Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday before Richmond--Oct 13th, 2010

UMass has its game notes for Richmond up. Html here and pdf here. Note that the game will be available over the internet at UMass video as premium content

Richmond's game notes for UMass in html here. Pdf here.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- states sources say UMass-UConn August 30th, 2012.


Ron Chinelis says UMass football is getting it done without the quick strike.


Stony Brook HC Check Priore wants the Sea Wolves to be like UMass. Stony Brook appears to be committed to having a good FCS/I-A program. That would be good for Northeast football and for UMass. If the Sea Wolves could win the Big South and make it to the playoffs, it would give their program some shine.


Latest CAA press release shows the CAA has five of the top eight ranked FCS teams in the nation.


NJOnline says Vladimir Ducasse is still learning his position with the NY Jets.


Villanova's Matt Szczur is questionable for Saturday's game against Maine.



Anonymous said...

another poster got it right you need to spend money to make money. I would take out tv ads for the game this saturday as well as for the pats game sunday. Also, set up ticket booths to sell tickets and promote the game at both the umass game sat. and the pats game sunday. Also, it doesn't cost that much money to run an ad for the whole next two weeks in the globe and herald. If you want ticket sales and you want fan support you have to spend some money. This game is huge for UMass in terms of state-wide attention, fan support and instate recruiting they need to step up and get behind this thing.

Anonymous said...

Agreed- I'm dissapointed that parents who dropped off their kids in the dorms didn't get a flyer handed to them on labor day.Most of them and the rest of their families live within an hour of Foxboro.Large corporations should have been targeted for group outings, and every youth football organization in the state should have been offered $10 tickets,etc. It doesn't take much,but people must be asked,told about the game where and when in order for them to make new fans. Last thought give every major radio station a hundred free tickets to give away for contests, in return for free plugs to the game. If there is less than 25k in Foxboro,then UMASS should be embarassed. Or they will say-we didn't have enough money to promote it. I call BS on that argument and send out your sports management classes to market it as a class project.