Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thursday--September 19, 2013

Tomorrow we will have a Q &A session with the excellent Vanderbilt Blog "Anchor of Gold".  I'm traveling today and my WiFi connection is not playing well with Blogger this morning.


Dan Malone talks with Coach Elmassian on UMass' defensive struggles so far this season.


Gazette/Josh Kuckens image
The Boston Herald says UMass looks to Stacey Bedell.


The Daily Collegian reports UMass' tough non-conference schedule comes to an end with Vanderbilt.


Vamderbilt's Coach Franklin discusses who will replace Chris Boyd in the Commodores' WR corps. Mentioned are Latevius Reyford, Jordan Cunningham and Jonathan Krause.


In the MAC Conference, Kent State plays Penn State without star player Dri Archer.

Winless Western Michigan has Big Ten opponent Iowa.


Nebraska's HC Bo Pelini may be disciplined for being caught saying off camera what many coaches probably thnk.


The Cincinnati Bengals did re-sign Jeromy Miles.


GQ interviews Victor Cruz about his "style". I don't know about you, but I've never been accused of having a style.

TMZ image
TMZ looks at Victor's new Ferrari. I'm probably not going to have one of those either.


James Ihedigbo quietly makes a difference for the Ravens.

An Oklahoma football blogger visits the future.



vetteson said...

I don't know about anybody else, but if were driving around NYC, it wouldn't be in a Ferrari. Maybe an '88 3/4 ton Dodge pickup....anyway hope we'll see a Ferrari on the field Saturday and not an '88 pickup.

Anonymous said...

Blah Blah Blah, is all Elmasian said in that interview, How many more times are the coaches going to mention 1AA players. He sounded like a politician; 1. Take blame for problems, but not really.
2. Point out what needs to be done, but then don't do anything about it. Get the point?!!! Put yourself on notice Coach, pay attention to the game, don't walk away and chat with a random person when the defense is on the field. Implement the schemes at game time that you have them practice all week. And start putting your best players on the field. Quite evident the towel has been tossed into the ring. What are the excuses going to be next season???

Anonymous said...

I agree. I am also tired of hearing the excuse about having FCS players. Let's see, Clemons and Anderson are transfers from FBS programs while Maynes and Byrne who lead DT in tackles are formerly FCS. So what is the excuse for the troubles the line is experiencing. Byrne has been noticeably the best DT in the past three seasons and Maynes has stepped up his game, while Clemons has been solid. With the addition of Williams last season and Anderson this season we should expect better play. Is it the players or the defensive scheme? As for the LB's are they not almost all Molnar players so wouldn't they be considered FBS recruits? As for the remainder of the defense they have been considered the strongest by some but with only 12 passing attempts last game it is not really a fair distinction. The line is being exploited because the LB's can not step up quick enough to stop the outside run. Go back to the 4/3 the team was preparing during spring and let's start getting the job done.