Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Athlon Eastern Edition picks UMass 1st in A10 North

Athlon Sports Magazine has picked UMass 1st in the North Division of the A10. The article is written by Mike Barber.

Athlon picks this way:

North Division
  1. UMass
  2. New Hampshire
  3. Hofstra
  4. Maine
  5. Northeastern
  6. Rhode Island
South Division

  1. James Madison
  2. Delaware
  3. Villanova
  4. Richmond
  5. William & Mary
  6. Towson
My picks would mostly revise the lower regions of both divisions. Northeastern's killer schedule of Georgia Southern, @ Youngstown State, @ Villanova, @UMass @ UNH and @Northwestern State will drop them into last place in the North Division

In the South Division, William & Mary's 17 returning starters will boost them into third place behind James Madison and Delaware. Richmond should be 5th and Townson should bring up the rear.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Moments in UMass History ----- 11/12/83

The images below were taken by me of the UMass-New Hampshire game on 11/12/1983. UMass lost 35-10 on a brutally cold day.

UMass finished 3-8 in 1983. Head Coach was Bob Picket. Future UMass head Coach Mike Hodges and future UMass and Richmond Head Coach Jimmie Reid were assistant coaches.

Tri-Captains were Richard Jenkins, Gary Frecker and Grady Fuller.

The box score for the game was:


11 First Downs 19

40/83 Rushes/Net 64/224

27/10/1 Passing 11/4/1

110 Passing yards 68

193 Total Offense 292

8/21.8 Punts 5/36.2

4/40 Penalties 6/63

4/3 fumbles 6/2

Four UMass turnovers and the UNH rushing game made it a long day for UMass.

One point of interest is that during the 30+ years I have been following the Minutemen, this image shows one of the very few times that the players were allowed to have their names on their uniforms.

Mike Favreau makes a stop Posted by Hello

UMass defense Huddles Posted by Hello

UMass Captains move out for the coin toss Posted by Hello

UMass QB Barrett McGrath lofts a pass vs UNH on 11/12/83 Posted by Hello

UMass sidelines 11/12/83 Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Colgate game 09/11/2004

The images below are from the UMass Colgate game last year. It was the first night game in a number of years. Click on the images for a larger view.

This game drew 16,405 fans and was the 12th largest crowd in McGurik History.

UMass will be playing two night games this year

  • Albany 09/17/2005
  • Rhode Island 09/27/2005

It would be great to see turnouts close to the Colgate game. It was a great atmosphere!

UMass Marching Band 09/11/2004 Posted by Hello

Home stands  Posted by Hello

Another view Posted by Hello

View of Home stands Posted by Hello

View from endzone Posted by Hello
Pictures from UMass Colgate Posted by Hello

Twilight at Colgate game Posted by Hello

Sunday, June 19, 2005

NCAA Stats

Have you seen the NCAA’s statistics board? It’s really nicely done. Each team’s stats are linked both to other teams in its conference and to the national leaders in each category.

The stat sheets have a nearly endless number of permutations. WARNING! It’s a real work productivity buster.

A quick look at the UMass stats shows about what you might expect for a 6-5 team. We were in the middle of the pack nationally in most categories. There were 117 teams in I-AA last year. We were #54 in total offense and #61 in total defense.

As you might expect, we were the #1 team in the A10 in pass efficiency defense. UMass was eighth in the A10 in total offense and ninth in scoring offense. We were eighth in the A10 in rushing defense. Looks like the conventional wisdom that in 2005 UMass needs better run defense and more output from the offense.

One surprise: we were last in the A10 in punt returns. Most of the punt returns were handled by Nathanael Hasselbeck, Jr. (5-11 196) a transfer from Boston College. In 2003 he was third in the Big East in punt returns.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

UMass 2005 TV schedule

UMass Football will be on TV four times this fall (2005).The entire official schedule is available here.

Three games will be on Comcast’s CN8

Team Location Time

JMU Amherst Noon

UNH Amherst Noon

Delaware Newark 1:00 pm

Army West Point TBA (ESPN network)

CN8 has a page detailing its sports offerings (including I-AA games) here.

CN8 offers a live video feed via the internet from this page. I have Verizon DSL and it works great, with the cravat that you have the choice of small and sharp or full screen and fuzzy. CN8 sometimes blacks out local games. Last year I tried to use it to see the UMass-Northeastern game and the game was blacked out. If you live in the Mid-Atlantic area and you have a fat data pipe, you might want to watch the game via CN8…

The ESPN game may be another story. I have the Dish Network Sports package, which includes ESPN, ESPN2 and the Fox Sports regional networks. ESPNU seems to be "vaporware" as it is impossible to find.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Where for art thou, Armando?

There has been a lot of comment about UMass landing a number of transfers. There has been less talk about UMass players who transferred out.

Since last year at least four members of the 2004 Minutemen have left.

Backup TB Lorenzo Perry (So. 5-6 182 transferred to Bryant

Backup DB Julius Walker (So. 5-10 176) transferred to AIC

Redshirt Freshman DT Desmond Lymon (6-2 290) transferred who-knows-where.

Starting K Michael Torres (So. 5-9 185) transferred to an I-A university in Florida. Torres' ( who spent time in both Whipple’s and Brown’s dog house) leaving puts a big hole in the UMass kicking game.

He was 2-5 in field goals (longest 38). Torres kicked off 44 times for 2647 yards with 5 TB’s and kicked out-of-bounds 4 times.

With the graduation of backup kicker Matt Goldstein, Torres’ transfer leaves UMass without a kicker. The handout given out at the spring game did not list a kicker. Nor does the current roster on the UMass website. At the spring game UMass ran about three field goal attempts. It was major ugly.

So that means 2005 recruit Armando Cuko (5-11 180) from Beverly MA will be the only true freshman to start for UMass. Cuko was born in Armenia and is a former soccer player. He had an excellent career for Beverly High.His bio is here.

Armando, do lots of leg lifts or whatever it is that kickers do, because you’ll be the starting K and kickoff man under the lights at Richmond on 09/01/2005

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I-AA Blog Ring?

UMass FanZone readers should check out the Colgate Blog "The 13 Yard Line"

Colgate13 is a knowledgeable fan of Colgate football and the Patriot League. Seeing that UMass and Colgate will play the second of a scheduled four game series on Sept 10 2005, UMass fans should keep an eye on The 13 Yard Line.

I've added a permanent link to the Colgate Blog. I'll add other 1-AA sites if possible.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Firefox for Sports

The UMass FanZone knows you like to read all you can about your team. You like to read write-ups by "enemy" newspapers, especially when your team won.

If you haven’t switched to FireFox then you should give it a try. FireFox is fast, safe and has a number of cool features.

Not the least of which is an "add on" that invokes This site fills in the "registration" fields on most newspapers.

The add-on works with FireFox to complete the necessary registration with just a right click------no need to go to Bugmenot separately. Find it here.

Only 86 days until UMass opens under the lights at City Stadium in Richmond. Go UMass!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Welcome to the UMass Football FanZone

Welcome to the UMass Football FanZone. The blog will be my thoughts on UMass football and related topics.

The FanZone will contain positive articles on UMass Athletics and UMass Football in particular. Comments are welcome with the following cravat: the UMass FanZone does not talk smack about other programs. ASFAIC, smack has zero informational value. If that’s your thing, has an excellent smack board. Visit it here.

If you’re a UMass fan and know something you would like to share about UMass football, then post a comment or send me an e-mail.