Monday, November 07, 2011

Monday---November 7, 2011

Matty V. has three stars from the Villanova game. RSFR Matt Cambell makes the list.

He reports that Marcel Shipp and Steve Baylark are roommates in Arizona.


Jesse Julmiste watch:

Julmiste has 27-725 yards and 26.9 AVE so far in 2011. He needs 80 yards to surpass Tim Berra's 805 yard single season UMass record (1973). His current 2011 season average of 26.9 is second only to Dennis Dent's 28.31 yards/return (1978). He is #3 in career kick return 24.268 yards per kick. The leader is Steve Parnell 24.47 (1968-69). His career total average of 995 yards 7th behind Kevin Quinlan 1064 (1998-01).


Jeff Thomas says UMass picked a tough time to have its worse performance of the season.


The Patriots-Giants game yesterday afternoon was a cracking good game, with excellent defense and two late scoring drives. The game had a Super Bowl feel to it.

Victor Cruz was, of course,  in the middle of it. The Boston Globe said homecoming was happy for Cruz.  Fox News Latino says Cruz dances to a salsa beat. The NY Times said Cruz mixes cultures and TD's. The Boston Globe says he's on Cruz Control.

Cruz had a nice block on a Giants TD run and drew a critical pass interference penalty on the Giants winning drive.

NY Daily News/ Andrew Theodorakis image


Maine's loss to Towson knocked the Black Bears into a three-way tie with Towson and UNH for the lead in the CAA. They hope to rebound against UMass next week.



vetteson said...

Coach Morris has stretched himself too thin. Before the game there was a discussion about all the student related requirements he has to deal with. Delegate them. He has too many outside issues and efforts in his life to really concentrate on football, especially on a team making an important transition. I'm not aware of what's going on in the locker room or front office but the inconsistency this team is showing clearly indicates someone is not minding the store.

Anonymous said...

Matty V.

I feel what you are trying to do with the "awarding points for good play " but in a lost like this one NO ONE deserves points. Campbell scored on a one yard run, and Holmes made the plays that a senior captian are supposed to make. He was also out of position all day lone. Lets stop with the points thing until someone really deserves them...plz.

Anonymous said...

Vetteson, you must really know a lot about morris to say something like that...what issues and efforts do you speak of?

vetteson said...

Read a newspaper "anonymous".