Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday -- November 21, 2011

Matty Vautour talks about leaving McGuirk for a couple of years and its future. It will be interesting to see how soon the upgrades start. Matty mentions one of the prosaic needs of the stadium--more bathrooms. I get e-mails from visiting fans complaining that they can't find any restrooms except for porta-potties.


Jeff Thomas says its decision time about Coach Morris.


The Boston Herald says: next up FBS.


James Madison goes into the playoffs with momentum.


Pats Sterling Moore originally committed to UMass, but jumped to SMU when offered a FBS scholarship. I talked with coach Jimmie Reid one day and he said UMass would typically lose two or three recruits right before letter-of-intent day as they jumped for FBS scholarships.


Two articles from TSN on the playoff selections and brackets here and here.


The MAC blog "Hustle Belt" has a big day for Buffalo and notes Army went 0-4 against MAC opponents this year.



Gregg said...

No big surprise Morris was let go today. There was no justification in keeping him. He is better off at a small school. I'm sure he will head up a Div. 2 or 3 program somewhere and do fine. He can take a year off, get paid and catch his breath before making a move. UMass really did him a favor by letting him go now rather than keeping him on for the rest of his contract and totally destroying his coaching career. I wish him well.


Anonymous said...

The last thing the stadium needs is more bathrooms. There are loads of bathrooms. Both ends of the field house have very large men's and women's rooms, and there are porta-potties spread throughout the grounds. That is NOT an issue.