Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday -- November 22, 2011

Matty V. said the writing was on the wall for some time about Coach Morris.

He also says there are plenty of viable candidates for the position of UMass Head Coach.

Matty's candidates:

Mark Whipple- Current QB coach for the Browns.

Don Brown- Current defensive coordinator for UConn.

Neal Brown- Current offensive coordinator for Texas Tech. Bonus material on Neal Brown.

Mike Leach-- Out of football since 2009.

Calvin Magee--Offensive coordinator for Pitt.

Lincoln Riley--Offensive coordinator and RB coach at ECU

Mark D'Onofrio--Assistant HC and defensive coordinator at the University of Miami.

Sean McDonnell- Head Coach New Hampshire.


The Boston Globe says Morris out at UMass.

The Boston Herald said UMass is moving up without  Kevin Morris.

Yahoo Sports says it's a fresh start for the Minutemen.


UMass placed eleven players on the CAA All-Conference squad.

First team: Emil Igwenagu, Julian Talley, Jesse Julmiste and Tyler Homes.

Second Team: None.

Third Team: Jonathan Hernandez (third team?), Rob Blanchflower, Stephane Milhim, Josh Samuda, Nick Speller, Kevin Byrne and Perry McIntyre.

Blanchflower, Milhim, Speller, Byrne and McIntyre are underclassmen.


Keepers College football rankings has UMass finishing the regular season ranked #60.

In the first round of the FCS playoffs he has both JMU and Old Dominion as favorites.



Anonymous said...

Matty v has no clue what he's talking about. Leach is not going to umass for 350k a year. why would sean leave unh for umass when he was offered the offensive coordinator job at oregon 4 or 5 years ago. Brown left umass on a whim in the middle of his contract, you don't think the athletic dept was pissed about that. The d coordinator at miami goes back with golden to freshman year of college when they were roomates, he's not leaving golden for umass. Whipple? Come on how long are we going to keep doing this? Only viable candidate on his list is neal brown.

Big Dan said...

Just for fun, what about Tressel? I know he's used to a big-time program at OSU and a big-time paycheck, but maybe UMass could persuade him with the idea of building a program from the ground-up. He'd need a lot of commitment from the University with regards to the program, but it would be the kind of splash the program could use to really drive interest into the team. Plus, any sanctions the NCAA may lay upon a team Tressel will coach can easily be handled seeing as UMass will not be expected to perform highly (and certainly not attend a bowl game) in its first few years...

...probably wishful thinking, but fun to speculate.

Anonymous said...

If neal brown wants to become a head coach he will have a shot here. I can't think of anyone from the pats or boston college that will be apply for the job. I have to think bob kraft will have some influence on the next umass coach. What is bicknell doing these days?

RDM said...

I think Don Brown should be looked at as a viable candidate. The university was spinning it's wheels as an FCS program. I can't blame Don Brown for leaving.

Anonymous said...

Grimes as the special teams poty for kick returning? Huh? He's 7th in the conference in kick returns at 22.1 with no touchdowns. For comparison, Julmiste is second with 24.7 and first with two touchdowns. His 100 yard return sort of dwarfs Grimes long of 44.

And how does West, who has rushed for 124.2 ypg and 27 touchdowns, not win offensive player of the year? He ran for more touchdowns than Decker threw for.

Gregg said...

I agree that most of the guys on this list are wishful thinking but do we even want some of them? Brown is a retread. His teams here had the same issues that Morris' teams struggled with. Silly penalties, undisciplined play, etc. Brown is a better coach than Morris but he got his behind handed to him at Maryland and now at UConn-vict. Not sure he's the guy to run the program. Mike Leach has his own problems and I don't think we want a guy with that track record up here. I disagree about McDonnell. I know he turned down Oregon but I heard that was more of a quality of life issue. I heard he did not want to travel that far away. UMass may catch his interest if we reach out to him. Neal Brown would be terrific but we would have to put together a monster package to lure him away.

At least we are moving on and have interesting stuff to talk about in the offseason.


Anonymous said...

That "bonus material" on Brown incorrectly says Brown comes from the Leach tree. Leach and Brown both come from he same tree, Hal Mumme.

When Brown played at Kentucky the head coach was Hal Mumme. Assistants included Mike Leach (OC) and Tony Franklin (WR). Brown was later the WR coach under Tony Franklin (OC) at Troy. Tony Franklin, left Troy to be the OC/QB coach at Auburn...under Tommy Tuberville who Brown now works for.

To go back, Mike Leach was the OC under Mumme when he was at Iowa Wesleyan, Valdosta State and Kentucky.

Lincoln Riley on the other hand, is from the Leach tree. Riley was a short-lived QB under Leach at Texas Tech. Not quite like Leach who never played college football, Riley called it quits after one season on scout team and came on as a student coach during his undergrad years.

Anonymous said...

Morris and his staff should have been kept on for at least one more year. The cost is going to be great either way, and it is less than likely that any replacement will have any discernable effect on a team with only adequate talent returning, and entering the FBS with a challenging schedule. At best, McCutcheon's decision is a zero-sum gain, but I would argue that the nearly one million dollar cost (or buyout and payout) will not affect the success of the team one way or the other, but will cost taxpayers unecessarily when that money could have been used for improving facilities or applying to other programs. An inauspicious beginning to a new era, and an ill-advised change in direction at the cost of Massachusetts taxpayers.

vetteson said...

Since likely none of us are on the search committee or movers and shakers in UMass athletics, all speculation and wish lists are moot. We're already down $1 million (coach and his staff buy out) and looking for a coach who can both move the team up and win, for a song. Yikes , and we haven't even played a single FBS game!

Anonymous said...

Yea, I can hear the taxpayers complaining. I also heard a beaker broke in Morrill today. Taxpayers must be upset.

UMASS '65 said...

To anonymous said 3:15 p.m. - no discernable effect???? To refresh your memory - Whipple took over a 1 and 7 Hodge's team - another less than mediocre coach - and won the championship in one year!!! Look what Towson's coach has done in only two years!!! Another year of Morris, and the stands would be virtually empty at Gillette. A coach can make a difference in a short time, and we do have talented players. They need leadership and inspiration. Enough of the whining numbers crunching.


Anonymous said...

All this talk about worrying about the taxpayer makes me laugh! Spending on Umass Football is a lot more appealing to me than some of the other BS state expenditures.

Anonymous said...

1M on coaching offsets is nothing in comparison to the job creation, university endowment, tv deals and merchandise that can be sold if umass actually spends the money and wins games. Welcome to the real world, we are limping in with the MAC but umass has the ability for the same if not better than uconn. Need to continue to play the ole fresno state old florida state game and play the heavy hitters to fake it till they make it

Anonymous said...

No way do I want don brown back. He was a good coach don't get me wrong but his time has come and gone. As for Morris he can blame himself for the three years of losing football. Brian picucci should have NEVER been named the offensive coordinator. Morris should have called the plays and told picucci he's the o line coach or working for another school. Morris was unfairly labeled for his playcalling however look at the success he had at umass as the offensive coordinator. Liam coen, steve baylark, national championship runner up, won the conference. Nobody will hire picucci just wait and see. Good line coach, not a play caller. Keith Dudsinzki was a terrible hire for the defensive job, he should have stayed as the linebacker coach and we should have hired a new playcaller. He led us to the worst defense I've ever seen two years ago for umass 8th overall in the caa. position coach, great recruiter, not a coordinator. Frank forcucci was a laughing stock, his hire led me to believe Morris was fired before the season started. Then we hire a coach from temple andrew dees who was fired by al golden and our special teams coach should never be allowed to coach football ever again. Easily the worst special teams in umass history and maybe the ncaa. Bad hires and loyalty to brown staff cost him the job. It wasn't the kids we had lots of talent the last three seasons. Look at the conference all star teams, they are loaded with umass kids.

Anonymous said...

Good offensive line coach? Piccuci is a great OL coach.

Your views on other coaches takes a major hit with that comment.

Anonymous said...

Puccuci is laughed at in the football coaching world, ever hear about him trying to fight a coach at BC a few years back after the game? No class

Bill McGovern D Cord at BC is being considered from inside source. He has UMASS ties and very well respecting in Recruiting world.

Anonymous said...

I'm sick of assistants being called good recruiters. HS kids don't go to a school because of some assistant.

How is that even supposed to be measured?? The coaches are assigned areas by how high on the coaching chart they are. A graduate assistant might get Vermont, while the defensive coordinator gets Florida and Virginia. Of course better players will be coming from the area the DC recruits. It's not because he's a great recruiter, it's because the areas are loaded with players.

Anonymous said...

Morris should have called plays like he did for Coen and Baylark? Really...maybe you should check your sources because Picucci has influenced play calling before he was the OC.

Picucci laughed at? Maybe you need to get some better info. as he's a highly respected O Line coach. There's a reason UMass has had on of the better O Lines in 1AA the last seveal years.

Won't get hired? I'm quite sure a very good OLine coach will be in demand.

Gregg...Brown got his behind handed to him at Maryland? Is that why the defense improved so much under his guidance?

Love these UMass sofa coaches that think they know football.