Sunday, November 06, 2011

Sunday--November 6, 2011

As everyone knows I bleed Maroon & White, so I'm not going to comment on yesterday's game.


Gazette image/photographer unknown

Marcel Shipp and Steve Baylark were in the house.


Matty V. said Villanova spoiled UMass' homecoming .

The Boston Globe said UMass was at a loss.

The Boston Herald said Mass-ive mistakes.

The Worcester said turnovers hurt UMass.

Jeff Thomas said UMass gave it away.

The Delaware County Daily-Times said Abdur-Rahman stepped it up for the Wildcats.

Philly Sports Daily reports Villanova upset UMass.

The Villanova Athletic Dept website said Pitts and James spark the Wildcats to a win.


All the CAA scores here. Towson beat Maine and Rhode Island upset William & Mary.


Giant's Hakeem Nicks is out of today's game with the Patriots. Victor Cruz will likely start for him.



Anonymous said...

from Top Roww seat 2

That was flat out terrible

Came out as flat as could be let an at best average team play like they were something else. This was not UNH or Delaware or some other good team. This was a Central Ct clone and we got slapped around. At Home ! On Homecoming !

We only punted 2x and gave up 35 pts??????? Sure we tried a fake punt when we were desperate. So maybe we tired three times to punt - and still gave up 35 pts and only scored 17.

So how did a 1-7 team get 35 pts?

Easy we had 6 TO's - - - as in SIX turnovers - - 3 fumbles and 3 int's and that does not include the other two fumbles we had but we recovered. 8 frickin' times we either throw an int or drop it????? To Villanova???????

Got to be frikin' kiddin me.

For the first time ever knowing my row mate we left before the game ended. OK we left w/ about 2 minutes to go but this guy never ever leaves and supports this team pretty much no matter what and even he could not stand this performance.

We play UConn, Indiana, Vanderbilt AND Michigan as our non-league games next year along with some good MAC teams. A week ago I thought we were on the way to D1 after yesterday not so sure.

2 games to go and will have to wait n see how the team rebounds. One thing was painfully obvious - yesterdays QB thought he was playing flag football and had 3-10 minutes to pass instead of 2-5 seconds. Have not witnessed a UMass qb play this badly ever against such a bad opponent.

Losses are one thing losing to a team like Nova yesterday was horrible and pathetic.

izy1 said...

yeah, that was painful to watch.
so glad I made the 2 1/2 hour trip
At least the UMMB put on a stellar performance

Anonymous said...


It is okay to bleed Maroon & White and be disgusted in the fact that we really had three games that Morris could build around as we move to FBS. Boston College, UNH and Villanova because of Homecoming. Are you kidding me on the combined results not to mention effort. The fans and supporters of the team/Athletics should not have to feel like were being negative with the product that is being put on the field.

We will certainly take our lumps in the years ahead with the transition, but McCutcheon has allowed Morris to begin those while at the FCS level. Tough enough to get financial and fan body support in Northeast football with a winner and he is running the wheels off the program. I am just wondering why he does not see it.

Anonymous said...


I left at halftime, just could not take anymore. Very doubtful I will be at the LAST home game in two weeks. I am NOT a happy camper.

UMass74 said...

The JMU game is Senior Day, and the seniors have invested five years of their lives to UMass football, so I'll be there.

Football may be the most difficult sport with the physical demands of the game.

I has to be played with passion and discipline.

It was the lack of discipline that was upsetting to me: after the whistle personal fouls, head butts and a near confrontation between two UMass players.

Maybe the seniors should call a players-only meeting and tell everyone it's time to get their concentration back.

For most of the seniors, the next two games will be the last time they wear a football uniform and play organized ball.

Two more yesterdays would be a sad way to end their career.

Anonymous said...

My concern is the level of skill I see on the field and the lack of discipline in executing a gameplan. Morris has not recruited as well as as his predecessors, and the gameplan and its execution makes this painfully obvious.

Anonymous said...

Lack of discipline, more talent than the rest of caa, we have seen this before. 1997, same year umass lost to a winless and now defunct Boston university team. All it isn't the players, remember what happened the next year 98' with the same team.

Anonymous said...

That game was the nail in the coffin for the career of kevin morris.

Anonymous said...

A lot of in house issues with the staff that is being carried on to the field. A change is needed, the players have given up on the staff.

TopUMassFan said...

Frank, I bleed Maroon and White but yesterday was puke green! Smoked by 1-7 Villanova, ON HOMECOMING! Disgusting!

There is talent on this team but little leadership. Morris has lost this group and is not the man to lead us into FBS football. Say what you want but he isn't. Period.

I agree with poster we had signature games, BC, UNH, Nova and UNH. Been smoked in all three so far. I pray we win last game an McQUIRK. Thinking of dropping season tix next year and buy a game here or there. Can't see spending the dough to watch un-inspired football. Maybe I'll attend UNH games and root for the visiting team.

I'm sorry to have to write this but I'm sick to my stomach with the current state of UMass football. It will be interesting to see if UNH and Maine continue to make a go of it in the CAA 5-10 years from now.

Anonymous said...

i'm glad i didn't go to the game yesterday

Zach said...

That was an ugly one. Hill should probably transfer because a QB with feet that bad will never step on the field for an FBS team. And our defensive backfield is pretty darn atrocious.

Oh well. We need to hire a good recruiter as head coach and get this team up to FBS standards now.

Anonymous said...

It comes down to recruiting and we just haven't gotten it done. People take shots at dudzinski and falbo. Watch how much of a joke this years class will be without them on the staff. Picucci doesn't recruit.

Anonymous said...

Talent! there are a ton of talent on this team, we have the best receiver group in the CAA, the secondary is getting exposed because we have a d-coord who dont know when to blitz. Our d-line can blitz with the best of them when allowed to do so. Nova come in with a freshman qb and we give him all the time in the world to throw the ball of course the secondary is gonna get beat . if you give a middle school qb 4 to 6 seconds he will find an open target. Sad thing is our d-line can really bring it when allowed to do so. Ask Richmond,Holy cross,Rhode Island and Deleware, also notice how well the secondary played during those games.

Our offense have the second best back in caa John H( jonthan Grimes of william and mary is the best) and the best reciever in Julian Talley. I would augure that we have the best two TE also. Our o-line is really good although not the best. Although our starting qb is doing well its a huge dropoff from there. Our backup qb is really a d3 guy at best. Take away the poor play at qb yesterday and we win the game easily.

Coaching staff!!!!

When you have to go for it on 4th down and 5 at your own 9 yard line because you dont trust or have a kicking game you deserves to lose your job on that alone. i went to a hs game on friday nite and both teams had much better kickers than we have. aganist richmond last year we lost that game because we went for it on 4th down twice inside the 5. kick two fildgoals and we win by 4. Oh, also during that same game a true freshman who had never throw a pass in college lead richmond down field on 4 straight completions and won the game, we did not blitz him one time! thats not bad players that poor coaching. Same thing happened aganist ODU, redshirt freshman qb with no pressure on him tourched us. again at BC, that qb the have is horrible but our defensive play calling made him look great. UNH qb did the same thing.

In closing we have the players at many of the positions to compete in the mac however i dont belive a walk-on qb that left the mac is the answer. I will continue to support our team no matter the conditions.

Anonymous said...

A former Asst. coach at D-1AA level who watched the UMASS UNH game stated our defense was bigger, stronger and faster than NH offense but the defensive scheme of UMASS is what is hurting them.