Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday--September 22, 2013

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Well, the UMass defense turned in an absolutely heroic performance yesterday against a very good SEC team. The Minutemen defensive numbers are distorted by the time of possession. The 166 yards rushing-240 yards passing-406 total yards do not reflect the fact the defense was on the field almost five more minutes than the offense and the defenders were out there a brutal 10:47 in the fourth quarter...

Kevin Byrne had a career high in tackles. He drew a couple of "Hey that Byrne kid can tackle!" on Vanderbilt boards. Tom Brandt had an excellent game. Devin Brown had another double-digit tackling game. Justin Anderson looked like the the guy we expected him to be.The defensive secondary repeatedly smothered the Vanderbilt receivers. Basically, the defense did just about anything you could ask except score.

On offense, things went less well. Liam Coan would have won that game. Maybe Kyle Havens 2.0 would have too. A.J.Doyle continued to struggle. He missed a hand-off on a routine running play. Doyle again threw early INT and had another negated by a penalty  At least three more times he threw the ball close to Vanderbilt defenders, including a mammoth Commodore defensive tackle who was the only player in the area. Doyle's longest pass was just 10 yards. We really need to fix this.

UMass again lost the special teams contest. We continue to be 0 for 2013 in field goals. The Vandy punter only punted once, but it was for 54 yards and was out inside the UMass ten yard line.

What was up with the play review? Every time something positive happened for UMass there was a four minute review that sucked all the momentum out of our play.

One other thing I want to point out. Has anyone noticed that even with us losing the attendance has been good? Working with the 2007 UMass Press Guide, (the NCAA banned them after that year) and assuming we didn't have any near sellouts in the Morris era, the 15, 624 of the opening game would have been the 15th largest attendance in McGuirk history (in the new 17,000 configuration) and yesterday's 16,491 would have been the second largest crowd at McGuirk. If we start winning, UMass will easily average 20,000 or more at Gillette.


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izy1 said...

They did better than I thought they would.At least it wasn't a 40 point blowout. Defense definitely held Vanderbilts score down. Now if only the Offense can step it up with the defense, UMASS might kick some arse.
Maybe time to give Quinn or Stafford a couple starts at QB. Need SOMEONE there to THROW the ball. Running the ball doesn't win football games.
GO UMASS - beat Bowling Green.

izy1 said...

As a follow up comment, the Boston Herald article "thinks we play too tough a schedule" hits the nail square on the head.

Anonymous said...

I thought Doyle played good enough to win the game, his injury in the 3rd was a turning point of the game. Wegzyn can't throw at all. They are a different team with Blanchflower too, they got away from him in the second half for some reason. Overall I think I'm finally feeling somewhat good after a game, played well against a quality team.

Anonymous said...

Top Umass Fan,

Everything on this blog do not have to be positive, less not be positive just to be positive, if the coaches suck then they suck! I agree that we are in over our head but im here to say that any of our 1AA teams will beat this team by at least 10 points to include coach morris last team. Anyone disagree?

Anonymous said...

I'm sick of everyone piling on UMASS and the football program. Give them some time 4-5 years before judging too much. I want to thank the numerous big financial contributors to the program. They have given large amounts of money and want to see UMASS do well. Many could learn from their leadership. Better days are coming, these players are showing improvement, Doyle to Sharpe could be quite a tandem for the next 3 years.

Anonymous said...

No, everything does not have to be positive. However, to say any FCS team could beat this team or Morris's last team is ridiculous. First off, Morris's teams won many games, so your statement is inaccurate. The Vandy game is a good indication of what the players are capable of doing when allowed to do so. The Maine game would have had quite a different outcome if the team fielded this past Saturday was fielded that game.I do agree the coaching staff needs to go, no argument there. For Molnar to say he did not see any standouts from the Vandy game is ridiculous and counter productive. We saw a lot of players on both sides of the ball play their hearts out. Molnar stated he is not sure about keeping the 4/3???? The Byrne, Anderson, Maynes and Clemons D-Line were as solid a front as any line Saturday. Keep them together. They probably had more tackles than the LBs. Not too shabby. Yes, pass rushing needs work and getting off blocks could improve and will if Sollazo changes his bull nose approach in the rush. All in all a great game and a nice change in direction. During our MAC games we should be more competitive.

TopUMassFan said...

No, all the comments don't have to be positive but how bout tempering the bad one. Instead of just bad-mouthing the program as a whole, how about offering some solutions as well

Since it takes a few years for a coach's players to usually get on the field, I'm guessing mos of Morris's wins came with Brown's players.

I thought there was much improvement this week. Let's keep moving forward!