Wednesday, August 16, 2017

UMass Football News--August 16th, 2017

Thom Kendall image
Matty Vautour has a post on new UMass offensive Leonard Hankerson. Wikipedia has a bio of Hankerson including his college and pro stats.


The Beverely High School band will attend their first ever UMass Band Day this fall.

UMass Band Day will be back at McGuirk in 2017.


The Hawaii Football team's haka. Turn your computer speakers all the way up and get psyched for the 2017 season!


Old Dominion looks to keep it going after a swift rise in FBS.


Auburn prepares for Georgia Southern's triple-option offense.


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

UMass Recruiting 2018---Jaret Pallota II image
I've blogged about 2018 verbal UMass commit Jaret Pallota before.

In this article in the Akron Beacon-Journal, Pallota talks about his commitment to UMass.

UMass Football News--August 15th, 2017

Matty Vautour has a post on Da'Sean Downey moving to DE. Downey is wearing #4 this year (ex James Allen).

More number changes Isaiah Rogers #9 (not assigned in 2016), Bakhari Goodson #14 (ex Shaquille Harris).

Current numbers not assigned #1 (not assigned in 2016 either), #12 (ex Todd Stafford), #39 (ex Isiah Rogers), #41 (ex Da'Sean Downey), #42 (ex John Robinson-Woodgett), #52 (ex Vondell Langston), #56 (ex Joe Parsons), #60 (ex Enock Asante), #62 #64 (not assigned 2016), #65 (ex Leyshawn Askew), #66 (ex Anthony Fernandez), #68 (ex Elijah Wilkinson), #71 (ex Michael Boland), #83 (ex Cody Banks), #98 (ex D'Shan Harley).


KHON TV reports Hawaii DB Roe Farris thinks UMass will remember him. That play was right in front of me and I think Farris had some of the UMass receiver's jersey.

Faith keeps Hawaii QB Dru Bbown grounded.


Tennessee comes into the 2017 season ranked just outside the Top-25.


This article talks about Georgia's future schedules and the rising price of scheduling Group-of-Five teams including UMass.

Quote from the article:

We’re all fighting for the same pool of teams,” McGarity said. “Auburn does not want to go play UMass in Boston. You’ve got to basically go pay teams to come play you. They’re sitting in a good seat right now, the Group of Five schools. They are able to kind of dictate the market."

It looks like the Independent Minutemen will continue to be in demand for money games. There are a number of negatives be an Independent, but it appears UMass will have no problem making good money on away games.


Coastal Carolina players are playing for Coach Joe.


Monday, August 14, 2017

UMass Football Recruiting 2018--Rashard Jackson verbals to UMass

Rashard Jackson, a 5-10 190 pound RB from Riverdale Baptist in MD has Tweeted he's verbaled to UMass.

Mike Traini of "Fight Massachusetts" has a post on Jackson's signing with the Minutemen.

Chose UMass over an offer from Memphis.

UMass Football News--August 14th, 2017

Matty Vautour has a post on Saturday's scrimmage and an update on Fall camp.

Players Matty reports will likely not redshirt include JUCO transfer 6-0 215 pound safety Tyler Hayes. Also on defense, Chinedu Ogbonna, a 6-2 215 pound LB from Marietta, GA. I've blogged about Ogbonna a couple of times before. Another safety is Tyris Lebeau, 6-1 210 from Vanier College in Canada.

On offense, 6-4 JUCO Jacoby Herring and Jesse Britt, 5-10 205 from Lake Alfred, FL will likely contribute right away. I blogged about Britt yesterday.


Matt Brown of "Sports on Earth" has an extensive review of 2017's Independents and predicts four or five wins for UMass.


Hawaii gets a new green helmet.

Hawaii also ran a scrimmage this weekend.


Coastal Carolina holds its first scrimmage.

The Chants defense is having a good camp.


Old Dominion also held its first scrimmage.


Sunday, August 13, 2017

UMass Football News--August 13th, 2017

UMass held a football practice that was open to season ticket holders. Everyone got a UMass t-shirt and some more swag. Whipple was upbeat. He said the QB situation was "the best since I've been in college football". Marquis Young is up 10 pounds (he's listed as 215 on the latest roster). He said Shane Huber's college career might be over. Whipple said for the first time since he's returned, the Minutemen have some "3's". He said he felt our "1's" could "play with anybody", but we haven't had the depth to play in the fourth quarter.

Whipple felt UMass has done well the last two years, but "needed one more recruiting class".

In the scrimmage, freshman Jesse Britt made two nifty catches. I've blogged about Britt a couple of times before.

Ross Comis was wearing a knee brace, but moved well. He looks fully recovered.

Andrew Ford was running the first offense. Randall West had a couple of nice passes.

Rayquan Thomas looks visibly slimmer.

Click on the images and Blogger displays a larger view.


Spectrum and Hawaii Telecom will broadcast the UMass/Eleven Sports production of UMass/Hawaii game.


Saturday, August 12, 2017

UMass Football News--August 12th, 2017

UMass has reached an agreement with ELEVEN SPORTS/NESN to televise Minutemen home games in 2017. In addition, the game will be available FOR FREE, streamed from the UMass web site.

Mike Traini of "Fight Massachusetts" has a post on the TV deal.

This took a while, but it ended well. I doubt UMass receives much in the way of financial compensation, but the Minutemen get a professionally-run production package. Having NESN involved is huge. NESN and NESN+ are picked up nationally by a number of satellite/cable networks. In addition, if all else fails, UMass fans can get live streaming video from the Minutemen website.


The Utah Daily Herald predicts Cougars 56-UMass 3. After the egg we laid in the second half in Provo last year, we can't blame BYU fans for being confident.


Matty Vautour has a story on Derek Dumais, the new starting center and the UMass offensive line.

Matty reports the UMass starting OL will be:

RT -- Jake Largay RSJR 6-4 325 12-8 GP-GS

RG--Jack Driscoll RSSO 6-5 300 9-8 GP-GS

C--Derek Dumais RSSO 6-4 330 10-0 GP-GS

LG--Lucas Kotler RSJR 6-4 315 Redshirted in 2016, 17-0 GP-GS in 2016 and 2015

LT--Rayquan Thomas SO 6-5 350 12-12 GP-GS Down about 40 pounds since last year


Mike Yeradi--RSSO 6-4 315 7-0 GP-GS in 2016

Larnel Coleman--RSFR 6-7 300 Redshirted in 2016

This is a young offensive line with no seniors in the top six. A goal for 2017 would be more production for the UMass running game. UMass was #124 in rushing offense in 2016. Part of that was playing all those Power Five schools last year. Not many Group-of-five teams rack up big rushing totals against SEC teams, but we need to do better than 3.3 yards/rush that we totaled last year.


Howard Herman of the Berkshire Eagle reports UMass is gearing up for the 2017 season.


Friday, August 11, 2017

UMass Football Recruiting 2018--Michael Nesmith image

Michael Nesmith, a 6-0 190 pound Safety from Hallandale, FL has Tweeted he's received an offer from UMass.

247Sports page here. has video.

Also ran track and field.

Twitter image
Nesmith also has an FBS offer from Akron.

UMass Football News--August 11th, 2017

UMass will play Auburn in 2020 and receive a record payout. UMass fans attending will get to see the flight of Auburn's War Eagle.

SB Nation says UMass will get a whopping payout.

UMass A.D. Bamford engineers another lucrative game for the Minutemen. With UMass as an independent, the Minutemen do not receive any funds from TV packages or other league promotional activities. So if you have to play money games, get top dollar. Bamford continues to do an excellent job managing UMass, IMHO.

Also let me point out for the nth time, game payouts are real spendable money, not accounting dollars.


Ali Ali-Musa is the subject of this article by the Boston Herald.


Matty Vautour reports Ross Comis is back and healthy.


The Deseret News says BYU needs to be careful of UMass.

The same newspaper breaks down BYU's schedule game by game.


Victor Cruz hauls in a TD pass for the Bears.


Thursday, August 10, 2017

UMass Football Recruiting 2018 ---Dionte Gibson

Twitter image
Dionte Gibson, a 6-4 220 pound DE/TE from Stone Mountain, GA has Tweeted he's received an offer from UMass.

247Sports page here. has video.

Gibson holds seven offers including three Power Five schools (Minnesota, Maryland and Purdue). UMass is the only offer from the Northeast.

UMass Football News--August 10th, 2017

Matty Vautour has a post on UMass Kicker Logan Laurent goal of no drama in field goals.

If we deserve any ridicule since UMass moved to FBS, it comes in the kicking game. Laurent was #115 in field goals per game in 2016. Our seven field goals puts us in the bottom ten in offensive production from that position. If we were just average, we would get 12-15 field goals per season.

The article says freshman Michael Schreiner will handle kickoffs.

Matty also reports redshirt freshman Avien Peah 6-2 260 has been getting reps at fullback.

Shane Huber is back home in New Jersey dealing with another knee injury. Hope he gets better soon.


UMass has updated the Fall roster----somewhat. Freshmen are listed but mostly no bios yet.


The Herald News has a post about Coach Mac during his time at UMass.


Former UMass LS Emmett Odegard has found success at Utah State.


Victor Cruz wants to show Chicago he still has gas left in the tank. Cruz's Bears bio.