Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday--November 14, 2011

Matty V has an article on various milestones passed by UMass players in the Maine game. Jonathan Hernandez passed a 1,000 yards for the season. Julian Talley passed Victor Cruz and Brandon London (two pretty good receivers) to take 4th place in career yardage.

The Maine Campus said the Black Bears likely secured a playoff birth with the win over UMass.

The UMass Daily Collegian has a story on the loss to Maine.

Jeff Thomas has an article on Ray Pendagast's cold start against the Black Bears.

Coach Morris praised Pendagast in this mention in the Herald


The Daily Press has a CAA recap from Saturday's games. They mention JMU must win at UMass to have a hope of making the playoffs.

The Pilot OnLine also mentions JMU vs UMass and also states UNH could be in trouble if they lose to Maine next week.

Justin Thorpe returned to the Dukes after a five game suspension and keyed the win over Rhode Island.

Nice human interest story about JMU assistant coach Clayton Matthews who was paralyzed from the waist down in an automobile accident.


TSN has two articles on the status of various teams playoff hopes here and here.


Victor Cruz went 6-84 in the Giants loss to the 49ers.

James Ihedigbo started for the Patriots against the Jets.



Anonymous said...

from up in the Top Roww

Can't say both of us were able to hear the game. One of our wishes is for UMass games to be heard STATEWIDE and not just in some areas. Sure would be nice.

Sounds like the team played well but unfortunately turnovers and a less than good kicking game led to our team coming up short. Also would be good for everyone to keep in mind that Maine is a good team this year and has been finding ways to win all year. They also do not turn the ball over much at all and take few penalties.

For those calling for a change in coaching staff would offer that this staff seemed to do a good job coaching this week and for most games. Hearing so-called fans say we were close against URI or the Cross is pretty hard to understand. Specific examples would help but none are offered. It is easy to paint w/ a broad brush but much harder to point out the details. Could the coaches do a better job - Yes but we would offer like saying goes "Coaches Coach and Players Play" another one we like is "it isn't about the X's and O's but about the Billy and the Joes".

We need all of our players and staff to work at becoming a good, solid team. Play hard nosed football, run the ball, stop the other team from running the ball, avoid commintting turnovers and penalties like it is a disease and we will be fine.

Been real easy to watch MAC games the last few weeks since someone seems to be on every Tu, Wed and TH. We'd offer that most of these teams are not better than the pretty good and good teams in the CAA. Some might think otherwise but we will go out on a limb and share that in MAC games we will win and do ok.

UMass 27 JMU 20

heard it hear first from my rowmate who did not listen to the game but shared in 2012 we will be 6-5. Not sure what to make if him but he is sticking with the team and the jump to D1 and so am I.

Anonymous said...

Pendergast was ok at qb this week but he's not a long term solution. Do we have a qb commit for 2012? Who are we recruiting?

Anonymous said...

Top row give me one good reason why anyone on this staff should return next season? After 3 seasons morris will finish with a career record under .500 as umass head coach. He's been given 3 full seasons to run a program. His record speaks for itself, that's the only stat or fact I need as a umass fan.

Anonymous said...

Regarding your radio coverage comment, couldn't agree more. These should be broadcast on more (and more powerful) stations. I live in Attleboro and the best chance I get at radio coverage is from WATD in Marshfield. That signal barely makes it out me. Hopefully someone's working on this and will add stations to the network.

Anonymous said...

from the Top Roww to that Anonymous Fan who seems to post a whole lot more than anyone else.

Guess I'd offer you a reason or two if it was apparent you are a UMass fan or gave some idea where you are coming from but if you are ANONYMOUS not so sure any reasons need to be given.

For me (maybe not my row mate) I am sticking with the staff. Big transition under way and staibility is important. Also very important is what the staff does to keep players on board (we think they do a good job here) and getting players to graduate (we think they do a good job here as well) and deal with off the field issues in a good way (we think they do a good job here) and promote being a student athlete (we think the whole program does a very good job here). Lastly we do not like the idea of paying two stafs for 2 yrs if any change was to be done. Wins and losses are important but so aren't a lot of other issues as well.

Crack down on penalties and TO's and a lot of concerns would really grow dim.

Of course being ANONYMOUS makes it that your so-called opinion is pretty low on the validity meter.

Anonymous said...

the APR of the umass program would not support your theory top row. once again dont let the facts get in the way of a good story. we are at the bottom of the caa in the APR.