Friday, October 15, 2010

Recruiting 2011-- Brian Dowling II

I've blogged before about UMass recruiting Brian Dowling.

This article mentions him as well as UMass. Dowling has averaged 138 yards/game and has 14 TD's in five games for Wayne Hills HS.


Anonymous said...

from the Top Roww Sec 16

looking forward to a big homecoming crowd on a windy Sat to ewatch our team versus the Richmond Spiders.

Should be a good game but from everything I have seen on Richmond watching them vs Del and UNH and hearing about this week - well this is not the Richmond team we have seen the last few years.

It would seem that the Richmond staff will turn to their OL and run the ball as much as possible. The RB's Gaskins and Kirtchoff are both built the same way and are not too shifty and do not avoid much contact. W/ thne passing game probably being limited due to the new QB it would seem this will be a run heavy offense. The only exception we would offer is if they try and do some Wildcat formations and get the ball into the hands of Mr Everything #5 Rogers. This is a player who will likely be playing on Sunday's in the next few years.

As for beating this defense. Well Delaware did it in a way that we would think is music to our ears. They just handed off to their freshman sensation RB Pierce and wore them down w/ the run game and a little passing mixed in. The Richmond defense really depends on 3 players - the DL #9 Parker who will likely be a NFL'er as well and the LB #31 McBride to stop the run and they depend on #5 Rogers to stop the other teams best receiver. The other 8 on defense are not what is usually expected from a Richmond defense. So if we run the ball like we should and when we throw we do not throw near Rogers then we should be fine. What Richmond did to UNH's run game was impressive in holding them to we believe -1 yds rushing for the game. BUT and this is a BIG BUT UNH is not the offense we are used to seeing as well and their run game is not the most impressive.

Still sticking w/ our early weeks prdiction that UMass wins and it will not be real close.

As for the other conference games of the week.

We see it like this

Delaware runs and passes over URI 31-16

Villanova in a close one over Maine

James Madison shuts down UNH

Hope to see a big crowd on Sat. signing off for now from the Top Roww sec 16

Anonymous said...

McGuirk Stadium is Sold Out vs Richmond this week, Great Work UMASS Fans! Let's keep it going with another big victory this saturday.

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UMass74 said...

Deleted post was spam.

Anonymous said...

I would bet my mortgage on richmond tomorrow. Umass has beaten nobody. michigan didnt care about umass.

Anonymous said...

To the individual betting his mortgage on Umass/Richmond game. I hope you live in a trailer because you certainly have'nt followed the team. Does William and Mary ring a bell? Oh and Michigan did'nt care? What are you thinking? They have a coach with his head on a chopping block and he is going to approach a game with a I don't care attitude. When were you cut from the team?