Thursday, October 07, 2010

Recruiting 2011--Andrew Kestenbaum

UMass is recruiting Andrew Kestenbaum a 6-5 290 pd OL from Dartmouth, MA.

Kestenbaum's ESPN profile here.

More from ESPN on Kestenbaum here.

Drawing interest from CAA schools UNH, URI as well as Tulane.


Anonymous said...

some thoughts from up in the Top Roww Sec 16.

As for the idea of UMass moving to a FBS conference we like the idea but at least for now that does not seem likely for a variety of reasons. We wish it could happen but it appears that too many problems are currently in line - the biggest ones being where does the money come from when in a tough economy and who would lead this project without causing other teams or activities to suffer. It can be done but these two issues would need to be well addressed and oh just one other thing - which conference would we be going to? The Big East seems like it would be the best fit but it seems unclear if -at least right now- we are the kind of program they are looking for.

Upcoming games. Richmond 2-2 plays at UNH 2-3. Obviously someone is going to lose and that could put one of these teams either out of the running for thep playoffs or at least give them a tough road to go to get in. Seems like after watching the Richmond v Delaware game that beating Richmond's Defense comes down to do not throw near DB Rodgers and keep some blockers on DT Parker and the LB McBride. McBride is averaging something like 12 tackles a game which says a lot about him and puts a target on him as one to take care of when we play him. DT Parker is a likely pro prospect and against Del they moved him around on the line and he is a good player. As for their offense -at least when watching one game- it seemed that the USC Transfer QB had a tough day against Del. Of course Del's defense is pretty good and that could have something to do w/ this. The usually expected Richmond run game was not as strong as would have been expected and that was surprising.

Have only read about UNH not playing like the usual UNH and this weeks game could either make or break their season - especially considering who else they have left to play.

Well for now siging off from the Top Roww. Will check back on Fr w/ some upcoming games guesses and some comments on how the team is going.

Anonymous said...

ok just a quick thought on who makes up the team that need to be addressed by up in the Top Roww.

MA kids not on the team???????

Where does b/s like this come from? This is the Univ. of MA. Real simple it is the state university and has a whole lot of folks from in state going there. as far as football goes this state may not be TX or FL or CA but their are a whole lot of players from in state who can play at this level very, very well.

The list of MA players who have done well here is a long, long, long one. Currently the team has I believe 41 players from MA on the roster. This is not meant to diminish in any way the many from MA who played here before so do not take it as such. That is about 1/2 of all of the players on the team.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else besides me think we may set an attendance record at McGuirk for the Richmond game on 10/16/10 ?

Anonymous said...

explain to me how long that list of mass kids is. I cant think of 5 impact kids that are from mass in the last 5 years. zardas, ihedebo (walk on), austin, harrington (walk on) who else? hernandez? alot of wasted scholarships on the current roster most are mass kids who played a very low level of high school football.

Anonymous said...

some thoughts from the big fan..
There are a lot of good or useful players on the UMASS roster from MA (some NE transfers). Those include both RB's hernandez and griffen, Niland is All conference caliber, thellen is a sophomore starter along with Viveiros and Carvan plays sparingly in the secondary but is great on special teams, Emil has been hurt but is a captain and a great player, I believe Blanchflower has shown promise and will be a very good player in time, Potvin has been productive on the DLine and is only a red shirt freshmen. I believe sometimes MASS hs players may pan out sometimes, but Mass players are important to UMASS' success

Anonymous said...

Well right now lets see
John Griffin(yes originally from Texas but played HS in MA)
Greg Niland(starting Guard)
Ryan and Woody Carter(from MD but played HS in MA) gunners on all special team units, Ryan will probably have a huge impact in the next few years.
Starting Nose Tackle Brandon Flanagan is from MA
As is Captain Emil Igwenagu
There are plenty of Starters on this Team from MA and good athletes coming up.
You also realize its a lot easier for them to to get an MA kid into the school as its much cheaper for the program and for the kid if they only get a half scholarship to start

Anonymous said...

igwenagu, griffin, jorgenson, coblyn, burris, leonard....

Anonymous said...

Undoubtedly there are some fine Massachusetts players on this year's team. I've read someplace that the coaching staff feels there has been a good upgrade in local talent, especially from Central Mass.

That being said, it is still incumbent on UMass to establish a strong recruiting presence in more areas due to the fact that the southern tier of the CAA has first dibs on players from football fertile Virginia and North Carolina which produce far more good players than Massachusetts.

Anonymous said...

How did this discussion come up again? I thought it died a year or two ago after UMass kept getting out of state kids.

Guess with the off week "fans" will find some reason to complain. Heck, doesn't even have to be an off week.

Anonymous said...

Hey Everyone, C'Mon Really with this petty agrument. I almost stopped reading through this blog, because of this immature argument of which state has the best recruits and who doesn't, WHO CARES! The bottom line is there 4-1coming off a nice win and a good bye week to heal up the wounds, and each and everyone of these kids are playing there hearts out from where ever the hell they call home! Let's get a little more optimism and positive remarks on here, and go with the UMASS movement.

Anonymous said...

Emphasize recruiting more in-state players and then look in New England for those who may fly under the radar of the FBS. We should also focus on Florida as we have in the past. But why stop there? Why not Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania? I think we should bring in FBS transfers and JC recruits when needed. It's served us pretty well if one considers the track receord. GO UMass!

Anonymous said...

As a brother of one of the coaches, I can tell you for a fact that they do recruit all over. In fact, many times they recruit at their own expense because the recruiting budget isn't that large. There's only so much you can do when you don't have the budget. I know for a fact, that my brother has slept in his car or at the home of a friend.

If you're upset, then you should demand that the recruiting budget be increased to a level that would support the kind of recruiting you want. Otherwise, I'm sure they'll take your private donations to help out ;)

Anonymous said...

UMASS DOES. Stop complaining. UMass recruits in state, in New England, in the mid-atlantic, in the south and in the west. What more can you people want.

UMass74 said...

Coach Reid would sleep on the floor of friends during recruiting trips.

UMass is not Michigan. Funds are tight. If anyone is interested in recruiting. Joining Friends of Football or sending a donation to the Athletic Dept restricted to Football would make an impact.

The money raised by the Friends or other donations is EXACTLY the type help the coaches need to compete in the CAA. I know for a fact that ANY amount donated to UMass football is appreciated.