Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Tuesday---November 8, 2011

Matty V. says the Villanova loss puts Coach Morris' job security on the line.


Jeff Thomas says UMass' last two opponents in 2011 are chasing playoff aspirations.


The Morning Call said Villanova QB Chris Polony grew up fast at UMass.

Wildcat DB James Pitts was CAA Defensive Player-of-the-Week.


Maine dropped to #13 in the latest TSN poll.

The Black Bears are also #13 in the FCS Coaches Poll.

The Bangor Daily News state Maine is keeping their resolve.

Maine gave up over 300 yards rushing against Towson.


The Minutemen are #39 according to Keepers College Football ratings.

Keeper has the Black Bears by 8+ over UMass in Orono.


Jeromy Miles was one of the Bengals game Captains Sunday.

Miles has been nominated to the Pro Bowl as a special teams player.

Bengals image


Victor Cruz is becoming a key player for the Giants.

Jason Smith (good name) of NFL.com says Cruz is a star.



Anonymous said...

The state of Umass football. I wanna be as clear and fair to everyone with this question. For all of you who follow the program please explain to the rest of us how can a player be suspended last year for 2 games and again this year for the first five games for the same offense and not only come in and take a starting position but is made captian during the game on saturday aganist nova. What lesson is learned from that? To me that extremely poor leadership from the coaching staff. The message you have just sent is horrible. These kids should be taught that you are responsible for your actions. It is not happening here in Amherst. Really would love to here what the rest of our fans think about this .

Anonymous said...

What kind of buy out do we need to end the morris era?

izy1 said...

After reading Matty V's article, it looks like McCutcheon, the team and the fans are between a big rock and a hard place:
Can't fire Morris because they can't afford or find someone else for less?
Would a less expensive head coach bring better performance than Morris produced? Sometimes I think Bozo the Clown could have done a better job out there. We all know his record in the W Column is pretty shabby. At what risk now to hire someone else with a pending move? As ironic as it sounds, Morris is in the position to ask for a raise (not that he'd get it) He knows no one else would hire him. Be interesting to see which way this goes.

Can't generate a new fan base because the Team can't put out enough wins and who wants to travel further for a lackluster performance? Win one, lose one (or two or three in a row). Yeah that generates support.

Can't keep Morris because he can't coach a winning team. His record speaks for itself. The team DOES have talent out there. It just is not being driven hard enough to develop a win. The last game was just plain sloppy. The attitude is all wrong and it does not appear the staff or the players are going (or want)to fix it. Someone needs to step up PDQ.

Can't expect to move up in division without the revenue generated by an expanded fan base. Or at the very least, won't be invited to stay in it long enough to drive the program forward. Then what? Hard do go back across a burned bridge. That will be a great morale booster for everyone.

Can't recruit good players because the Team has a lousy record this year. Why should they play for UMASS when they know they have no shot for a pro scout to come look?

Seems like an awful lot of "can'ts" and no positive signs of "cans" this season. Unfortunately, the wheels are moving. I just hope the Team doesn't go down in a ball of flames with a headless coach at the wheel.

The writing was on the wall long ago but no one at 340 Whitmore was reading it.

Anonymous said...

Umass could win defensively with the same personnel they have now if don brown was coach. We have talent just not a scheme that is working.

Anonymous said...

I hear Coach Morris told security not to let former players on the sideline during homecoming. I feel that is a slap in the face. This guys are coming back to support the team and they get treated like this? Kevin Morris really has to go in order for Umass to progress. Im Appalled to say that I played for Kevin Morris

Anonymous said...

I think these next 2 weeks can't go fast enough for McCutheon. He's not going to create a scene with Morris now, he'd rather do it AFTER the season so we need to hold on!

Anonymous said...

From up in the Top Roww to all of the "anonymous" posters.

Here are a few responses to some of these very assorted comments.

Re: State of UMass football. HHH,, lets see the player you mentioned has been suspended for 7 games over the last two years but paid the penalties he was given to pay and works his way back on the field. Seems like he is on course to graduate too. Sounds like a young man who has made some bad choices but is man enough to stand up and do whatever needed to get back on course. Seems he has been very responsible for his actions, paid the price and worked hard to get back out on the field. Sounds like the kind of player any team would want.

Re: Buying out a coach. Sounds like it would cost us about 400,000 and that figure does not include the cost of paying Assistant coaches too. Do you really want to pay two coaching staff's while we are transitioning to the MAC.

to Izy1 - Won't disagree with you on how the team was managed against Nova. Would offer if you felt the same way when they handled Richmond like they did? Can't recruit good players? What team have you been watching the last few years? We usually have a fair amount of good, NFL level players and we have played -and will continue to play against - good teams w/ NFL level players. Seems you want the team to win out every game and anything less is totally unacceptable. Well your ankles must be hurting a lot then after jumping off of the Pat's bandwagon after losing to the Giants. The Patriots are a bad team right? Did you see Victor Cruz playing? and he played college ball where? after being kicked off 2x for bad choices he made but was man ewnough to get back on course and it got him where?

Defensive scheme - hhhmmm sometimes it seems that way and other times the defense looks pretty good. When Forcucci was at Fordham he ran the same defense against us in the playoffs. That was the Fordham team w/ J Skelton at QB - the one who is now the starting QB for the NFL Cardinals.

No alumni players on the sideline - saw a few there not sure where this came from.

Up in the Top Roww we are over last weeks debacle and are looking for the team to bounce back. Looking at the MAC it seems we will have to play a four corners offense to keep scores manageable.

Anonymous said...

To all of the boys at Umass keep ya head up... This is more than a transition this is opportunity to make an easier and greater path to the NFL... Vic Horne and Miles making a way so make the most of it no matter the Coach Leggoo boys... Wish i would've stayed with you boys for my last two years

Anonymous said...

From the top row

I have read a lot of your comments and it seem as if you have all the answers. First off, i agree with you about the suspended player payin his dues and desevering a second chance but what do you tell the rest of the team? its ok to be in violation of team rules or whatever because we will always give you 2 or 3 chances..thats a false sense of teaching young men how the real world works. also, what do you tell the young man that DID NOT break the rules and started those 7 or 8 games? "well kid mr rule breaker is back so you need to head to the beanch" seriously, do you think a suspended player for seven games should be a captian....must be your son! No wonder the top row is almost empty.

Anonymous said...

From the Top Roww

to the anonymous poster responding to my post/ comments. Sorry but you are very much incorrect in your assumption that any of the players are one of our sons (or relative). Between us both we have been blessed w/ 3 daughters and 1 son. He is serving in Afghanistan and we look forward to seeing on leave soon. We view going to UMass games as a way of getting away from a lot of real world issues for a few hours. you might it try this view some.

Would hope you'd never think these posts "have all of the answers" because they are just an opinion is all. You can take it or leave it. Those in the Top Roww have no association with the coaches or staff or players. We do talk sometimes while tailgating w/ parents or those that say they are friends of players though and offer up some of what is shared on here.

As for the player coming back from "suspension". Was led to believe he was supposed to be a starter coming out of spring football so it is not like he did not earn a spot. Also seems like we play a lot of players - especially on the front 7 so referring to any player as losing out because he came back from his "suspension" is not true. We have been usually playing 6-7 dlinemen (Byrne, Thompson, Potvin, Gilchrest, Jackson, Galen and #90 whose name I am forgetting) on 3 DL positions and anywhere between 8-10 LB's (Holmes, Perry, Shane V, Hunte, both Brandt brothers and Jackson) pretty much every game so it seems like a lot of players are playing and no one player is playing at the expense of others who earned their time.

Lastly it has not made it out to anyone apparently what the "suspension" was about. Grades? Missing Meetings? Bad Attitude? Mouthing off to coaches? Off the field problem? We do not know but what we do know is he got involved in something that meant he would miss 5 games. Half of his senior year. He could have easily just left or been a pain in the teams butt but instead it appears he sucked it up, paid his dues and worked his butt off to earn time back on the field. For me and the others in the Top Roww we find his actions commendable and credit him w/ doing what needed to be done. Would offer that we hope as his life goes on he does not go down roads like this going forward but at the same time we think he probably learned a great life lesson that when facing adversity arriving from the results of his own poor choices he has to pay the price to get back on course. Seems he did that. Sorry to see you do not wish to give him the credit he deserves. Must be tough to live in your house.

Here is to hoping for a UMass win this week.

We will take any performance as long as it is a win.

UMass 23 Maine 22

izy1 said...

To "From up in the Top Roww"
I don't ride bandwagons, I don't root for the Pats and you clearly missed my point.
I never said anything about past recruit history,past years players (Victor) or anyone else. I don't throw jabs at you for your comments do I?
If you read between the lines, I am saying Morris isn't going no matter how bad a record he has.