Saturday, November 05, 2011

Game Day Villanova

Matty V. says UMass and Villanova are looking for one more unforgettable game.

Jeff Thomas says UMass hosts a struggling Villanova team. has some notes on the Minutemen-Wildcat game.


For those UMass fans that don't get TSN/CSN-NE cable, First Row Sports offers streaming video of the game. The link has worked the last two times I tried it.


More UMass homecoming information from the UMass Alumni Association.


Today is National College Football Day.


WEEI interviews Victor Cruz.


All of today's league game information here at the CAA Game Day blog.

If ODU beats Richmond today, it could mean a playoff birth for the Monarchs.

The top CAA game this week will be Towson at Maine. Who would have expected it before the season began? Stuff like this is why college football is fascinating.

UNH controls their own destiny in searching for the playoffs.


Hope to see everyone at the game. The UMass defense went on a tear last week and I'd like to see that continue.

Let's blitz the crap out of the Wildcats and get another win.

Go UMass!!!!


Anonymous said...

Just bad no other way of putting it. Can someone alert kevin morris and brian picucci that's its not 1987. Can we finally catch up to the rest of the college football world and get an athletic qb? Hill has a killer arm no question but he is a horrible athlete. He can't even catch a snap in the shotgun. He's a robot and just won't be an athlete. I'm so frustrated with the team. Special teams still not good.

Anonymous said...

We need to buy out morris. We have made no progress in three years.

UMass87 said...

Came all the way up for homecoming and was "treated" to one of the worst displays of football I've ever seen. Morris should be fired TOMORROW. This won't happen for practical reasons but I have no doubt it wil happen once the season ends. You can't lay eggs against UNH (again) and at homecoming and expect to survive. Ugh, I'm so disappointed in our final season at the FCS level. It could have been a real launching pad to bigger things. Now we're just gasping for air as we reach the finish line. Goodbye Coach Morris. But hey, at least the hockey team knocked off BC!!!

Anonymous said...

from the Top Roww

Went to the game and to be blunt this stunk

when our kicking game and how the band played are some of the high points well that says a lot.

Villanova is not even a good 1aa team. Came here w/ one win and one of their losses was to NEC team Monmouth. This win pretty much made their season.

How many turnovers did our offense have today 6 or 7? How many penalties? Terrible performance by our offense. For those who think today's QB should be the starter - no that is not happening with him anytime soon.

Every qb gets too much credit when a team wins and too much blame when a team loses. Playing QB is not just about throwing the ball it is about managing the offense and good ball control. Nuff said there.

Defense today was certainly not the same defense that played against Richmond. Yes a couple of players who usually play were not available = so what !!!!!!!

Play good team defense ! Wrap up and drive when you tackle. Sure sometimes this happened but too often today it didn't.

We turned the ball over about as badly as we could, shot ourselves in the foot over and over with penalties and played crappy defense = the score showed what happens when you play like this.

Hope it'll change but after 9 games this is just ridiculous to be playing liek this.

For those B Hill posters/ supporters he sure has a ways to go. This was about as bad a UMass qb has played in a long, long time.

Anonymous said...

No Matty, That WAS ONE Forgettable game! Feel sorry for those in attendence, ANOTHER EMBARRASSMENT by Morris . . . ugh!What a year we picked to move to FBS, the boo birds will be out in force . . .

Anonymous said...

A good D lineman is only missed when he is not playing and boy did we miss #93 Byrne. He wears down the O-line like a sledgehammer. We need more linemen like him and I have not seen too many postings of D-line recruits.

Anonymous said...

I think you meant steaming video.