Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday --November 19, 2011

James Madison's game notes for UMass here (html).

No game notes for UMass up yet )??!

UPDATE: UMass game notes are now up.

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Julian Tally's stats for the year:

Julian Talley      10-10      54      702      13.0      4      51      70.2

The current single season receptions records show Talley could move up several notches with a good game Saturday.

6. 62 Tim Berra (1973)
7. 61 Anthony Nelson (2010)
8. 60 Brandon London (2005)
9. 59 Victor Cruz (2009)
10. 56 Julian Talley (2020)


Jesse Julmiste's kick return stats for 2011:

Jesse Julmiste      27      725      26.9      2      100

The single season kick return yardage.

1. 805 Tim Berra (1973) --Julmiste needs 80 yards to break the record.

Total kick returns:

1. 32 Tim Berra (1973)
2. 31 Adrian Zullo (1998)


Tyler Holmes 2011 stats:

Tyler Holmes      10-10      66      38      104 TT

Single season TT records:

6. 115.0 Jeremy Cain (2002)
7. 113.5 Brian Smith (1998)
8. 113.0 John McKeown (1988)
9. 111.5 Mark Kimener (2003)
10. 108.0 John McKeown (1985)


Matty V. says there will be many endings this Saturday at McGuirk.


True freshman DeAndre Smith (good name) is making a contribution for the Dukes this year.


North Andover's Brandon Walsh will attend UMass on a baseball scholarship.


UNH and Maine play for the Bryce-Cowell Musket and a lot more this Saturday at Cowell stadium.



Anonymous said...

This will be the last saturday kevin morris is on the sidelines for umass. I have a feeling he's going to be replaced monday. Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

You mentioned recently that you would not like to have to make the tough decision regarding letting the coaching staff go after three sub -par seasons, pointing out that they have families and mortgages. Well, the players have families and those families have mortgages to pay as well. The coaching staff evaluates player performance each season and based on that performance they decide who gets a scholarship and who does not, whether it being full or partial. I am sure the wins and losses motivate their decisions. so why, I ask you, are they the staff not required to be held to the same standards of performance as the players?

Anonymous said...

from the Top Roww to ANONYMOUS

Boy you post a lot

We have players who have to pay mortgages? Really? R U Sure about that? UMass players pay mortgages? Would have guessed that our players range in age from 17-25 tops - but you being oh so ANONYMOUS offer that we have players that are paying mortgages???

That would seem to be ridiculous but if you have any player that you can site is paying a mortgage then it'd be good to hear about.

See you Saturday

TopUMassFan said...

Enough about Coach Morris; we'll know in less than 72 hours what his fate will be.

Saturday is about a football game, getting a much needed win against a quality opponent, building some momentum for next year, maybe setting some records, thanking the seniors and saying goodbye to an old friend, McGuirk Alumni Stadium (What a Grand Home-field advantage it was!). Let's get out there and cheer like we have never cheered before!

Should old acquaintance be forgot, Massachusetts, yours and mine!

Anonymous said...

Top roww,
Come down from all the way up there in the top row and start breathing a little more oxygen, it may assist you in your ability to read. "Well, the players have families and those families have mortgages to pay as well." is what was posted. This was in response to UMass 74's comments regarding some of his concerns as to why keeping the current staff is important. Read it again. I have observed that you respond to others with half the facts and tend to make assumptions in your past responses. Blind faith does not win games nor pay bills. As for posting a lot, I am not the only one who has posted as Anonymous on this blog. As for "Top Roww", it is not what I would consider to be an identified blogger, so take another step down towards reality row. Signed, Anonymous, or should I go with "Middle Row".

Anonymous said...

How many umass players have mortgages and families support? And how many are currently being paid by umass to support those families? That would be zero. And how many will be fired on Monday for sub-par performance? That would be zero too. That was just plain stupid.

Anonymous said...

To the other Anonymous, sorry but this blog does not alow me to draw pictures, which would make it easier for you and Top Roww to understand my point. Let me explain this in simple terms. Umass74 made a comment regarding the concerns of letting the coaching staff go and that concern was their finacial burdens of raising families, paying mortgages etc. I responded pointing out that the players have families (parents) that have the same burdens, yet the coaches make similiar decisions as to who receive scholarships and who do not,and these decisions are based on performance.(as should the coaches positions)SIMPLE ENOUGH FOR YOU? Also, how is Michigan doing this year? Another simple statement filled with inferences. Good luck, I am sure you will figure that one out. -Middle Row-

Anonymous said...

I was told by someone that Brown will be taking over. This was said at the UNH game. Lets see if his inside scoop is accurate.

Anonymous said...

Middle Row, these kids are priviledged to receive scholarships...and yes they are chosen for them based on their performance. I don't feel on ounce of empathy for their parents. Name one umass player who will have their scholarship taken away because of their performance this year. I went to a private university in the northeast and had several academic scholarships (as well as part-time jobs to buy my books and food). If I fell behind even for a semester, they would have gotten yanked. And guess what, not one person would even think to blame (much less fire) my professor for my sub-standard performance in the classroom. So your argument still makes no sense. But feel free to draw some pictures if you think it might make your senseless argument look like something more than the rantings of a bitter and sarcastic person.

Anonymous said...

To Middle Row

Here is your latest er mis-quote " As for "Top Roww", it is not what I would consider to be an identified blogger, so take another step down towards reality row. Signed, Anonymous, or should I go with "Middle Row"."

Lets see for a while I posted as Top Roww Sec 16 seats 26-29 but it got a little long to type out so I went w/ Top Roww. Yup you got me there as an "unidentified blogger". Posted exactly where you could find me. The three of us have been up in those seats for the last 5 seasons. Couldn't have been more specific.

You just keep on going on about whatever it is you are trying to say. One bit of advice - stay away from any business dealings involving contracts since your ability to speak in the most basic of common language is evidently too much for you to exhibit.

Nonetheless glad to see a coaching change has taken place. Part two will be looking to see how many of the current Fr, Soph's and Jr's are still on the roster in 2012. The performance of too many SCHOLARSHIP players was lacking too much of the time and the next staf will see this as well.