Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Recruiting 2012--Joe Epps

David Colantuano/Wicked Local image
Wicked Local Eastham says UMass is interested in Joe Epps, a RB from Bourne, MA.

Story here.

Epps had 1,320 yards and 16 TD's in 2011.

Also drawing interest from UConn and Boston College.


Anonymous said...

Interesting quote from the article: "The Division 2 Route may be the right direction for Joe" "2500 kids, a couple of practices and the school doesn't own you". Is that how his HS coach views life at a D1 School like Umass?....I was a little surprised reading this.

Anonymous said...

College football is a business and any D1 school owns you. We just fired kevin morris and the whole staff for not winning games. A coach is no different then a boss and a player is no different then a worker. Plenty of kids here couldn't hack it on the field. They are no longer at umass because they didn't perform on the field. At a D2 or D3 school the rules are different.

Anonymous said...

I would agree with that statement. He's right if its not a business why did we fire our whole staff. Morris is a real class act, his firing wasn't personal.