Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday --Sept 23, 2013

Video: Justin Anderson, Rob Blanchflower and A.J. Doyle discuss the loss to Vanderbilt.


Jimmy Kelly atr Hustle Belt has injuries derail UMass' upset bid.

Byron Vance has Hustle Belt's Week #4 MAC power rankings.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer says MAC conference favorites have not changed.


UMass is #123 in scoring in 2013.


If you missed it, the Maine Black Bears gave #16 Northwestern a hard time Saturday.

Wisconsin trampled Purdue 41-10.

Kansas State rallied, but still lost to Texas 31-21.


James Ihedigbo and the rest of the Ravens defense is having a great year. Read the third-do-last paragraph of this link.

Victor Cruz and the Giants had a rough time against the Panthers.

Vladimir Ducasse is starting for the Jets and showing his skills.

A Connecticut newspaper says Ducasse finally emerges for the Jets.

The Bengals waived Jeromy Miles again.


Does any blog reader know the play list of songs at Gillette? The only one I can think of is "Welcome to the Jungle". I'd like to add some to my exercise  mix.

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vetteson said...

Very concerned about the injuries. We are now down to the 4th running back. If Doyle doesn't recover then, for now anyway, we will be less competitive at QB. All the injuries involved the ankle and the ankle can be a very difficult heal. The little Woodley played was pretty impressive, but Wilson was only able to muster 15 rushing yards through 2 1/2 qtrs. As has been pointed out repeatedly we are thin at every position and have a long way to go to transcend FCS caliber. Oh, and Mr. AD, don't schedule North Dakota State.....