Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday before JMU-- Oct 29th, 2010

JMU finally has its UMass game notes up.


College Football performance has added UMass senior Anthony Nelson to its FCS Wide Receiver of the Year list.

I can't get the NCAA stats to load this morning, but Anthony leads the CAA in catches-per-game with 47-610 6.71 AVE. He also leads the league with 87.1 yards/game. Projecting those totals out to the end of the season would rank him 9th in single season total receiving yards and tie him with Kerry Taylor at 4th with 74 single season receptions.


MassLive says UMass and JMU are in survival mode.


Matty Vautour says the Minutemen are trying to recover the early season attitude.


The Nova Blog ( I didn't know they had one), comments on UMass' looking into I-A Football.


Georgia State is committed to the CAA for at least six years.


FAn House says the CAA has become the SEC of FCS. Relevant quote:"If you go Maine all the way down to Virginia, if you're not a Big East player, regionally, the next-best conference is the CAA."

The CAA blogger has the weekly roundup. I think the facts got a little scrambled in the paragraph on the big TV audience for the Colonial Classic.

Andrew Gaddess previews Week #9 in FCS and predicts, among other things, a 21-10 victory for the Dukes.


Last week the Presbyterian Blue Hose snapped the longest losing streak in FCS football.



vetteson said...

If UMass had beaten Indiana, Notre Dame, and UConn, fans would be raving.............

Anonymous said...

Minor mistake Frank, Georgia State, not G. Southern....thanks for all the great links in your column.

TopUMassFan said...

Hi Frank,

I think you meant to say "Georgia State is committed to CAA for six years".

Anyway, is there a "Band Day" this year?

UMass74 said...

Yes, I did mean Georgia State. Thanks for catching that.

A commenter said that Band Day would be the Maine game Nov. 6th.

Anonymous said...

JMU and Del are both top 5 playoff teams, maine has two weeks to prepare for us and URI handled UNH at home who would have scored 60 on us if they wanted. A .500 season is going to be tough. Northeastern isnt on the schedule to bail us out anymore. going to take a total effort by the coaches to keep kids motivated. The URI game could be for an over .500 season.

izy said...

And when you get to the end of the article and take the poll (which I did), 72% of the votes say UMASS would be a good move to the Big East.
It is time for the Bay State to get off the pot.....if you build it....they will come.....