Saturday, October 23, 2010

UMass drubbed by UNH 39-13

I didn't feel as bad about this one because we were never in it.

For the second game in a row, UMass just was flat and unfocused. We had a turnover and two penalties in the first four special teams situations. In fact, special teams were terrible all night, as we had a penalty on a field goal attempt that moved the ball out range as well as two bizarre on-side kick attempts.

On the on-side kicks, UNH nearly scored both times as they simply fielded the ball and ran untouched through the UMass kicking team for big gains.

I don't think we used a tactical timeout all game as we struggled to get plays in or set the defense. Despite using all those timeouts, we had two substitution penalties and at least two delay-of-game penalties.

The defense didn't play that badly. UMass forced UNH to punt six times, but the Wildcats were 6-for-6 in the red zone.

Everybody needs to tighten up the mental errors or this is going to be a long season,

UMass' writeup here.

New Hampshire's writeup here.

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Anonymous said...


I bled maroon & white for five years at one time. I now do it at as booster. Personally I feel Morris has done more than any coach from Stull forward to engage the "Umass Football Family". For that I am truly grateful. That said, I have now been in the business world long enough to know that you never confuse Effort With Results! While I would love to see us as an FBS program someday, I am a realist. What I do know is that two programs packed up teir tents ths year in the Northeast. However, we have struggled to separate ourselves as the dominant FCS team in the Northeast. To think that our main competitor is able to out develop their recruits with the attraction of high shool bleachers sickens me. It is time for another drink.

Brooks Rownd said...

Hope this is just a weird mid-season funk that will go away soon... :(

Anonymous said...

It was bad enough to lay an egg in front of 16,000 fans on Homecoming, BUT to do it AGAIN in front of 33,000 at the Razor....DISGUSTING!!! No way to encourage the alumni of eastern Mass to come back to campus.

izy said...

Oh the humanity.....
I was not able to make the 5 hour trip there. Listening to the WRNX feed on my PC was like listening to a replay of the Hindenburg tragedy.
When Havens gets sacked 4 times, that should tell you someone is not doing their job on the line or Havens has tunnel vision and does not see it coming at all. Clearly, the opposition has studied the UMASS game tapes and have figured out the plays and the holes in the line. Penalties dig deep again. And they are stupid rookie penalties to boot. Maybe it's time to let the second string play some ball. UMASS will be lucky to stay in the top 25 after this one, and will likely be bumped from the playoff predictions as well. As far as joining FBS-forget it. Tougher teams yet to play on the schedule, it's time to make some major changes to the play book.

Anonymous said...

The OLine hasn't been the same since Michigan! Can't the coaches see this???

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Coach's should change their "tactics" - seems to me the kids don't want to play for the coaches!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

you get what you pay for.
this whole coaching staff needs to go.
umass will remain a second rate team as long as morris is at the helm.
the first post has hit the nail on the head but we dont need another drink
we need a whole new well to drink from

Anonymous said...

recuiting wise not a great statement to local kids.

UMass74 said...

OK everyone has had a chance to vent.

Just a couple of weeks ago, a Big Ten coach made the effort to praise the coaching and players.

So include some "analysis" in your comment instead of just bashing the program.

The UMass Blog would appreciate it.

izy said...

I for one am not trying to "bash" the program. I want UMASS to get back into this thing. They showed they have the talent in the first few games, then they had a "bye week" and have lost their focus.
Prior to the homecoming they had an undefendable record with 3rd down conversions and where unstoppable when they hit the redzone. What happened? The offense was a racking up yardage like nobody's business. To pin it down to any one thing is impossible but.... turnover's, penalties, punts that go badly, missed 3rd down conversions? Any more need saying? The Team is making mistakes. When they start falling behind they appear to get the "we can't do it mode" instead of driving harder. The other team sees it and capitalize on it. That is when the coaching needs to step it up, stop running failed plays and mix it up. UMASS standard play book: 1st down run the ball, 2nd down pass,3rd down run, 4th down punt. Hard to see that play coming. Why aren't the 'backs getting through? The opposition watches the game tapes and have figured out how to close the holes. Havens needs to pass the ball, he has the arm for it. The wide receivers can catch if he gets it to them and doesn't throw to the other team. If he can't pull his offense together, pull him out. Our defense is pretty strong, so the problem doesn't lay there except our cornerbacks have let the offense waltz on through for touchdowns. Coaching is only one portion of this downturn and it's difficult to blame it on the coaching when you look at the game results early this season. Ultimately the game is in the hands of the guys on the field. The TEAM needs to pull themselves together and the blame game and pity party has to stop. I'm not a football analyst but I'll call it as I see it. C'mon guys...GO UMASS!

Anonymous said...

Lets see, My analysis. We are or have been one of the best I-AA programs in the country. We had the option to hire a top notch coach (forgot his name from BC) for the same money that was given to Morris. Our AD wants 'yes sir' employees, so not only have good athletic dept employees left, but they have been replaced with inexperienced (no experience) employees. Our AD had the opportunity to hire experienced professional coaches (both basketball and football). Instead we have 2 coaches who are not qualified to coach at this level. Our AD doesn't care about us or our opinions. That is obvious. As alumni we can only vote with our donations.
Thats my analysis.

Anonymous said...

I know from being close to the univeristy. Morris is being forced to take mass kids because of the in state/out state difference in tuition. I know Morris would recruit 30 kids from New jersey if he could but he cant. hes doing what he can but not given full support of the athletic department.

Anonymous said...

to the post " i am close to the university " i dont believe you
ask the coaches what states they went to recruit in this past season
you employ mediocre coaches you get mediocre talent.
these coaches dont impress anybody
read the all the posts above
your hiding your head in the sand