Saturday, October 30, 2010

UMass Football Returns 21-14 over JMU

Our plans to travel to Harrisonburg, Va fell through, but UMass football didn't. After wandering in the wilderness for six quarters, UMass football returned.

Matty V will have a tough time picking three heroes in this game.

Kyle Havens was 15-19-163 yards and 2 TD's. If I'm reading the box score right, Kyle had one incompletion in the second half. Nice receiving games by Dan Sheeran, Julian Talley and Andrew Kervis.

The UMass running game returned with Jonathan Hernandez racking up 137 yards with a 4.9 yards/carry against the tough Duke defense.

Anthony Nelson had a scintillating 52 yard punt return.

The defense shut JMU out in the second half. Tyler Holmes had a big sack.

No mistakes on special teams. Caleb Violette was 2 for 2 on field goals.

Great effort by coaches and players. UMass write-up here.

The JMU website has video of the post game press conference as well as audio interviews from both the UMass and JMU sides.

Enjoy the win everyone!


Anonymous said...

Fear the Beard !

Anonymous said...

Yep Anonymous, Havens had the beard growing back. Clearly the reason UMass won! I've been saying it for weeks. But seriously, great win and good play calling in the 4th Q after terrible play calls in the first three. Now two out of three SHOULD get us into the postseason. Luckily two would mean Maine and URI. They have proven they aren't pushovers though so we'll see. Go UMass!

Anonymous said...

keep wearing the black pants. HUGE WIN; HUGE WIN INDEED!!!

izy said...

outstanding comeback performance from the boyz. Now that is the UMASS team we are used to seeing. keep the momentum...GO UMASS!

Anonymous said...

GREAT 4th Quarter play! I believe the boys won this game by themselves, without the coaches. Congrats to them for coming back! Let's hope we see more of this in the 3 games to come!

The 2 BIG hits really made this game!

And the UMASS fans were really into the game, FINALLY!

TopUMassFan said...

The Boys of Fall are back! Man, I'd love to have the Richmond game back. Remember the atmosphere at the playoff game vs. UNH in 2006? We need our fans to be that fired-up the next two weeks at home and then travel "large, loud and proud" to Kingston, RI for, hopefully, a playoff clinching win.

We placed some heavy criticism (some deserved, some not) on our team recently. Now we need to let them know we're behind them from here on out! LET'S GO UMASS!

TopUMassFan said...
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UMass74 said...

Blogger posted the previous comment twice, so I took it out.

Anonymous said...

As a parent and obviously a huge fan...I believe the parent/fan base had a huge impact on the players at JMU. UMASS Athletics ought to consider grouping the parents together at home games like on the 50 yard line for support. The noise and group effort by the parents and fans was outstanding. You could see the difference in their performance and the look on their faces. Second half they came out played hard plus the coaches chilled out equals victory.