Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday before Richmond---Oct 12th, 2010

I received an e-mail from a UMMB Alumni Band member alerting me to the fact there will be a huge Alumni Band presence at Saturday's game. As of yesterday morning, 813 alumni band members have signed up to attend George N. Parks memorial. With the current UMass band, there could easily be 1,200+ UMMB and alumni band members at McGuirk Stadium. It's going to be an historic day.


Ron Chimelis says UMass Football is ready to push the restart button.


Matty Vautour has more on the Richmond QB situation and news from around the CAA.

More about Richmond's woe's from the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Along with thrid-string QB Nick Hicks, Richmond CB Justin Rogers and RB Garrett Wilkins are being considered.

Could the Spiders put in the triple option by Saturday?


UMass stayed at #8 in this week's Sports Network poll.

UMass is also #8 in the FCS Coaches poll.

Keeper's College Football Ranking has us at #7. He also has the Minutemen by 19.72 over the Spiders. Keepers point spread undoubtedly reflects the Spiders QB situation.

The Dunkle Index has UMass at #6.

Digital Sports Daily has a look at this week's FCS Top-25 games.

The CAA's weekly press release is up. I didn't know that the CAA had five of the top 10 defenses in FCS.


VA Tech OG Greg Nosal had the tip of a finger torn off in last week's game against Central Michigan. The team doctors put the tip on ice and Nosal kept playing.



Anonymous said...

Considering the size of the alum band presence in honor of the man who created the modern UMass marching band, my biggest challenge will be keeping dry eyes at half-time. Will probably lose that one. Really, really hope the threatened rain will not materialize.

Anonymous said...

Frank- can you find out if UMASS is bringing at least 25k to Foxboro? hOW MANY TICKETS SOLD/DISTRIBUTED SO FAR? ANYONE?? If not marketing and promotion must be ramped up starting at the Richmond game, and then with a full page ads in the herald and Glub. PEOPLE IN THE BOSTON AREA STILL DO NOT KNOW ABOUT THE GAME!!

Anonymous said...

I think some people don't realize marketing costs money.

Anonymous said...

You need to spend money to make money!! How much money is needed to dend down ticket staffers to Foxboro, this weekend and set up a booth selling tickets(for October 23) to the 70,000 football fans at the Patriots/Ravens game sunday? I'm sure Kraft would allow it!! Stop making excuses!!!

Keith Paul said...

Alumni Band is nearing 900 :-)

Anonymous said...

This has been happening at all Patriots preseason and regular season home games already. Don't make critical comments unless you know what is going on. The UMass athletic department has been already been down at training camp and almost all of the games. This has been done and advertising costs lots of money, which does not come out of nowhere in a tight athletic budget.

Anonymous said...

Some people just don't understand it. Money, staffing and time do not magically appear.