Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday after Richmond---Oct 17th, 2010

UMass' writeup of the game.

Richmond's writeup of "a thriller".


UPDATE: The Boston Globe reports on Saturday's memorial for George N. Parks.


The Boston Globe said UMass was thrown for a loss.

The Worcester Telegram said a fourth-string QB beat UMass.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch said Montel White led the upset.

They also said Richmond stunned UMass.

MassLive said the defeat undo's a lot of good work.

UPDATE: Matty Vautour has three stars from the Richmond game.

He updates UMass' pathway to the playoffs; a task that just got a lot tougher.


The CAA's game-day coverage of all the league games.

UNH beat James Madison 28-14.

Villanova hammered Maine 48-18.

Rhode Island kept it close against #2 Delaware.

Stony Brook lost to previously winless Lafayette.

Holy Cross lost to Dartmouth 27-19.

Michigan had four turnovers and eight penalties in a 38-28 loss to #15 Iowa. We feel their pain.

UPDATE: Want to feel a little better? Watch this YouTube video of Sgt. Adam Sniffen, 101st Airborne deliver the game ball to Michigan stadium.



Anonymous said...

Oh, the humanity.
What was UMASS thinking when they had the ball on the 2 yard line and ran 4 plays straight up through that wall that Richmond put up? Why did they not at least ATTEMPT to throw the ball or run wide out? Havens appeared to be afraid to throw the ball and when he did, he was sloppy. I will commend the UMASS defensive line. Too bad Caleb came short on the 42 yard boot into the wind, those 3 points could have won the game.
A VERY good game that UMASS needed to win and the tribute to George Park with 925 alumni band members was awesome.

Anonymous said...

1st and goal from the one, four plays up the middle, same result 4 times. This was a true team loss. Coaches, players, and fans(who are quiet when UMASS is on defense, but get loud when offense has a big play). Dumb is the word to describe the Richmond game.

Anonymous said...

Piccuci showed his inexperience as a play caller. they had several chances to put the game away in the 4th and got stuffed everytime. very tight playcalling.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see about 30,000 people tailgating but only 16,000 in the game. Also could have used half the people that left before the end of the game on that last defensive drive. Embarassing that you could hear a pin drop on that drive.

Anonymous said...

play calling on the goalline series was awful. everyone in the stadium knew they were running on 4th down.

UMass73 said...

Yes Frank, the yellow lot was a mess. Totally inaccessible even two hours before game time. The frist entrance (from the direction of the softball complex) was blocked off and there was no way to continue forward on the road that was completly blocked by students tailgating and standing in lines at the porta johns. I had to drive over a curb to get onto the grass. For this, I paid $20 this year to park in the yellow lot. The same thing happened last year at homecoming.

UMass73 said...

For those still pushing for the FBS level for UMass. Where will the fans come from. 16,000 people at a homecoming game, the first home game in a month for a team with a record of 4 and 1. Half of the students were gone even before the half. The attendance would have been at least 1,000 less if all of the band alumni weren't there for Prof. Park's memorial service. And without a sell out the traffic still stinks.

After three home games what's with the new announcer. He can't get half of the stuff he is announcing right. It's as if he was hired simply for his voice because he doesn't seem to very much about football. He can't even get the correct location of the ball on the field let alone figure out what kind of penalty has been called and a fumble recovery is not "taking on downs". Yikes.