Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday--September 30, 2013

As of this morning, comments concerning the "Combatives" video and the dueling petitions are shut off. A long running flame war does not do UMass football any good.

If you have feelings about the subject, then the proper thing would be to contact the A.D's office or Chancellor Subbaswamy's office. They are the people who count. 


UPDATE: UConn fires HC Paul Pasqualoni . Anyone willing to bet on Don Brown?


The Cleveland Plain Dealer says the best MAC teams are true to the run.

Hustle Belt has updated post-season projections have six MAC teams going bowling.

The Northern Illinois Huskies crack the AP Top-25 list. Wisconsin is in the "others receiving votes" category.

In Bowling Green Vs Akron, Gabe Martin's deflection may have been a game changer.


Former players will receive $40 million, but there may be as many as over two hundred thousand players eligible, so each player may receive < $400.00.


Victor Cruz second guesses Tom Coughlin as the Giants come unglued.



vetteson said...

New England FBS schools are 2 and 10; BC, with the only two wins, was trounced by USC, who just fired its coach..........

We'll see how long UConn keeps its coach...

Anonymous said...

Why don't you just shut the entire site down since you wanna pick the topics we can talk about. The AD don't wanna here from any of us , all we are doing is venting through your site....just shut it down !

vetteson said...

Apparently not long....

William Reich said...

nice prediction. you don't happen to know the winner of the super bowl this year?

Anonymous said...

Yes. Mark Whipple will apply for this job along with the 800 others he has applied for and not get it again. Let's just put that out there to avoid speculation. I'd like to think Don Brown has a shot at Uconn but at this point do you think he does? He's a great coach loved him at umass sucked that he left.