Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wednesday--September 16, 2013

UMass has it's game notes up for the Vanderblit game.

So does Vandy. The Commodores also have some additional notes about the UMass game.


Former UMass assistant coach Mike Dunbar (1984-1986) has passed away.


Dan Malone grades the the UMass team after one quarter of the season. His grades are just about what I would give. Remember the important caveat that playing two BCS teams really distorts the numbers, especially on defense. Vanderbilt, who went 9-4 last year has given up 81 points (27 per game) so far this year. UMass is averaging 35 points per game and both BCS games were on the road. Our numbers should improve when we hit MAC play.


Matty V. says Rob Blanchflower is closer to returning. He'll make a difference when he's at full strength. The loss of Shakur Nesmith has also constrained the offense. WR was a definite thin spot going into the season. With Nesmith out, Tajae Sharpe has been the only playmaker on the receiving corps.


The UMass Daily Collegian says UMass is struggling against the run.


ESPN says Vanderbilt dismissing Chris Boyd was the right call.


Keepers Collge Football Ratings has Vandy by 28.16 points over the Minutemen.

Most of the Vegas spreads are +32 for UMass.


In what's got to be a typo, SB nation ranks the MAC as #5 in the nation. Eight or ninth would be a saner rating.


Fan Sited says Jeromy Miles may have cleared waivers and Cincinnati may resign him.


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