Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday before UNH---Oct 18th, 2010

More on the UMass Football Team's Walk for Juvenile diabetes.


Matty Vautour says the Spiders stunned UMass with a late TD.

He also says UMass will have to play better to make the playoffs.


The UMass Collegian has a story on Saturday's Memorial for George N. Parks.


Saturday's loss knocked UMass down to #16 in Keeper's FCS College Football ratings.

He has UNH by 1.99 over the Minutemen.

The Richmond loss knocked UMass to #14 in the Digital Sports Daily poll.

The NCAA Coaches Poll and TSN poll won't be out until later today.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- has a mention that Victor Cruz has been placed on injured reserve with a hamstring injury.


Andrew Gaddess says Delaware has been playing like #1.

Craig Haley of The Sports Network looks at Saturday's FCS games including UMass' loss to the Spiders.


Former FCS columnist Tony Moss is leaving to take a post with


Creepy commercials:

Like many football fans I get to watch more than my share of commercials. The following are two of my least favorite.

I find the plastic-faced Burger King-king creepy. It reminds me of Clockwork Orange. I keep expecting the king to pull out a dagger and start stabbing people.

The Sprint commercial about the unfeeling doctor and the football player with a shattered knee is also icky. I don't find the humor in a severe injury.


Anonymous said...

Poor game day management. I saw many cops inside an empty stadium 2 hours prior to kickoff. When outside there was no where to go. Streets blocked off, and the ones open had students standing in line across the road every 25 feet blocking traffic. Position the port a potties elsewhere-please. Time to build a parking lot on the locker room side of the stadium as well.

Anonymous said...

Put the freshmen in this week, can't stomach to watch a guy week after week make 1 poor decision after the next, and not be able to complete passes. Hell, it may just be what they need to shake things up, because we all know that Offense is desperate right now for any kind of spark.

Anonymous said...

from up in the Top Roww Sec 16

Well what to say about this weekends "game"?

Never been around a college football like this one - ever - and that includes a whole lot of games.

We made about as many mistakes as possible to keep a very, very, very undermanned team in the game. As we have said before penalties, penalties and penalties are just really putting our team in the whole too much of the time. When we checked the box score and noticed penalties 8 - 54 yds well to be honest we thought we had more than that. What was bad about each and every one of these penalties was that it seemed as if each of these penalties all came at the expense of either - calling back a good productive play or shutting our momentum down.

The only thing that caught us all worse than the penalties was our own coaching decisions and our amazing inability to stop a Richmond passing game that only showed up for about 2 minutes of the game.

WHY WHY WHY WHY do we open the game w/ a pass right in front of the best DB that we will see this year. Then we follow this up by running right at the best DL we will see this yr. Throughout the game it was obvious that theDL Parker, DB Rogers and LB McBride did exactly what they have been doing all yr. They make plays and lead this defense yet we seemed to continuously challenge these players where they were strongest or took it for granted that we could treat them as less than the players they are and then they made us pay for it.

Then when we do throw - in winds that were not advantageous to throwing at all- we throw near the best DB we will see. WHY WHY WHY ? ? ? ?

Then we have a chance to put the game away w/ a score and we run 4 straight times at the heart of their defense and what happens. The best DL in 1AA either makes the tackle or causes a pileup so someone else can get the stop.

The offense we saw against Richmond was not the same offense we have seen this yr and needs to get back on track.

As for our defense they played very well until the last 2 minutes of the game. Then after seeing a mind numbing 58 minutes of boring runs they keep some players in to protect their freshman QB and w/ their best receiver #1 Grayson out for the game -or at least only to be used for a few select plays- they throw to #3 Tre Gray. They lined him on the left and the QB is left handed - who did we think they would throw to when the game was on the line?????

When a defense gives up 9 points to a CAA team you should win the game ! ! ! ! ! !

Special Teams - well for this game they were not very special at all. We can't snap the ball to the punter when we need to in a tight situation and this leads to giving a struggling team 2 gift points. Then when stop them we run into the punter. To be finished off by when we get up by 5 points and under 2 minutes to go we just need a kick off put into the field of play and we kick the ball out of bounds. Of course this gives Richmond the ball on their own 40 and they have 3 TO's to use.

Never been around a game like this one. To lose 11-10 is just weird.

Thankfully as it is often said it only 1 game and we have 5 left to play and we can play and beat w/ every team on the schedule - as long as we get back to playing like we did against BillnMary, 1st half against the Cross and for most of the game against Michigan.

We are now playing CAA teams and every single team on the remaining schedule "could" beat us. Rhody and Maine have both beaten UNH. UNH has beaten Jimmy Mad. Delaware barely got by Jimmy Mad on a late FG.

So what does this mean - get ready for some good football since not one of these remaining game is a gimme and whatever we do from now on will have to be earned.

Want to Be the best?

Then we have to Beat the Best ! ! ! !

See you at Gillete for what we will offer is going to be a very good game and it is time for this UMass team to get back to playing like they can.

UMass74 said...

I had a number of relatives who were cops. I understand working the stadium detail may not be their favorite thing. But since they had to be there anyway, why not make the time go bye quicker by doing some traffic directing, shooing the students out of the roads, telling people making lines at the porta-potties not to make a line crossing the street, etc.

Why not make the Yellow lot the student party area? That would free up all access roads in and out of the stadium. Towson had a similar system. They had the students in a parking lot to the side, not right in the middle access roads. They could rope off a section for the Season Ticket holders/adult tailgating where the students are now.

Anonymous said...

the offense played with nothing to lose against michigan and had a nice game. against richmond they played like they were scared to lose. The play calling was tight cost us the game. defense with a nice performance

Anonymous said...

It is time to charge all tailgaters a fee. If they are not going intoo the game and they have no decency, littering and trashing the lots. They should help defray the cleanup costs. They are losers and treat them as such!! It's a football game not an excuse to trash the environment and simply get drunk!! Grow some balls UMASS. Better yet charge these people with littering!! Believe me I am no prude but UMASS is simply ignoring boorish behavior by many.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE explain how this is possible?
How does Villanova continually rank HIGHER than UMASS?
14.Massachusetts (4-2, 2-1 CAA) lost to #16 Richmond (3-3, 1-2 CAA) 11-10
4. Villanova (4-2, 2-1 CAA) won at Maine (2-5,1-3 CAA) 48-18
Is this just orchestrated to make Villanova look better to make the FBS move?????They aint that good.