Saturday, November 19, 2011

Game Day--JMU November 19, 2011

Matty V. reports UMass plays its season finale today.

Matty also has UMass' Top-10 A10/CAA games.

SBNation has UMass hosts the Dukes on Senior Day.

Jeff Thomas has the Minutemen wrap up the season and FCS today.


The Gazette looks at the possible impact of the Minutemen's move to Gillette on local businesses. The proposed renovations to McGuirk could allow it's use for more high school game as well a college lacrosse and other sports.

Again this is one of the is the glass half full or half empty questions. There is the potential for UMass to play FBS games on campus in the future. Surely, those will be better attended and generate more business than the current situation. Also, if UMass should have to drop to the Northeast Conference like URI,  business would be bad. The NEC was last in the FCS nation in football attendance. Playing Sacred Heart in front of 1,200 fans won't sell many hotel rooms.


The UMass women's BB team gets to play a MAC team. Men's basketball will play two MAC games a year as part of the Minutemen's MAC football deal.


The CAA has details of all of today's league games on their Game Day Page.


The following is a cut-and-past from Matty Vautour's article:

UMass will honor its graduating players as part of senior day prior to the game. Gary Correia (Matty missed that one),James Gilchrist, Tom Gilson, Jonathan Hernandez, Tyler Holmes, Emil Igwenagu, Courtney Jackson, Jesse Julmiste, Manny Nascimento (listed as a sophomore), Sean O'Connor (listed as a junior), Brian Ostaszewski, Dominique Price, Julian Talley, Travis Tripucka, Josh Samuda, Shane Viveiros, and Brandon Yelovich will all play in their final collegiate game.


The weather in Amherst is supposed to be fine: high in middle 50's and mostly sunny. Let's all turn out for Senior Day and support the team.

Beat the Dukes and leave FCS with a good feeling! Go UMass !!!!!


Anonymous said...

So you think attendance changes depending on conference? That doesn't make too much sense.

HS games could be played NOW at UMass, but they aren't. Westfield State, Elms, Holyoke HS, AIC...they get games. HS Basketball games do get played at the Cage, but no reason other sports shouldn't be at UMass. In other states in might be considered a big deal to play championships or tournaments at the state university, but UMass officials have done their best to put UMass at the same level as Westfield State and every other state school.

Anonymous said...

How does a team throw for 21 yards and score 34 points. Great defensive scheme.

Anonymous said...

In the 7 months since announcing for FBS it has been a complete disaster! If we keep Morris it will be the death knell of the program. This is a time we need to impress fans ansyead of turning them away. The $400K buyout will be
a drop in the bucket what we'll lose in support! Make a move now!!

Tom M '72

Anonymous said...

Players quit on the coaches today. Jmu was not 17 points better, I've seen much better squads then them come into amherst.

Anonymous said...

We have had tons of talent at this program the last three years and we caught a huge break with hofstra and northeastern dropping football. We just haven't produced.

Anonymous said...

Tough to end on that note for our seniors. What a great career for tyler holmes, hope he gets a shot at the next level. As for coach morris I think he's got to go, next year is a transition year. Were not playing for anything so do it now.

Anonymous said...

Well that was better. Instead, maybe we should join the NEC with URI.

Anonymous said...

What a sad end to a season. I watched the team start the game with zero emotion. It reminded me how we went down to Rhody on the last game,with the players acting like it was a walk thru.This is not UMASS football. End of story. The other thing I have noticed is this team has had no juice all year. They were always waiting for someone else to do something. We can do better. On a positive note I saw Chad Hunte busting his arse right up until the last play-thank you.

Anonymous said...

.Nah Nahhh Nahhh Nahhhhhh
Nah Nahhh Nahhh Nahhhhhh
Hey Heyyyy Heyyyyy
Goodbye Coaching Staff!

5-6 vs CAA teams, is an absolute disgrace and a little birdy told me adjustments will be made on Monday. HOPEFULLY!

TopUMassFan said...

Hey Frank,

That was disappointing. A chance to keep JMU out of the playoffs and a chance to finish with a winning record and we come out flat. I've got some questions that maybe you or your followers can answer.

1) After playing well against Maine, why was Pendagast on the bench? Presumably, Hill and Pagel would have been still somewhat banged up. In a season like this, why not give Pendagast another chance?

2) How did Pagel NOT see Talley wide open when everyone else in attendance did? There was no one between the two players so there can be no excuse. For that matter, Pagel could probably run it in. Instead he throw incomplete.

3) Trailling 14-0, WHY,WHY,WHY are we kicking a field goal ( into a stiff breeze, at that). PLEASE explain that one.

4) Trailling by 17 in the 3rd quarter, we had 2nd & 1, 3rd & 1 and 4th & 1. On 4th down we opted to punt. Why? Game was still in reach but time was beginning to be a factor. Why turn the ball over when a first down should have been make able.

Well, I could go on but you get the idea. Decision making and execution were terrible. It seemed like we we playing not to win and JMU was playing with a short field all day long.

UMass74 said...

I don't know what Pagel was thinking on that play. He could have run it in or thrown to Talley. As I said, not a good game for him.