Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday after JMU--Oct 31st, 2010

Matty V. stated the win boosts UMass' chances for post season. He also mentions 5-10 170 pd Antione Tharpe's big hit in the third quarter.

Matty's three stars from the James Madison game. He looks at UMass' post season chances after the big win at JMU.

The said UMass sank struggling James Madison. says UMass mounted a 2nd half comeback.

DNRonline stated UMass rallied.


Strength-of-schedule update:

William & Mary threw a major scare into North Carolina.

Holy Cross had a bye.

Denard Robinson set a Big Ten rushing record in a 31-41 loss to Penn State. Watched that one. It was a pretty good game.

Stony Brook ran its Big South record to 3-0 with a 41-21 win over Charleston Southern.

Towson lost to Rhode Island, which is quietly have a pretty good season by Ram standards.

Richmond lost to Villanova 28-7.

UNH had a bye.


Former UMass QB Spencer Whipple threw two INT's in six attempts in his first appearance for the Miami Hurricanes.


Anonymous said...

Tyler Holmes is one heck of a football player.

vetteson said...

What's the story with K'mon Bailey. Is he misbehaving again, or hurt? Maybe he played and I wasn't paying attention. He seems to be their best db. Very little use of Griffin. Yes Hernandez is playing well but I still hate the short up the middle attempts.

Anonymous said...

Bailey started. He seemed to be in the doghouse after running his mouth before the Michigan game.

Tharpe should have gotten a "star." Momentum changed on that hit, not the punt return after it.

Anonymous said...

K.mon Baily has been injured. He is NOT in the doghouse, he has a pulled groin!!!!! although, the freshman are holding their own!