Monday, November 21, 2011

Recruiting 2013---Matt Walsh

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This article says UMass has contacted Matt Walsh, a 6-1 220 pound junior RB/LB from Daniel Hand HS in CT.

Some highlights here.

Also receiving interest from Georgia Tech, BC, Duke and UConn.


vetteson said...

If the university is going to make a coaching change, it should be as soon as possible, the team has a huge task ahead. Preparing an recruiting players who can compete with UConn, Indiana, Michigan, and Vanderbuilt. Recruiting will be interesting because we are trying to get players to come to a new FBS program that will never have a chance for a national championship. I remember Calipari's first season, one disaster after another. Fortunately we will be playing in the weakest FBS division (MAC east) in the country.

Anonymous said...

Its all over. The end of kevin has officially came!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Morris is out, whole staff has been fired.

Anonymous said...

No more dives on 3rd and 7. See you later brian picucci! Now let's bring in a staff and get back to winning.

Anonymous said...

That's all folks!

TopUMassFan said...

UMass football page has announced that Kevin Morris has been let go. I think it is the right decision and that it was made at the right time. Good luck to Coach Morris in the future and let's hope the next Coach is the right guy to lead us to the FBS. Go UMass!

Anonymous said...

from the Top Roww

Good bye to Coach Morris and Staff

Hello to an offense that has the QB run and is unpredictable and even a little fun once in a while

Here is to a good 4-2-5 defense and goodbye to defenses that do not suit who we have but look good on paper

Here is to a kicking game that is what UMass football is used to and good bye to the not-so special teams what we have endured the last few years.

Wish list from the Top Roww

1 - A RUNNING QB or at least one that will run once in a while and makes the defense think he might run sometimes. The last few years EVERY SINGLE TIME we lined up in the shotgun and our RB went in front of the QB he was getting the ball and the QB was absolutely no threat at all to ever, ever run. EVERYONE KNEW THIS ! ! ! ! Please get the QB running some of the time.

2 - Playing defense like we are used to. 1 & 2 lineman fronts and blitz from everywhere!!!!!! When teams line up in run formation 5 linemen and 2 TE's w/ a FB we should never line up w/ 3 DL's and 4 LB's off the line of scrimmage. JMU broadcast as soon as they broke the huddle "HEY WE ARE RUNNING AND WILL DO SO UNTIL YOU STOP US!!!?? we never adjusted and got 390+ yds running down our throats!!!

3 - Go for it when it makes sense. Down 14-0 and kick FG's????? 4 n 2 from midfield in the 4th and we punt w/ a big wind at our back??? Go for it and tell the offense on 3rd down we are doing so !!!!!!

In the Top Roww we can give a lot of support but this years Nova and JMU games were flat out painful to be around.

Here is to hoping for a better team showing next year.

One last prediction - Hope everyone likes to see transfers and JUCO players. Because if the current group of players are not going to stand up and play they will be out by the end of MAY and a new batch of players will be here.

No doubt the coaching could have been better recently but the players could have done a better job as well to hang this all on the coaches is not correct.

Anonymous said...

"A running QB?" Last time I checked, NE and Indy have won a couple of games this past decade with immobile QB's.
The problem facing this staff and possibly the next is UMass's reluntance to spend money recruiting players. Bottom Line! Unless the purse strings are loosened, they'll continue to attract lesser quality in-state athletes that do not provide depth. To those who think players are "lined up" to come to UMass...time to take the smelling salts.
The talent that was brought in the last 10 years was due to coaching staff...not the great weather. location, stadium, or athletic facilities. While they didn't win with them, there are more UMass professional players than anytime in my lifetime. However, the depth of talent was terrible due to lack of recruiting funds. How many players from FL, GA, NC, and VA are rostered? Those area's are where the depth in talent comes in...not MA and CT players.
While everyone is quick to bash this staff, I haven't forgotten that many have been here while UMass was winning with Whipple and Brown.
Brown left once the purse strings were tightened and he saw the writing on the wall. The rest should have been so lucky to get out earlier. While I agree Morris is not the right guy moving forward, bashing a guy (or the staff)for giving their best will not encourage future talented coaches to come here. ....Unless the AD finds Belicheck, I can see a Pete Carrol coming!

Anonymous said...

top row here you go again, a running quarter back, get real!

Anonymous said...

from the Top Roww

Looking back at the teams we played over the last few seasons which teams gave our defense fits?

The ones who are taking advantage of a mobile QB.

When playing in the MAC the need for a mobile QB is pretty obvious if we are going to be competitive in these shootout style games.

Not saying (and didn't if you check my posts) we need a QB to run for 100+ a game BUT the QB position has to generate some yards running and has to keep the defense honest they can get a few yards.

Pretty obvious when seeing just about any team college team that a mobile, running QB is a benefit and this is the kind of QB most HS teams develop nowadays.

Will go on now and say that our QB's need to be mobile and need to generate the offense some yards running once in a while.

Drawing any comparison to Brady or Manning is comical. How many of those kind of QB's ever come along? About once or twice a decade at bet.

Looking forward to seeing the spread-style offense played like it should be and not the foolish b/s that was played with our offensive scheme for years.

For those that might just might want some more proof that the idea of a mobile running QB is a good idea you can check the stat's. In particular look at our games against '11 UNH, JMU, Nova, even C CT, ODU or '10 UNH, Delaware, JMU or Rhody. These games all showed how successful a dual threat QB can be.

Shoot even BC is going this way and they have played an offense similiar to ours for years and even BC is changing?

Need to establish an offense that puts points on the board and is fun to be around. Going this way is best for the road this program is going on to.

Have a nice day !

Anonymous said...

Are we trying to win games 55-49 like the rest of the MAC or are we trying to help get kids to the next level by teaching them the pro game? Very few 5'11" 205 pd QB's running out of the pocket with much success at the next level.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope they don't hire based on top rows thinking...let's just get the "in" kind of offense. Mobile quarterback!! Woo-hoo!.

Anonymous said...

from up in the Top Roww

Since we live in the best country on the planet - Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

At the same time I respectfully disagree with some of those posted.

What direction does the team need to take to be successful going forward? Up high on the sunny side we would say it comes down to a few categories : Turnovers - causing them and controlling them and penalties - don't commit them.

Do not want to spend much time on thd previous staff and team but for a while UMass has led the conference or been a conference leader in penalties committed. UMass also seems to commit way too many turnovers. These two areas have to get brought under reasonable control.

Some of the development of controlling penalties is coaching and some of this is one the players. To's is the same way.

Until these two categories change we will be stuck with good players on a less then good team.

For those who think we should be developing QB's or other players for the pro's - you need a reality check. UMass will have a lot more SR's go on to Medical School than they will have go on to Professional Football. Sure a few will get a shot here and there but to look at this as a key item of development is sort of silly.

For now we (all three of us in the Top Roww) would be thrilled with a winning season and if that means running the spread we do not care who is the QB as long as we get wins and we are competitive in every game.

For now that is all we are hoping to see and will go from there.

Have a nice day !

Anonymous said...

3rd and goal from the 3 and our QB throws incomplete. sez it all.

a qb with even an ounce of mobility should have scored or at least brought it close so on 4th down we could score.

agree with top row we need our qb to get us a few yards sometimes.