Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday before JMU--October 26th, 2010

MassLive.com says UMass needs to restore balance to the offense.

Matty Vautour states there are ways to make the "Classic" even classier.

The American Chronicle says last Saturday was a big miss for UMass.


The UNH student newspaper says there were more UNH fans at the game than UMass.

They also say the victory went beyond the scoreboard and the Cats were razor sharp.


The Loss moved UMass to #18 in the FCS Coaches poll. William & Mary, Villanova, Delaware and UNh were #5,#6,#7 and #9 respectively.

UMass was also #18 in The Sports Network Poll. William & Mary received two first place votes.

JMU fell to #15.

Appalachian State was an overwhelming #1, said TSN.


New Hampshire, Land of Excitement: You'll be happy to know Scribbles the horse is feeling better.


Anonymous said...

No more fair catches on kickoffs!!

Anonymous said...

from the Top Roww Sec 16

just a quick thought after reading that UNH had more fans than UMass - to which we disagree.

In the article from UNH it was suggested that between 13-15,000 were UNH fans. If the announced crowd was 32,800 then which team did the other 18-20,000+/- support???? From where we sat it seemed obvious it would have been UMass.

HHHmmm makes me wonder about how many Math majors they have at UNH.

Anonymous said...

After reading a few of the UNH articles I am a bit suprised to see that several of their top performers our Mass kids. Evans was a beast. Anybody know if we offer these kids out of high school or is UNH doing a great job developing them. There are limited Div 1 guys in Northeast and we need to keep them home.

Anonymous said...

"No more fair catches on kcioffc!!"

I couldn't agree more...they trust a kid to catch a pass and run with a 240pd linebacker hanging on him, but not to catch a short kickoff and run.

Terrible Special Teams prep. Morris needs to stop acting like the king and get back to what he does best...Offensive Coordinator. Get rid of Picucci. He's had two years and proven he's not up to the job.

JMU said...

Great to find another blog covering CAA football! Any chance you'd like to do a Q&A with us about the JMU vs UMass match-up?


UMass74 said...

Sure. My e-mail address is in the "About me" profile on the top page of the blog.