Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday before UNH--Oct 22nd, 2010

Stadium image by Fascination Stadium.

The Worcester Telegram states playing at Gillette stadium with be a thrill for Hudson's Scott Duggan.

The Milford Daily News give Duggan more ink here. says UMass is gearing up.

SeaCoastonline says UMass-UNH is always a big game. quotes Greg Niland about the game at Gillette.

The Union Leader says the Colonial Clash will feature defenses.

The Patriot Ledger says a whole bunch of players from the Quincy area will be in the Colonial Clash. The list includes UMass' Dominic Wooten, Julian Colarusso and James Carven.

The UNH student newspaper has articles here and here about Saturday's game.


TSN's Andrew Gaddess predicts a Wildcat win Saturday.


Remember I said College Football's best offense was in Eugene, OR? ESPN headline:"Oregon bludgeons UCLA".


UPDATE: Just wanted to say that we're having snow flurries this afternoon at Blog Central...


Anonymous said...

from the Top Roww Sec 16

no talk just play our game and we are fine

UMass 26 UNH 18

See everyone there

Anonymous said...

This is a playoff game for Umass. We lose this week we are out of the playoffs barring a miracle. Gotta win this week.

Anonymous said...

good news that Gaddes picked against us..he is usually wrong in his UMass predictions..

TopUMassFan said...

The season is on the line tomorrow. Let's give the team the support they deserve and show up in numbers, in UMass attire and ready to make some noise! Last week is last week, tomorrow is a new day; let's be positive and get behind our guys and be a force, a real "12th man", for 60 minutes strong!