Saturday, October 16, 2010

A dismal football day at McGuirk

This one had bad vibes written all over it.

First, the Yellow Lot was totally inaccessible. I spoke with two groups of UMass season ticket holders who gave up and parked on a lawn somewhere and hiked in. One person who did make it in said " I went to the Orange Bowl with 70,000 people attending with less hassle than this!". Large numbers of UMass police helpfully stood around watching the traffic jam. Even Mrs. Blog, who usually chides me when I go into a rant, said "The traffic control here really stinks."

Then somebody could not find the "Off" switch for the speakers and they blared all through the UMass team's taking the field, stepping all over the UMass band's "Fight UMass".

We also had a new stadium announcer who had definitely quirky game call: "UMass recovers a Richmond fumble for a first down!"

Kyle Havens, who dissected the Michigan secondary a couple of weeks ago, could not have hit the ocean from a rowboat in the first half.

As I prophesied, Matty Vautour's article seriously jinxed our kicking game. Caleb Violette had a punt go through his hands for two (eventually deciding) points. He also missed (an admittedly tough) field goal.

Brandon Levengood shanked a kickoff with two minutes remaining to give the anemic Spiders offense great field position.

The UMass offense got stuffed three straight times on a first-and-goal.

Our defense gave up three straight first downs and a wide open TD reception to close a dismal day.

Hard running UMass TB John Griffin looked like the only person who should be on a playoff team.

Keep it civil in the comments. We're still all Minutemen fans---even though the blog is going to need a couple shots of brandy to get to sleep.


Anonymous said...

not to mention the richmond head coach telling his players to let it go on a free kick which the minutemen recovered. to sum it up this is the most bizarre game i've watched in a long long time.

Anonymous said...

couldn't have said it any better... very bizarre game

Anonymous said...

One question, why was Ke'Mon Bailey not on the field? he warmed up and was in uniform but they had the 2 freshman Mike Lee and Antoine Tharpe in the whole game and their inexperience showed on the final TD

Anonymous said...

Good post, Frank.

Anonymous said...

I left my "Oh the Humanity" comments on the "Sunday after Richmond" section. Hopefully Mr. Blog will post them.I am sure most will agree with .

Anonymous said...

We looked terrible. Richmond came to play and UMass acted as if they could have cared less who won. Shame on the coaches and the players. Congratulations to Richmond players & coaches - they deserved the win.

Anonymous said...

How do you accomplish anything hwen your offense captain gets three (three!) holding calls??? Why was he out there after two? Where is the discipline?

Anonymous said...

According to sources Ke'Mon is still suffering from a groin injury.

Anonymous said...

Weird and Strange game. You must respect every player and team you play. Sure didn't look like it today. With modern media coverage everywhere and easy to get, players knew the Spiders were strugling. Game should not of come down to last second pass. The last pass was even tipped over the middle and still caught. Maybe even unlucky for us. BUT you have to love that Shotgun formation that gives a QB a much better view of the secondary and coverages. A inexperinced 4th stringer beat us. How often do we use the shotgun?