Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Recruiting 2012--Cameron McCurry

Under Armour combine image.
Rivals.com has UMass interested in Cameron McCurry, a 6-0 215 pound OLB from Flemming Island, FL.

Curry's Rivals page here.

Curry talks recruiting prior to the 2011 season.

2010 highlight video here.

Combine stats here.

McCurry has offers from Harvard, Jacksonville, Penn and Wofford. Interest from 21 other teams.

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Anonymous said...

From up in the Top Roww

For those that consider themselves Fans or would like something to point at. Also keep in mind how the Patriots play when looking at these stat's.

Would offer that the formula for being a good to retty good team sits in these 2 categories and is very controllable by the players on the field and by the coaches as well

For 2011 here is where sit after 10 games in TO's n Penalites

Opponent Result
1 TO P 5-42 2 TO's P 5-30

UMass Rhody Win
3 To's P 8-60 2 TO's P4-46

UMass ODU Loss
4 To's P5-58 1 TO P2-20

UMass BC Loss
4 TO's P11-110 2 TO's P7-74

UMass Central CT Win
0 TO's P9-97 2 To's 1-15

UMass Delaware Win
0 TO's P8-77 3 TO's 8-83

UMass UNH Loss
2 TO's 4-30 0 To's 2-15

UMass Richmond Win
0 To's 2-21 6 TO's 6-60

UMass Villanova Win
6 To's 9-100 1 TO 6-55

UMass Maine Loss
4 To's 4-35 1 TO 6-59

Without even mentioning the kicking game at all it is really obvious that when we keep our TO's and penalties low we do well. The only possible exception this year is the URI game where the stat's were close.

Win the battle of TO's and penalties and we win - it is that simple.

Of course this week we play JMU who plays like we do pretty much in these categories every week so it should be interesting.