Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Wednesday---November 9, 2011

Jeff Thomas says UMass QB Kellen Pagel returned to practice. Thomas notes the improvement of the UMass defense since the return of Shane Vivieros. Defensive back Ed Saint-Vil also returned the same time as Vivieros.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ previews the Pats-Jets game Sunday and mentions UMass ties with Vladimir Ducasse and James Ihedigbo.


The UMass Daily Collegian reports on the three-way tie for the lead in the CAA.

Speaking of the CAA, the League's weekly press release is here.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch has notes on the CAA.


The NY Post had a Q &A session with Victor Cruz.


Missed this story back on October 18th: Brandon London hosts art show.


Craig Haley of TSN looks at FCS teams on the cusp of the playoffs.



A said...

I saw that a former player left a comment yesterday about Morris not allowing former players on the sidelines. I see this from 2 angles. First, not wanting the players distracted by fraternization with old friends. Makes sense.

Second, the commenter wrote and I agree that this is a slap in the face. Way to give back to a person who gave at least 4 years to the team. Way to build a solid Alumni base. Don't see any other big time FBS schools not allowing their former players on the sideline, in fact they ENCOURAGE it.

Being a Alum of the program, and having close ties with a few current players, I have also heard and noticed that injured players are no longer allowed on the sideline and must sit in the stands if they aren't suited up. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ABOUT? You get hurt trying to make the team better/trying to get wins and you get banished tot he stands to root on your teammates? That makes no sense to me.

Anonymous said...

where do you get your information A? The injured players were on the sidelines with their team mates. I saw plenty of former players on the sidelines too. YOUR information is incorrect! Check your sources first. The team is all about TEAM!

anonymous said...

I was on the sideline for the Villanova game and there were both former players and injured players in abundance. There is enough to be concerned about without disseminating falsehoods.

Anonymous said...

the older players were causing distractions during game play time and numerous times made a player miss hearing being called to go in. Also it depends on the player, those that made positive contributions to the program, such as Woodward, Sheeran, Havens, Baylark, Schipp, etc. would likely be allowed anywhere they want. Where as former walk-ons who quit the team really shouldn't be allowed into the coaching area of the sidelines.
Also the injured players thing stemmed from the first home game where injured players were more focused on talking to friends in the stands and such and not watching the game/supporting teammates. They were punished for one game(some unjustly) but are now allowed back on the field

Noel E. said...

I read A's comment and have the following observations.
Whatever Morris' reasons, they are not working and that is he litmus test! I can't believe there is much interest in a program that never wins the big ones and frequently loses to underdogs. Witness homecoming attendance.
It's going to take a real effort to get to McGuirk for the last game there for a few years. If I'm there, it isn't to watch a finely tuned, mistake free, opportunistic football team. That hasn't existed since 2008.