan of the game program.

As usual, UMass players and fans can grab images from the album, but crediting the UMass football blog would be nice.

Sunday Morning reading

The Boston Globe has a game article here .

So does the Boston Herald here .

From the Towson side, the Baltimore Sun covers the game here .

The CAA had a very good day OOC with UNH beating Marshall, JMU beat VMI, William & Mary beat Liberty and Hofstra beat Albany. Write up on league games here .

National games in the FCS division are covered here .


Speaking of Albany, they are upgrading their football program. Now they are pushing for a new $60M stadium.

UPDATE: Matty Vautour has a game article here (registration required)

The image above is a scan of the game program (somewhat the worse for being soaked in the rain in the first quarter)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

My defense finally arrives!

The UMass defense finally got it together and looked like the defensive team we had last year.

Yes, we blew the coverage on the first series and then added a penalty to make things worse.

  • we held Towson to 22 net yards rushing
  • Towson had 22 catches and only averaged 6.o yards/catch
  • Three INT including a 90 yard return for a TD!
  • Three straight times the offense turned the ball over in our territory and the defense held the Tigers to three points.
  • we were flying to the ball and we out hit them all day.
UMass write up here .

Towson's write up here .

Image above is from UMass athletic dept.

The CAA has a game page too

Just realized that the CAA has a League game day page here . The page has audio and TV links for the whole league plus write-ups on the games.

Game Day Towson

Be sure to visit the UMass "Game Day" page here .

Towson's game notes are here .

Sean Schaefer makes the Tiger's go. His bio page is here .

UMass needs to play a complete game against Towson. Their passing game is far better than Holy Cross or Colgate's.

One defensive stat on the Tigers is interesting. They gave up 265 yards rushing (6.4 yards/carry) against Morgan State. No offense against Morgan State, but we should be better than that.

We need to play both halves against a CCA team. And squeeze the ball on this rainy day!

Friday, September 14, 2007

I have a question for the congregation.

First read this article from Jeff Thomas of the Springfield Republican.

My question: When was the last time UMass had a punt return AND a kickoff return for TDs in the same season?

I had the UMass press guide with me on my Amish vacation. While I was off-net, I tried to find anything in the press guide. No luck.

Does anyone know?

Why does it not surprise me that this did not work out?

UMass had been trying to set up a game with UConn for 2012. Jeff Thomas of the Springfield Republican says it did not work out.

Hey, read this Article!

When people give you negative comment about being a rabid college football fan, tell them about what UMass and a number of other CAA teams are doing by the instigation of Andy Talley.

Hey. the UMass Football blog is back in action!

Well, that was fun. Saw seven accidents and it took nine hours to drive back from New Holland, PA.

Looks like lots of stuff has been going on while I was away. It'll take me a couple of days to get caught up with all the articles and e-mail.

I have a bunch of images from the Colgate game and I hope to have them in a web-album in a day or so. I've got to turn around and drive back to Amherst for the Towson game tomorrow.

Can we top the 12,000 we had a the first game? Anybody note that that was about 3,000 more that the holiday game last year?

Monday, September 10, 2007

Amish Internet not working

Despite being assured that I would have Wi-Fi , thanks to some perfectly positioned trees, my cabin is in a Wi-Fi cold spot. I have zero connectivity. The nice ladies in the office are allowing me to take up desk space to make this post.

Obviously, this is not going to work for an extended period.

The UMass Football Blog will be off the air until late Friday evening. I will be back up and running on Sept. 14th.

Go UMass! Readers can use some of the links in the sidebar to keep up with the team while out of contact. Damm you, big beautiful Oak Trees! :)

UPDATE: I have a number of images, but I won't be able to post a web album until I get back.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sunday Morning Articles

Some Sunday paper articles: The Boston Globe is here . Jeff Thomas of the Springfield Republican is here . Matt Vautour moonlights for the Worcester Telegram here . And Channel 9 in Syracuse rings in here.

UPDATE: Matt Vautour returns to his regular identity with an article for the Hampshire Gazette here (registration required)

UPDATE II: The CAA website has League summaries here. Rhody took Army to overtime. Hofstra had a big win over Top-Ten ranked Furman and JMU scored 24 straight points in the second half over New Hampshire in a big win at home

UPDATE III: The Boston Herald has an article here .

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Just before Kickoff

The official game score said there were 3,211 attending. I think maybe 500 more came in later...

Right Click on image and Blogger gives a larger view.

Whew! For a while there I thought the Curse of Hamilton would continue

Just back from the game. The first half was major ugly. The offense went backward for most of the half. We had negative yards rushing late in the second quarter.

Things got much better in the second half. UMass Athletic Dept story here . Colgate write-up here .

Still, this Blog thinks UMass has great potential. We scored 40 and 35 points with two bad halves.

Certainly, the 2007 version of the UMass team has yet to gel.

I've got lots of images. It will take me a while to sort and then post to a web album from a remote site. Still, we're 2-0 and we don't have to go the Hamilton again :)

Game Day articles

Well, here we are in cloudy Utica. Yesterday was really hot and sticky. The game forecast is cloudy with chance of showers and thundershowers. High around 80 degrees.

The Boston Herald continues to cover UMass football here .

And the Springfield Republican has an article here .

Mrs. Blog and I will be leaving for Hamilton a little later in the morning.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Road Trip!

The UMass Football Blog is off to Colgate today. Two nights in scenic Utica NY and then we are off to New Holland PA for about five days to give Mrs. Blog some shopping time in Amish country.

The motel has internet and our cabin in New Holland supposedly has Wi-Fi so I should be able to continue blogging. However, nothing is ever certain (ask Michigan), so if this bog should fall silent next week you will know I'm having remote connection problems and the blog will continue as soon as I get back.

Friday morning stuff

Pete's Poll continues his highly idiosyncratic look at FCS/I-AA football (for example Coastal Carolina lost and is ranked in the top 15 and Nichols State who beat Rice last week is #43)

Keeper's College rankings looks a little more rational. He has UMass #2 in his rankings. He also has UMass by 25+ points over Colgate.

CSN takes a look a the week in the top 25 in FCS/I-AA.

Maine is not afraid of UConn. (Go Black Bears)

And a cold front passed through Hell this morning as the Globe has an article on the UMass-Colgate game.

UPDATE: Matt Vautour has an article on the Colgate game here . (registration required)

Last day for the blog-poll

The UMass-Colgate blog poll closes today at 11:59 pm. Looks like we will have an increase of about 20 votes this week.

Last week the poll wisdom was UMass would win big (and that prediction looked good in the first half). This week the poll is going with UMass by one or two TDs.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Brad Listorti injured

Matty Vautour reported in this article, (registration required) that UMass' All-American TE Brad Listorti is injured.

Relevant quote: "NO LISTORTI - Senior tight end Brad Listorti missed the game with a back injury and is not expected back soon.

Coach Don Brown said he hopes to have him back for the Minutemen's Oct. 13 game against Villanova"

More Colgate Articles

Colgate Coach Dick Biddle has changed quarterbacks for the UMass game. New starter is Alex Relph .

Matt Vautour looks back on the UMass-Colgate series (registration required).

Remember Coach Brown's show tonight!

Coach Brown's show is tonight at 7:00 pm by internet feed from WRNX Radio.

UMass hires former UMass player Tim Washington

UMass has hired former UMass RB Tim Washington Tim Washington to work in the compliance section of the Athletic Dept. Story here.

Washington was a grad student transfer from Syracuse last year. He impressed the coaching staff with his work ethic. Washington had a very good game against Montana in the semifinals.

J.J. Moore wins Gold Helmut Award

UMass WR and captain J.J. Moore won the New England Football Writers Gold Helmet Award for his 9 reception 163 yard and 1 TD performance against Holy Cross. Stories here and here .

Recruiting 2008 ---- WR Michael

UMass is interested in Michael Okayka a WR from Shrewsbury, MA. Story here.

Also interested are UNH and I-A Akron.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

SME broadcast today at 5:00pm

The SME will broadcast the second internet weekly show about the FCS/I-AA universe here at 5:00pm. They did a good job on the first show after a nervous start.

Wednesday Morning articles

Both UMass and Colgate have their complete game notes up. UMass' are here . Colgate has its game notes up here .

Colgate also has an article about Eric Burke, who is one of their starting wide receivers. He's a molecular biology major.

Boston Herald on the McLaughlin family

The Boston Herald continues to turn out college football articles with a UMass connection. This on "The McLaughlin Connection" is worth reading.

Dan Mclaughlin's cousin Bob McLaughlin plays for UMass at defensive tackle. Mike McLaughlin lettered for UMass in 1976, '77 and "78. He was first-team All-Yankee conference in'77 & '78.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

London and Baylark make NFL Practice Squads

Brandon London made the NY Giants practice squad.

Steve Baylark made the Arizona Cardinals practice squad.

More Colgate Stuff

UMass has some game notes up here . The complete pdf version is not yet available as I write this at 6:07am. Interesting factoid from the notes is that Charles Walker is the only player on the current UMass squad that played in the "Blizzard Bowl" in 2003. I was there as were a number of dedicated UMass fans.

Colgate does not have any game notes yet, but their RB Jordan Scott was the Patriot League Offensive player-of-the-Week.

UPDATE: CSN has its Nation Honors for week 1 out here . Delaware's Omar Cuff got it for leaving cleat marks all over the foreheads of William & Mary's front seven.

UPDATE II: The SME network has their FCS players-of-the-week here .

Monday, September 03, 2007

Courtney Robinson wins CAA Special Teams Award

UMass DB Courtney Robinson has won the CAA Special Teams Player-of-the-week award.

The CAA has the week's wrap-up here . Maine and Towson won. Richmond, JMU and Northeastern all lost their I-A games.

More UMass-Holy Cross articles

Jeff Thomas of the Springfield Republican has another post game article here .

And the Boston Herald continues to show that it is the only Boston paper that knows we exist.

UPDATE: Two more Holy Cross game articles from Matty Vautour here and here (registration required).

Looking at Colgate

The Colgate Raiders and Albany hooked up Saturday in a defensive struggle. The Raiders came out with a 13-11 win. Defensive is the word. Colgate had 183 total yards of offense. One Hundred eighty of those yards came from RB Jordan Scott who rushed 44-180.

The other Colgate score came from DB Cody Williams who returned a kickoff 87 yards. That's him in the image

The Colgate write up is here . Two game articles (Albany centric) are here and here .

Two Colgate centric articles here and here .

Sunday, September 02, 2007

In the post below

Right click on the image for a larger view. Blogger won't let me add text.

Syracuse poster

UMass-Holy Cross Web Album up!

I've added a web album of 55 images from the UMass-Holy Cross game here . Click on the "Slide Show" for full size viewing.

Also added a link in the images section of the sidebar.

Hey! We're a little too negative about the game

On the drive back to New Hampshire I was was thinking mostly about our troubles in the second half and Holy Cross' gutsy comeback. After a night's sleep, things looked better in the morning.

  • We scored 40 points, repeat 40 points. I'll take that any day.
  • Matt Lawrence was a good as expected, 23-152 2 TDs 6.7 yds/carry (and remember he had a TD run called back)
  • Tony Nelson 9-55 6.1 yards/carry
  • Chris Koepplin was awesome. Two-for-two in FG with a 48 yard long. He averaged 62.9 yards on kickoffs!
  • Courtney Robinson had the first kickoff return in 25 years (100 yards)
  • The defense held the Crusaders to 43 net yards rushing.
  • Brett Arnold had 44.3 average on his punts in his first game for us and smartly batted that over-the-head snap for a safety instead of trying to pick it up.
  • 12,264 fans showed up for a Memorial Day weekend game. That's the best in memory!
  • Penalties 13-133 yards! That includes two unsportsmanlike 15 yarders. One TD was called back. This was very disappointing.
  • Three fumbles and all impacted the game.
  • Our vaunted secondary looked lost at times in the second half. We have three new starters and it looked it during Holy Cross' comeback.
  • The DL was getting the pressure on the Crusader's QB, not the blitz.

We showed some flashes of greatness and some deficiencies . Both the team and Coach Brown need to go some work on some aspects of our game.

However we're 1-0 and I'm still excited about the 2007 season!

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Image of Matt Lawrence is an AP photo.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Cardinals cut Steve Baylark

The Arizona Cardinals have released Steve Baylark :(

He was one of 21 players cut including former William & Mary QB Lang Cambell.

Der Tag!

Finally the day has arrived. Go UMass!

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Under the for what it's worth category, Rhode Island thinks they're loaded .

Our Syracuse transfers receive more reinforcement that they did the right thing. Syracuse was hammered in it's opening game.

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