Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday before JMU--Oct25th, 2010

Matty Vautour reports that the Colonial Clash organizer was very pleased with the results and the event could continue past the original two year contract. The Blog agrees. The Colonial Clash was clearly one of the top FCS events of 2010. It is highly likely that the Clash will outdraw the 2010 FCS National Championship game.

The only thing wrong with the game is we didn't win it.


Matty looks at UMass' chances to make the playoffs after Saturday's whipping.

He has three stars from the UNH game. I thought Ke'Mon Bailey had an excellent game, same as Matty.

Matty also says the Minutemen are looking to avoid another collapse.


The UMass Daily Collegian looks at the UNH game and the recent struggles of the offense.


The Boston Globe looks at the different paths between UMass and UConn football. We've been over this a thousand times. You get what you pay for.

This might be a good place to mention a new blog by Big Dan. He's a UMass guy stuck in New York and he has an open letter to the UMass President.


The Kansas City Chiefs have released Jeremy Horne.


The Sports Network has a couple of CAA stories about William & Mary topping Delaware and Villanova is coping without Matt Szczur.

They also looks at various teams in FCS who have turned their seasons around.


Keepers College football ratings drops UMass to #20 after the loss to UNH.

He has JMU by less than a point over UMass.


Meanwhile, Boston College lost their fifth straight game.


A blog reader was kind enough to send me some recruiting news, but I'm under some time constraints this morning and it will have to wait until tomorrow.



TopUMassFan said...


Freud was right; "sometimes a cigar is just a cigar". This team was picked to finish in the middle-to-lower half of the league and that's most likely where they'll end up. At 4-1, W &M was REALLY their only quality win. Their wins vs. Stoneybrook and Towson were struggles but wins nonetheless. I felt at the time the Richmond loss could be devastating and now this loss to UNH has almost extinguished our playoff chances.

I have some questions to ask that I hope someone can answer:

1) With two weeks to prepare for Richmond, why did we play as sloppy as we did?

2) Why did our coaches struggle to get plays in, proper players in, and manage the clock against UNH as badly as they did?

3) With the UNH game still close (15-0), why were both our offensive and defensive team sitting on the bench at times with no coaches talking to them or captains trying to rally the team? I watched on more than one occasion both squads staring into space when the outcome was still in doubt.

4) why was UNH allowed or able to convert on multiple 3rd-and-long situations?

It is too late to play Hill so we need to support Kyle and get him better protection and maybe simplify the offense if needed.

I thought our fans were very quiet again and a non-factor against the UNH offense.

We need four wins to get into the post season. Let's hope they get the first win at JMU and come back with a chance still.

vetteson said...

Well this season is starting to look dangerously like the last. Last year Coach Morris accepted responsibilty and stated a lack of experience at this level was the reason. He will likely have take responsibilty for this year's collapse but this time he won't have a good reason.

I can see two reasons for this year's collapse (so far anyway) and they are the same as last year. Too many mistakes too early in the game that give the opponent momentum and encouragement. Secondly, a placid and predictable offensive strategy that is easily defensed, especially in the red zone. Most notable was previous week's (Richmond) attempt to score when UMass had first and goal at the one. Four running plays that relied on power and speed. Unfortunately, as good as they are, the two starting backs are neither that big or that fast. I could think of a dozen other running plays that would have been successful, let alone a pass.

Sports people are of a superstitious nature and the current trend has to have some of the players and staff worried. They should be. Because with a status quo approach (We'll play UMass football...) JMU will be chewing at the bit.

Anonymous said...

The question that needs to be asked is was Brian Picucci qualified to be an offensive coordinator? I would have much rather seen him stay as the line coach and seen us hire a new coordinator that was proven.

izy said...

well, I see you guys think about this like I do.
Why didn't we pass the ball on 2nd in goal or third against Richmond?WHY keep trying to plow through that line? Someone should have changed the play-who was responsible for that? Seems to me, when UMASS went no-huddle against Michigan, they got results and yardage.
Everyone is beating up Havens, I have commented on some of his shortfalls but I don't agree he should be pulled unless he can't get his offense to work with him or FOR him.
Why did UMASS get the same dejected attitude when they were down by 15? Top UMASSFan hit it dead-no direction,enthusiasm or support from the coaching staff in that game. The defense has been playing hard but got wore out because the offense didn't maintain possession like they did at the start of the year. UMASS is not out of it yet, but unless they start playing like a team on the field, all the money in the world for coaches won't mean a thing. Right now, this week the coaches and team should be in overtime running drills and looking at their mistakes on tape. Maybe the boys should give up on the partying the night before the game (yes, they do). Coaches need to knuckle down on discipline and stupid penalty mistakes. Same guys keep making the same ones, make them sit a few out. Tighten up, play as a team and win. GO UMASS!

Anonymous said...

Ive heard enough bashing of the coaches here, knute rockne couldve been the coach and we still wouldve got killed. UNH was and is hungry for the playoffs and it showed. you cant coach emotion and if you're not up to play in front of 33,000 at gillete were half the time is from, then you shouldn't have got on the bus. the problem starts with having poor leadership from within Ie. two junior captains with not enough experience. those kids are were put in the right positions to make plays and didnt make them for whatever reason, the same offense and defense was run in 2006 but oh yeah with tougher kids, and with a team full of proven leaders. get off the coaches backs and put some responsibility on the players unemotional, nonspirited pathetic performance

Anonymous said...

ya UNH was awesome, URI beat them. I forgot UNH was #1 in the country and was undefeated your right. nothing to do with coaching though

Anonymous said...

Let me guess...the coach bashers are all NFL coaching legends and know the right strings to pull. lol...Coaching Pop Warner doesn't give you the ability to coach at this level. My guess is we run to protect our more than suspect defense. While we run for little gain between the tackles, you still need to show that you try. Otherwise, you'll fail to establish the edge and run outside. With no big back on the roster, it is what it is. We can't go to all out passing because Haven will not read progressions fast enough. He's nothing more than a stop gap QB to the next UMass great...Hill.