Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday before JMU --Oct 27th, 2010

UMass has its game notes for JMU up. Html version here and .pdf here. has the Week #8 UMass preview here.


The CAA has its weekly press release here.


Andrew Gaddess of the Sports Network speculates on brain injury and wonders if it will be the end of football as we know it.


A Michigan blogger and HS football coach looks at motivation. Link from the Maize & Brew blog.


James Madison hopes there was growth in defeat.

Mickey Matthews says the mood at JMU is still good.


Fan till the end:

Last words of Jeffery Landrigan before he was executed:"Boomer Sooner."


Joe said...

Ok so someone asked the other day for constructive criticism, and after letting people cool off, I am taking a stab at it.

First, Havens has played pretty well this year. Much better than last. My biggest gripe with him is his willingness to take a sack. For a kid that seems to hate being hit, he doesn't feel pressure in the pocket well and that showed against UNH's superior pass rush. Granted he put up big numbers, UNH was playing soft in coverage much of the 2nd half. He still played good however.

Next, the secondary. By far the weakest link in the defense. I specifically target the corners as they seem to be clueless in pass coverage and can't keep the edge in rush defense. Starting a ture freshman (Thorpe) at corner takes balls. Having him cover a 6'5'' SR WR who has some great ball skills, when he is only 5'8'' himself...well thats just plain dumb. Mike Lee seems to be an athlete, but relies too much on that, and pays no attention to technique. That WILL NOT cut it in the CAA. Neither CB ever seemed to look back for the ball, and when they did, they were 4 steps behind the Recievers.

Finally, the Coaching. We were simply outcoached. It started with the successful 2 pt conversion and went downhill from there. Offensive play calling was mediocore at best. We couldn't establish a run game and had no time in the pocket to pass. Defensively, I love Coach Dudz and all he does. But please, have your corners play up, and play physical! No more free releases for WR's. That's bull. Whatever happened to bump and run? Donny Brown seemed to have no problems with this. Example, #84 for UNH scored a TD in thr corner of the endzone by the Litehouse after a free release by none other than Mike Lee. Its on the goalline!!! Man up and jam him on the line.

Special teams...well that's too much for me to even begin to cover...

TopUMassFan said...

Frank, Are they having a "Band Day" this year? If so, which game?.

Also, where are all the comments that should be flooding this blog now that we're at Mid-season? Where is the interest in UMass Football? You're silence here is even louder than your silence at the games. This season IS NOT OVER...YET! JMU can be beaten this year and an effort like the Michigan game will get it done. Then two games at home could be just what we need. Go UMass!

Anonymous said...

Over a million viewers watched UMASS make dozens of mistakes on CSNE- what a shame!! Next not blow the next big chance.

Anonymous said...

Our secondary has regressed so much from the days of Don Brown. we have 1 int on the season.

Anonymous said...

band day is nov. 6 when maine comes to town.

Anonymous said...

TopUMassfan - If you want to see Umass football comments flooding something, go to the football forum on the message board. Try not to be swept away by the flood.

Anonymous said...

Why not give Schultis the transfer QB a shot.

Anonymous said...

Schultis will never play unless an injury. Brandon Hill will be the starter and is the "real deal". Please remember Mike Lee is a Freshman. He will develop into an outstanding corner if properly developed. Rob Branchflower is another "real deal" as a Freshman with possible NFL potential with increased size. The offensive line is filled with Fr, SO, and JR once you get past 2 seniors. They will be fine moving forward. WR and RB are thin and need quality and depth moving forward. The only people who predicted success with UMass this year is the "couch coaches" coaching pop warner football. They are young, inexperienced, and without many leaders. There was a reason they were picked 8th in CAA conference. Tough to be successful with 0 pass rush, 0 pass coverage, no true big back, and a QB who takes 5 minutes to read coverage and make decisions. Brown left for a reason and saw a couple tough years depth wise. They have retooled a few areas and will be fine moving forward if Morris stays out of the coaches way and Dud's has his defense grow some....Brandon Hill will quickly make us forget Havens played here and possibly re-write UMass passing records.