Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday--September 17, 2013

Soundbites from Coach Molnar's weekly MAC teleconference.

Dan Malone features Joey Colton's play for the UMass defense.

Rob Blanchflower was back in pads for the first time this season. Blanchflower was in a walking boot for the UMass topping off ceremony this summer. I did not mention it in this blog, because I did not want to give anything away. Getting him back for MAC conference play will make a difference.

Shakur Nesmith would help too. He'd prevent opponents double teaming Tajae Sharp.

A.J. Doyle will get his second start against Vanderbilt.

Malone has three helmet stickers for Week #3.


Matty V. has a feature on UMass QB A. J. Doyle.


Vanderbilt coach Franklin says the Commodores can't afford slow starts.

Still lots of trouble from the Vandy rape case. Vanderbilt examines it's response. One former player pleads guilty.


Lots of gripping about UMass not winning this season. That's valid against Maine, but not when we are playing BCS teams.

The whole MAC conference has just one win against BCS teams this year.

Hustle Belt looks at this week's MAC conference games.

Ohio University  has band cams.


0-2 UConn gets Michigan this week.


The Cincinnati Bengals waived Jeromy Miles yesterday.


OT, but Big Ten is going to produce a seismic shift in college hockey starting this fall.


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