Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Sun came out for George N. Parks

Right on schedule, the sun came out over McGuirk stadium, bathing the UMass Marching Band and the UMass Alumni band in golden light as they played a halftime tribute to George N. Parks.

The blended bands sounded superb. George, surely now the UMass band's "Spirit-in-Sky", would have approved.

A huge crowd of UMass fans and alumni stayed for the post game show.

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Anonymous said...

My son was a member of the Minuteman Marching Band for several years and performed as an alumnus of the band. George made a point to remember his band members by name no matter how many became a part of his extended family. He was a great educator and an inspiration to all that have come to know him. The tribute on Saturday was nothing short of what George deserved and the sunshine was a smile left behind.George N.Parks WAS the Power and Class of New England and will truly be missed.