Thursday, September 05, 2013

Thursday--Sept 5, 2013

Let's take a look at Maine. Not to open old wounds, but the last time UMass and Maine met, the Minutemen had three fumbles and an an INT in a 32-21 loss in front of 4,400 in Orono. The Black bears had 188 yards rushing and averaged 5.2 yards a carry. The next week JMU would rack up 386 yards rushing and end coach Morris' career at UMass.

Last year the Black Bears went 5-6. They lost their one FBS game to a bad Boston College team  34-3. Three of Maine's wins were over Bryant 4-7, Georgia State 1-11 and Rhode Island 0-11. They did have good wins over Delaware and William & Mary.

Maine has a long history of giving FBS teams a bad time. I listened to the audio feed of their win over Southern Mississippi back about eight years or so. In 2011, Maine lost to Pitt by 29-35. In 2010 and 2009 the Black Bears lost two game to Syracuse by a combined score of 38-79.

Last week Maine beat Norfolk State 24-6. The Spartans were 4-7 in 2012.

Senior QB Marcus Wasilewski was a one-man team against Norfolk State. He went 15-28-1 209 yards 1 TD 85 LONG. He was also the Black Bears leading rusher 11-59 4.9 AVE.

Zedric Joseph (5-9 195) and Ricky Stevens went a combined 22-94 yards rushing.

Derric Johnson (5-11 190) had 8 catches for 82 yards.

Sophomore LB Cabrini Gonclaves (5-10 207) led the Black bears with 9 UT 4 AT 13 TT 3.0-11 TFL and 2-9.0 SACKS.

Maine has their UMass game notes up

I think UMass will beat UMaine. FCS teams have been having a great year against FBS teams, so I don't expect an easy win, but think UMass will get it done.


Dan Malone reports that Jordan Broadnax is defiantly out for Maine and Rob Blanchflower is a game-day decision.


Nick Canelas of the UMass Daily Collegian says Maine is a must win situation.


The MAC Report Online has Week #2 league power rankings.


Keepers College football rankings has Maine over UMass by almost 20 (What !?) as well as JMU over Akron and New Hampshire favored over Central Michigan.


The Chicago Tribune says NIU is not going away.



Anonymous said...

If Maine only gets 4400 fans at home, don't look for more than a few hundred in Foxboro.

Anonymous said...

I'm not saying "the sky is falling" but this is a big game for UMass. Nothing less than a win is acceptable. If the unthinkable should happen, I see no way for the Coaching staff to get the egg off their collective faces.

I don't think a win over Maine will put more faces in the seats against Vandy but I do believe a loss to Maine would be disastrous. It would take a miracle to attain our attendance goal for the year.

Last year we had a decent crowd against Indiana and struggled after that. If we struggle and lose to Maine, you can forget the student body and expect to see fewer season ticket holders in the future.