Saturday, October 09, 2010

Off Week Saturday--Oct 10th, 2010

More from on the memorial for George N. Parks next weekend. Note that many local hotels are sold out. UMass official are working with some Springfield hotels to take the overload.

Could we get a sellout for the game?


The UMass Daily Collegian looks at status of football during the bye week.


At URI, the feeling of defeat is lost.


Matt Goldstein and Matty Vautour pick this week's football results.


Big game for UNH at home against Richmond this week. The game is available on Comcast Sports New England from most satellite and cable providers.

Game Day page with info on all today's CAA League games here.


The Blog totally understands:

For the first time since 1999, Michigan and Michigan state are undefeated going into today's game. A Michigan State fan is delaying heart surgery in order to see the game.

Meanwhile, UM and MSU students stand guard over campus landmarks.


Anonymous said...

please explain to me how Villanova at 3-2 is still ranked higher than UMASS with a 4-1 record??????
Your blog is the best place for UMASS info

Anonymous said...

richmond not only lost to UNH but lost Aaron Corp who was the Starting QB. they had already lost the 2nd stringer the week before. Richmond Head Coach says he expects the 3rd stringer to start against UMASS. They have also been without their starting RB for a couple games now.

Anonymous said...

agreed nova shouldnt be ahead of alot of teams right now. 3-2 with wins over lehigh, penn and towson.