Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday before Richmond--Oct 11th, 2010

Chris Phillips of the reviews the first half of the UMass season.


The Richmond Times-Dispatch says Richmond QB Aaron Corp is out for at least a couple weeks.

Matty Vautour has a comment on the article referenced above.

UPDATE: Corp officially out for the season.

The UMass website has a cool article on the UMass-UNH Colonial Clash. Seventy-nine players from Massachusetts and New Hampshire will be on the two squads when they meet at Gillette stadium.

I realize Towson is in everbody's rear view mirror now, but I've posted a short image gallery of the UMass-Tigers game on Picassa. Nothing special in images, but it gives you an idea what the place looked like. Towson has a nice stadium and their video board is the best I've seen in FCS/I-A football.

Click on the image and Blogger gives a much larger view.


YouTube video of Oregon State's DT Stephen Paea bench pressing 225 pds 44 times. Wow!


If you missed last week's game stats between Murray State and Missouri State, you missed a lot. The aptly-named Murray State Racers won 72-59. The two teams had 1,423 yards of offense, 49 first downs and 131 points.


Anonymous said...

I stopped watching the bench press after he stopped extending his arms, which I believe was #1.

Anonymous said...

from up in the Top Roww sec 16after a boring weekend of no UMass football we get back in the swing of things by going to this weeks game. Talk of a big crowd is music to our ears since the support of a home crowd can never be diminished.

Took some time on this past Sa to watch UNH v Richmond. 1st time this year seeing UNH and 2nd time seeing Richmond (first was catching the Richmond v Delaware game).

First review will be of Richmond and later this week will be some thoughts on UNH and playing at Foxboro.

Richmonds team appears to be made up of some of the kinds of players who made up their playoff teams from recent past (tough, hardnosed and athletic) and a bunch who think they are those same kind of players but have not proven that they belong with the previous Richmond playoff level players.

W/ QB Corp likely out or at least a lot less mobile after hurting his knee against UNH it seems that the usual kind of Richmond offense could be struggling some. The second string QB is out w/ either a arm or wrist injury and he is not available. So far it seems the QB will be Hicks who is also their punter. Would not be surprised at all for Richmond to go w/ some wildcat formations and have maybe the 1aa player of the year/ likely NFL draftee/ overall do everything for Richmond #5 Justin Rogers take a bunch of some snaps. The Spiders also have two very good WR's in #1 Tre Gray and #3 Kevin Grayson to work w/. W/ how things sound for the Richmond offense it would not be too surprising to get the ball into Rogers hands as often as possible. He is also their lockdown corner and returns all of their kicks.

As for the Richmond defense it is really really simple. They DEPEND on the big 3 to make plays for them. DL #9 Martin Parker (another pro prospect at 6'3 290) makes plays up front. He is a good one and might very well be the best DL in the conference. To go along w/ him is LB #31 McBride. He averages about 12-13 tackles a game and that is pretty impressive. Along w/ Rogers covering whoever is the other teams best WR then these are the leaders of this defense. After these three is a noticeable drop off in the Richmond defense.

To beat Richmond we need to RUN THE BALL like we have been. Then mix in a few conservative passes - though not too many since we pass the ball well when we RUN THE BALL. Keep after McBride and Parker and we can wear this defense down. Lastly, when throwing the ball DO NOT THROW NEAR #5 ROGERS ! ! ! ! !

On defense the key to beating this team is -as always- stopping the run and pressuring a new QB.

Special teams will need to step up this week since Rogers and both of the WR's all play a factor on specials as well as McBride who is very good at covering kicks. The WR Grayson (6'3) is pretty good at blocking kicks.

For now that is about it from the Top Roww. Our very early in the week guess on this weeks outcome is:

UMass 30 Richmond 13

Anonymous said...

Get your tickets soon... this is going to be a game for the ages. UMASS is moving on up. These next two weeks are huge for the program!! See U in Amherst this week(October 16) and in Foxboro(October 23). UMASS football is on the rise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Huge for the program? You make it sound like UMass has never been here before. Maybe huge for THIS team, but certainly not the program.

Anonymous said...

with northeastern and hofstra losing its teams and the talk of new england football going downhill, this is huge for the program

vetteson said...

Good analysis top row/16, but the most important thing UMass has to do is NOT turning over the football, our biggest, lingering problem.

Anonymous said...

to Vetterson from Top Roww

Thanks for the comment but we would offer that our teams biggest problem just about every year is penalties. We seem to be the most penalized team in the conference just about every year and too many are not necessary and are not of the "effort" kind. When we keep our penalties in line we seem to be fine.

I would offer that turnovers happen and are part of the game. Up in the Top Roww we think that as long as we can handle the QB/C exchange and then make good handoffs between both the RB's and the QB that turnovers should not be much of a problem.

Int's only happen when we get away from RUNNING THE BALL and trying to be too fancy.

Our passing game works best - and has been this ways for as long as we can remember for our team- when we RUN THE BALL and mix some high percentage completion type passes.

We understand that you cannot run every play w/ this kind offense - though we wouldn't mind if we did hahaha. So we go w/ the belief of RUN THE BALL and then RUN THE BALL some more and then if unsure RUN THE BALL AGAIN and once in a while pass but make sure these are the kinds of passes we can complete. FYI - for those sitting near us in the Top Roww the chant of RUN THE BALL is often heard from up on the sunny side.

Hope to see you there for the upcoming games. The schedule looks great for some wonderful games to be played.