Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday after UNH--Oct 24th, 2010

Matty Vautour details UMass' mistakes.

The Boston Globe said the Wildcats were the class of the clash.

The Boston Herald said it was a big miss for UMass.

ESPN says UNH got a big win.

The Worcester Telegram said UMass was humbled. said UNH ran away with the Clash.

Mass Live said UMass was overrun. They also said UMass' playoff hopes are sliding to the edge.

The Nashua Telegram said the Colonial Clash drew a record 32,848.

The Union leader said it was no close shave.


Strength of schedule status:

William & Mary, who has been on a tear, extended their run with a win over #2 Delaware.

Holy Cross put themselves back in the Patriot League championship hunt with a win over Colgate.

Michigan had a bye.

Stony Brook beat Coastal Carolina 38-28.

Richmond dominated Towson 28-6.



Anonymous said...

Great turnout by UMASS fans, who accounted for about 25,000 of the whole attendance. Horrible coaching by UMASS. Mark Whipple come back.

Anonymous said...

This was a devasting blow for the umass program yesterday. A chance at some great exposure and just played awful. you have to wonder about what the AD is thinking.

Anonymous said...

UMASS accounted for 25000...wrong!

Matt said...

Looks like I was two rows in front of you. I can see myself taking a pic in the one picture you posted!

UMass74 said...

I had a pretty good wide angle shot of the size of the UMass crowd.

Unfortunately, when I looked at it, right in the middle of the image, there a a pretty unflattering shot of a woman knocking back a beer. I figured I'd better not not publish that one.

Anonymous said...

At this point, I feel like Havens has to take a backseat and let Hill get his chance.

Anonymous said...

"At this point, I feel like Havens has to take a backseat and let Hill get his chance."

Havens threw for 450 yards 60% passing, and got drilled a few times throwing the ball.... were we at the same game?

Anonymous said...

Blaming Havens for a game in which he threw for 450 yds and wanting to burn a redshirt shows a complete lack of understanding of the game of football. It's a team effort involving rushing, blocking, tackling, special teams, penalties and good play calling all of which were lacking in this game. Watch the whole football game, not just the QB. Not even Denard Robinson can win every game by himself.

Anonymous said...

To all the Havens haters... I really don't think you watched the game on Saturday. He broke the school passing record, had to move around the pocket all game because of poor Oline play and made numerous great throws including the one to Talley for a touchdown. Yes he struggled against Richmond, but that has been his only poor game. People who say Hill should play must be football ignorant because if you couldn't tell Hill hasn't played a snap so obviously UMASS is intending to redshirt him. To play him now would be a complete waste.
All the Havens haters just watch. I think he will end the season very strongly.

Anonymous said...

Not a Havens Hater by no means, but I certainly wouldn't be all excited about his performance and complimenting his efforts. Granted the O-Line struggled big time, actually the whole team struggled. But, let's not make excuses for Havens. He is not having that good of a year, he is averaging only 62%completions with only 8TD's and 5INT's. Also, if you really have to talk about the 450 yards, well that's called Prevent Defense that NH went in and allowed Havens to throw because they were whooping us so bad. He's just gotten worst to me each week, I actually think he may be hurt it looks like. Now, do I think Hill should go in at this point, Not Sure it's worth to burn the red shirt at this point with the playoff chances slimming.

Anonymous said...

the issue is not the play of havens. the issue is we are not going to make the playoffs. I think Morris needs to make a strong case for his job next year. Hill nees to play.

Anonymous said...

There are honestly way more issues than Havens.
#1 "Our" coach seems to spend way too much time entertaining the media.
#2 Seems like we run the same plays, up the middle. How is the O-line going to make holes for a RB when they can't even protect their QB?
#3 Why aren't we running more kick-offs back? Punt returns? No big returns. Seems like we have a few fast players out there, but none are returners.
#4 And when will we see CHANGES?? Same mistakes/penalties every week.

Let's go UMASS!

Dale said...

Why does UMASS have so bad a football team? Is it the coaching (horrible offensive decisions)? Is it the players? Is there some dynamic going on between the players and the coaches? The athletic department director should be fired for picking as a head coach a coach from WPI (appears to be totally out of his league). Whatever it is, it is embarrassing for such a large university to have such a pathetic team. It almost begs the question of having a football team at all. Think it is time for some really tough discussions about what is going on here. When I watch much smaller university teams batter our team I begin to think it is time for a kill it or cure it discussion.